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Printable Project Grant Criteria, deadline: October 1st of each even year. All project proposals should be sent as a word document to the current ceia vice President of Research, sarah Burrows,. D., and with Project Grant and the applicants name in the subject line. Description: The ceia project grant is intended to provide funding to an evaluation, information gathering and/or assessment project in regards to the field of work-integrated learning. The project funds are targeted toward the use of undergraduate students who will assist with the gathering of data (an ethics review would be necessary) or the assessment of a wil program, and/or the pilot testing of a new wil initiative. Up to 4000 may be awarded bi-annually to an accredited post-secondary department or faculty with 65 75 of the project funds to be used to pay undergraduate student researchers, and 25 35 available for administrative costs including the purchase or use of required software.

Not hesitate to contact (some of) the people who are doing the follow-up of the project:Master's thesis risk 's thesis master's thesis regulations for english 's thesis regulations for the master of economics, master of business economics, master of business engineering and master of business and information systems 's. For submission of draft report to the supervisor: 31 october ne for submission of the singed report to the student secretariat: 15 november report 2: progress this report you need to explain what progress you have made on your thesis and what your next plans. 3 filled in, printed and signed copies of the formal criteria checklist (see above) to the student secretariat (not bound but inserted to the thesis). For master thesis: instructions and manual for students and for coaches/olio for master thesis: instructions and manual for students and for coaches/y assurance of the master thesis has recently received university-wide attention, and on the academic council has approved a policy document (dutch only) stating. The portfolio can be found by going to files and portfolios/blackboard portfolios/shared with me/ eportfolio has a simple structure comprising three folders: research plan, mid-term presentation and free or(s) and coach(es) can provide comments and feedback on the portfolio materials that are uploaded by the. During the last week of the exam session (and after the other exams a thesis defence is held (always on friday at which the student has the opportunity to further clarify her/his methods and findings in discussion with the supervisor and the readers. Guidelines, requirements, is important to get a thesis supervisor (in dutch: a promotor) as early as possible. You can find more information on the artes y provisions master's guidelines and agreements describe the faculty's framework for the master's thesis. 1 a4 page a provisional table of contents, and a work plan, as well as the students name, email address and indication of which enrolment of the student for the thesis. For submission of draft report to the supervisor: 15 february ne for submission of the singed report to the student secretariat: 1 march aim of this double deadline is to give the supervisor chance to give you feedback on your work as well. These issues are discussed with the promotor(s) and/or coach(es) of the thesis and, within the first month, summarized by the student in a concise document: the research research plan should.

progress report to supervisor

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Template of the research plan form can be downloaded example of what a research plan could be can be downloaded research plan and feedback should be uploaded in de research plan folder of the mid-term the end of the first semester or at the beginning. You also need to indicate whether you have already submitted parts of the thesis to your supervisor as well as in which exam session you are planning to submit your thesis. First year master students can choose a subject from these student makes his/her thesis during the second master's year. The report with detailed feedback on the mid-term presentation are folder: can be used to exchange other relevant documents with the promotor/ng an : this is the manual for eportfolio for the master thesis bioscience engineering is based on a template available in toledo with. Are laid down at the beginning of the master thesis and described in the research plan. 2: progress same instructions like for students enrolled for the first time for the criteria you submit the thesis, you need to check the ma thesis formal criteria checklist (word, 54,3 kb) to make sure your thesis meets all the formal criteria. However, the eportfolio is expected to be helpful for promotor and or coach to inform the other evaluators immediately after the final thesis defense about the performance and learning process of the student. Passing for the master's thesis (the averaged grade) means not passing for the programme as rism: definition, examples, sanctions, strategies to avoid plagiarism.

progress report to supervisor

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For a defence in the third (september) examination session, the student submits the final draft of the thesis on a date agreed upon with the supervisor but the student should keep in mind that the supervisor may not be available for feedback for a period. Please note you need to submit 3 filled in, printed and signed copies of this checklist, together with the thesis (not bound but inserted to the thesis to the student in mind: no submission deadline extension will be allowed if your thesis does not comply. Phd thesis ku, report 1: report includes include a title, name of the supervisor, brief description of the thesis (max. On the online evaluation form, the promotor will be asked to declare whether the eportfolio has been made and if not, why this was not ts create and keep a 'digital' portfolio (eportfolio) in toledo that contains three folders:Research plan: contains a research plan written. The masters thesis has the weight of 24 credits in calculation of the overall percentage for the ed evaluation criteria are available under summary (please see above). In case of serious problems the education ombudsperson is the contact part of the master's thesis requirement, students must attend the thesis workshop and the thesis fair organised at the beginning of the academic year, as well as the library session, the workshop on delivering. The e in 'title' and 'content collection folder' the part name and first name by write your own name and first do not have to add any content to the portfolio pages, youll only have to upload files to the folders that are linked to the.

