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First aid help to stop the unwanted injuries to be a big cause by providing the medical aid for instance the bandage, some kind of medicines, liquids to stop the clotting of blood, tubes for burns and deep cut to stop the blood coming out. Certain skills are considered essential to the provision of first aid and are taught ubiquitously. Particularly the " abc "s of first aid, which focus on critical life-saving intervention, must be rendered before treatment of less serious injuries. Abc stands for Airway, breathing, and Circulation. The same mnemonic is used by all emergency health professionals. Attention must first be brought to the airway to ensure it is clear.

9 In 1870, Prussian military surgeon Friedrich von Esmarch introduced formalized first aid to the military, and first coined the term "erste hilfe" (translating to 'first aid including training for soldiers in the Franco-Prussian War on care for wounded comrades using pre-learnt bandaging and splinting. 3 The bandage was issued as standard to the Prussian combatants, and also included aide-memoire pictures showing common uses. In 1872, the Order of saint John of Jerusalem in England changed its focus from hospice care, and set out to start a system of practical medical help, starting with making a grant towards the establishment of the uk's first ambulance service. This was followed by creating its own wheeled transport litter in 1875 (the St John Ambulance and in 1877 established the St John Ambulance Association (the forerunner of modern-day st John Ambulance ) "to train men and women for the benefit of the sick and. 10 Also in the uk, surgeon-Major Peter Shepherd had seen the advantages of von Esmarch's new teaching of first aid, and introduced an equivalent programme for the British Army, and so being the first user of "first aid for the injured" in English, disseminating information. Following this, in 1878, Shepherd and Colonel Francis Duncan took advantage of the newly charitable focus of St John, 3 and established the concept of teaching first aid skills to civilians. The first classes were conducted in the hall of the Presbyterian school in woolwich thesis (near woolwich barracks where Shepherd was based) using a comprehensive first aid curriculum. First aid training began to spread through the British Empire through organisations such as St John, often starting, as in the uk, with high risk activities such as ports and railways. 11 The key aims of first aid can be summarized in four key points, sometimes known as 'the three accidents - 12 Preserve life : The overriding aim of all medical care which includes first aid, is to save lives and minimize the threat. Prevent further harm : Prevent further harm also sometimes called prevent the condition from worsening, or danger of further injury, this covers both external factors, such as moving a patient away from any cause of harm, and applying first aid techniques to prevent worsening. Promote recovery : First aid also involves trying to start the recovery process from the illness or injury, and in some cases might involve completing a treatment, such as in the case of applying a plaster to a small wound.

essay on first aid box

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Roman army, with a system of first aid supported by surgeons, field ambulances, and hospitals. 4, roman legions had the specific role of capsarii, who were responsible for first aid such as bandaging, and are the forerunners of the modern combat medic. 5 Further examples occur through history, still mostly related to battle, with examples such as the Knights Hospitaller in the 11th century ce, providing care to pilgrims and knights in the holy land. 6 Formalization of life saving treatments edit during the late 18th century, drowning as a cause of death was a major concern amongst the population. In 1767, a society for the preservation of life from accidents in water was started in Amsterdam, and in 1773, physician William Hawes movie began publicizing the power of artificial respiration as means of resuscitation of those who appeared drowned. This led to the formation, in 1774, of the society for the recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned, later the royal Humane society, who did much to promote resuscitation. 7 8 Napoleon 's surgeon, baron Dominique-jean Larrey, is credited with creating an ambulance corps (the ambulance volantes which included medical assistants, tasked to administer first aid in battle. In 1859 jean-Henri dunant witnessed the aftermath of the battle of Solferino, and his work led to the formation of the red Cross, with a key stated aim of "aid to sick and wounded soldiers in the field". 6 The red Cross and Red Crescent are still the largest provider of first aid worldwide.

essay on first aid box

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There are many situations which may require first aid, and many countries have legislation, regulation, or guidance which specifies a minimum level of first aid provision in certain circumstances. This can include specific training or equipment to be available in the workplace (such. Automated tree External Defibrillator the provision of specialist first aid cover at public gatherings, or mandatory first aid training within schools. First aid, however, does not necessarily require any particular equipment or prior knowledge, and can involve improvisation with materials available at the time, often by untrained persons. 2, first aid can be performed on all mammals, although this article relates to the care of human patients. Contents, early history and Warfare edit, skills of what is now known as first aid have been recorded throughout history, especially in relation to warfare, where the care of both traumatic and medical cases is required in particularly large numbers. The bandaging of battle wounds is shown. Classical Greek pottery from circa 500 bce, whilst the parable of the good Samaritan includes references to binding or dressing wounds. 3, there are numerous references to first aid performed within the.

Many community organizations also provide a commercial service, which complements their community programmes). For other uses, see, first aid (disambiguation). The universal first aid symbol, a us navy corpsman gives first aid to an injured Iraqi citizen. First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, 1 with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available, such as performing. Cpr while awaiting an ambulance, as well as the complete treatment of minor conditions, such as applying a plaster to a cut. First aid is generally performed by the layperson, with many people trained in providing basic levels of first aid, and others willing to do so from acquired knowledge. Mental health first aid is an extension of the concept of first aid to cover mental health.

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essay on first aid box

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Antibiotic or Ointment After cleaning the wound, a thin layer of antibiotic or ointment like neosporin must be applied. Bandaging After cleaning and applying ointment on the wound, a sterile bandage must be used to cover the wound, carefully. Stitches for deep wounds, the first aid provider must seek help and get the deep wounds stitched if possible. Tetanus If one suspects that the cut has been caused by some dangerous, rusted thing, then the injured person must be given a tetanus shot or tetanus injection too. Basic principles, such as knowing to use an adhesive bandage or applying direct pressure on a bleed, are often resume acquired passively through life experiences. However, to provide effective, life-saving first aid interventions requires instruction and practical training. This is especially true where it relates to potentially fatal illnesses and injuries, such as those that require cardiopulmonary resuscitation (cpr these procedures may be invasive, and carry a risk of further injury to the patient and the provider.


As with any training, it is more useful if it occurs before an actual emergency, and in many countries, emergency ambulance dispatchers may give basic first aid instructions over the phone while the ambulance is on the way. Training is generally provided by attending a course, typically leading to certification. Due to regular changes in procedures and protocols, based on updated clinical knowledge, and to maintain skill, attendance at regular refresher courses or re-certification is often necessary. First aid training is often available through community organizations such as the red Cross and. John Ambulance, or through commercial providers, who will train people for a fee. This commercial training is most common for training of employees to perform first aid in their workplace.

Causes, medications, drug overdose, occupational exposure, cleaning detergents/paints. Insecticides, certain household plants, animals, food poisoning (Botulism symptoms. Blue lips, skin Rashes, difficulty in breathing, vomiting. Fever, head ache drowsiness chest pain, treatment, seek immediate medical help, meanwhile, try and identify the poison if possible. Check for signs like burns around mouth, breathing difficulty or vomiting.

Induce vomiting if poison swallowed If the vomit falls on the skin, wash it thoroughly for inhalation poisoning seek immediate emergency help Hold a wet cloth to cover your nose and mouth Open all the doors and windows take deep breaths before you begin the. The following steps must be undertaken in case of a cut. Stopping the bleeding In case of a cut, if the bleeding of the wound does not stop itself in a few minutes, then gentle pressure with a piece of clean cloth or bandage, must be applied. Cleaning The wound must be cleaned with fresh water. If available, a antiseptic Liquid Disinfectant must be used to clean the wound. Debris and dirt should be carefully removed without troubling the injured. The hands of the cleaner must be sterilized or gloves should be used.

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If youve been trained in how to splint and paperless professional help isnt readily available, apply a splint to the area above and below the fracture sites. Padding the splints can help reduce discomfort. Apply ice packs to limit swelling and help relieve pain until emergency personnel arrive. Dont apply ice directly to the skin — wrap the ice in a towel, piece of cloth or some other material. Treat for shock. If the person feels faint or is breathing in short, rapid breaths, lay the person down with the head slightly lower than the trunk and, if possible, elevate the legs. What to do if a person gets poisoning? poisons are substances that cause injury, illness or death * These events are caused by a chemical activity in the cells * poisons can be injected, inhaled or swallowed * poisoning should be suspected if a person is sick for unknown reason * poor.

essay on first aid box

the neck, head or back. you suspect a bone is broken in the hip, pelvis or upper leg (for example, the leg and foot turn outward abnormally). Dont move the person except if necessary to avoid further injury. Take these actions immediately while waiting for medical help: * Stop any bleeding. Apply pressure to the wound with a sterile bandage, a clean cloth or a clean piece of clothing. Immobilize the injured area. Dont try to realign the bone or push a bone thats sticking out back.

What should we do when a person gets a fracture? We will write summary a custom essay sample on What Is First Aid? Specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on What Is First Aid? For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on What Is First Aid? For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, a fracture is a broken bone. It requires medical attention. If the broken bone is the result of major trauma or injury, call your local emergency number. Also call for emergency help if: * The person is unresponsive, isnt breathing or isnt moving * There is heavy bleeding. even gentle pressure or movement causes pain.

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First aid is the writing provision of initial care for an illness or injury. It is usually performed by non-expert, but trained personnel to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. Certain self-limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not require further medical care past the first aid intervention. It generally consists of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life-saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment. What is the aim for first aid? The key aims of first aid can be summarized in three key points:5 * Preserve life: the overriding aim of all medical care, including first aid, is to save lives * Prevent further harm: also sometimes called prevent the condition from worsening, or danger. Promote recovery: first aid also involves trying to start the recovery process from the illness or injury, and in some cases might involve completing a treatment, such as in the case of applying a plaster to a small wound First aid training also involves.

essay on first aid box
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Essay on First Aid Manual.First aid First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. First aid box, if another member of staff was closer then I would ask the to get it for.

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  1. Not every incident requiring first aid is a life-and-death situation. Nicaraguan journey; a volume of essays, imaginary. 's little black box.

  2. Applying first aid techniques to prevent worsening of the condition, such as applying pressure to stop a bleed becoming dangerous. We will write a custom essay sample on What Is First Aid? Specifically for you for only.38.9/page. First aid and be willing to administer basic care until emergency assistance arrives.

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  4. Essay on First Aid and Normal Operating Procedures. I can administer basic first aid treatment, and my first aid box is clearly labelled and easily accessible. It is stored in the kitchen. First Aid and cpr.

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