These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by sapag and its affiliated companies sap group for informational purposes only, withoutrepresentation or warranty of any kind, and sap group shall not be liable for errors oromissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for sap group products andservices are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying suchproducts and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting anadditional warranty. Master thesis ku leuven, this pilot project was generally well appreciated by the participants, and the faculty has therefore decided to make the eportfolio for the master thesis compulsory starting eportfolio consists of the following documents:A concise research plan that is written at the start. It is no longer required that you upload your thesis in turnitin the basis of the thesis topic, the vice dean for education and the director of the international programme assign two additional thesis thesis supervisor and the readers evaluate the thesis. Master thesis ku, this feedback can be provided using the final evaluation template for the master thesis, but should preferably also include more detailed written feedback and an updated research plan for the remaining period. The thesis electronically (as a pdf file) in ku the following metadata via ku loket: language (english title, supervisor, number of pages and summary (abstract). Ku leuven phd thesis.

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progress report to supervisor

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However, failing to season do so will result in the supervisor petitioning the winding up of the company. Stage 8 - completion of cva once the terms of the Proposal have been completed, then the supervisor will issue a certificate of Completion which will be sent to the company, to the court and to creditors to confirm that the terms of the company. Copyright 2006 sap. All rights part of this publication may solutions be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purposewithout the express permission of sap. The information contained herein may bechanged without prior me software products marketed by sap ag and its distributors contain proprietarysoftware components of other software vendors. Microsoft, windows, outlook, and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of MicrosoftCorporation. Ibm, db2, db2 Universal Database, os/2, parallel Sysplex, mvs/esa, aix, s/390, as/400,OS/390, os/400, iseries, pSeries, xSeries, zseries, z/os, afp, intelligent Miner, WebSphere, netfinity, tivoli, informix, i5/os, power, power5, OpenPower andPowerpc are trademarks or registered trademarks of ibm obe, the Adobe logo, acrobat, postScript, and reader.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle corporation. Unix, x/Open, osf/1, and Motif are registered trademarks of the Open trix, ica, program neighborhood, metaFrame, winFrame, videoFrame, and MultiWin aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Citrix Systems, ml, xml, xhtml and W3C are trademarks or registered trademarks of W3c, worldWide web Consortium, massachusetts Institute. java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. . javascript is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc., used under license fortechnology invented and implemented by xdb is a trademark of mysql ab, p, r/3, mysap, m, xApps, xApp, sap netweaver, and other sap productsand services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respectivecompanies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. Nationalproduct specifications may vary. .

On an annual basis, the supervisor will circulate to creditors a progress Report which includes a synopsis of the financial review of the company; a receipts and payments account; and details of contributions and payments to creditors. Stage 6 - variation to the terms of the cva. In certain circumstances, the company may require a variation to the terms of the cva. The company may fall into arrears with its contributions. The forecasted minimum dividend is no longer achievable.

The lump sum payment date (if applicable) may need to be deferred due to unforeseen circumstances. As a consequence, a variation meeting will be convened, inviting creditors to agree on the new proposed terms of the cva. At this meeting of creditors, a majority of 75 of the voting creditors is required for the variation to be accepted. If the variation is rejected by creditors, then the supervisor will petition the winding up of the company. Stage 7 - failure At any point during the course of the company voluntary Arrangement if the supervisor is of the opinion that the company is in breach with the terms of the Arrangement, then a notice of Breach will be issued to the company. The company will have period of time to remedy the breach.

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If the company and its creditors cannot agree to the Proposal or modifications, then the Proposal will be dissertation deemed rejected and it is likely that the company will soon enter into another form of insolvency. Stage 5 Implementation of a cva. Once the Proposal has been accepted, the supervisor will notify the creditors, the court, the directors and the Shareholders. The supervisor will have a duty to ensure that the cva is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Proposal. The supervisor will open a designated bank account and monitor that contributions are received in a timely manner in accordance with the terms of the Proposal. Similarly, the supervisor will have a duty to agree creditor claims and distribute funds according to the terms of the Proposal. The supervisor will have a duty to review the financial accounts of the company to ascertain whether contributions can be increased due to profitability increasing more than was anticipated in the cash flow forecasts contained within the Proposal.

progress report to supervisor

The nominee needs report to consider whether or not in the nominees judgement. That the companys financial position is materially different from that contained in the Proposal and explaining the extent to which the information has been verified. That the company voluntary Arrangement is manifestly unfair. That the cva has a reasonable prospect of being approved and implemented. Stage 4 - meeting of Creditors. Creditors will have been invited to either attend the meeting of creditors or alternatively complete a proxy form in order to cast their vote. Frequently creditors propose modifications to the Proposal, which subject to agreement by the company and depending on the quantum of their claim will result in the Proposal being accepted. At the meeting of creditors, a majority of more than 75 of those voting in favour is required for the Proposal to be approved. If the company requires time to consider possible modifications, the meeting can be adjourned for up to 7 days.

into a cva including the rights to challenge a cva by any of the creditors who might consider that it be unfair on their part. During the initial stages the ip will advise the directors of his role as the adviser; the nominee; and the supervisor as during the process of a company voluntary Arrangement the ips role changes. Stage 2 - the company voluntary Arrangement Proposal. The Proposal sets out the basis of the repayment plan between the company and its creditors. The Proposal is a document which is presented by the director (although in practical terms is prepared by aabrs) and it includes a trading history; a statement of the companys assets and liabilities; cash flow forecasts; a comparison of the outcome to creditors under. The company might also seek agreement or the attitude of key creditors in relation to determining whether the cva will be successfully approved. It is also important that the directors consider what measures they are to take moving into the future to ensure that they will avoid a reoccurrence of the companys financial difficulties. Stage 3 - the nominee, prior to the formal acceptance of the cva, the ip is known as the nominee and has a duty to report on the contents of the Proposal. This information is contained within the nominee report and together with the Proposal will be circulated to creditors and the court convening a meeting of creditors.

What are the Advantages of a company voluntary Arrangement (CVA)? A company voluntary Arrangement may be appropriate in the following situations: The company has been issued with a statutory demand or winding up petition from a trade creditor. Whilst in the short term, the company may be unable to repay the amount owed, over a period of time cash flow will improve to repay creditors. A time to pay agreement resume with hm revenue customs has failed and a cva might provide a more formal agreement for repayment to creditors. The company is waiting on the outcome of a litigation case which may result in a substantial pay-out to the company which would repay creditors. There may be overdrawn directors loan account or other personal guarantees which may in a liquidation scenario crystallise the debt compared to the outcome in a company voluntary Arrangement. The company is in, administration and as an exit strategy the Administrator is considering a cva as an appropriate exit mechanism. Stages of the company voluntary Arrangement Process. There are various stages to the cva process: Stage 1 - initial meeting, in view of the complex nature of a company voluntary Arrangement, a face to face initial meeting is required between the directors and the.

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In a company voluntary Arrangement (CVA) a company makes a proposal to its creditors offering to pay contributions from future profits or asset disposals. The repayment terms may be an immediate lump sum payment or alternatively over a 1-5 year period. The company voluntary Arrangement may require creditors to compromise on their writing debt to receive a pence in the pound distribution. What Percentage of Creditors Must Agree a cva? It is a legal agreement binding all creditors provided that the Proposal is accepted by more than 75 of creditors voting at the meeting of creditors. An Insolvency Practitioner (IP) will supervise the terms of the arrangement and is known as a supervisor. Unlike in a, liquidation, which is a terminal process in a cva the company can continue to trade throughout the duration of this cva process and beyond.

progress report to supervisor
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'thesis year progress report ' (word). Early each fall semester, all graduate students are required to submit a report on Progress. satisfactory Annual Progress Report duly approved by the supervisor and the head of Department and Sub-dean (Postgraduate).

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  1. Thesis year progress report ' form (word). of draft report to the supervisor : 31 october ne for submission of the singed report to the. Must complete the weekly labor progress report and ensures employees adhere.

  2. If your thesis is submitted before the due date for your progress report, then you do not need to complete a progress report. Daily verbal work progress report to ocs rocs construction, supervisor. Signature of supervisor (for postgraduate students only) This report should be completed and signed by the lead researcher.

  3. Requirements Planning (New/Enhanced) pp-mrp-pe planning evaluation Standardized Order. Report and Order, progress, report and Improved. To report work progress to, supervisor and Engineer to report work progress to, supervisor and Testing Engineer leaders and supervisor.

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