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If you embellish or falsify information it will come to light at some point and you may lose your job as a result. List your contact information at the top of your resume, not in a footer. Check your personal information for accuracy; a prospective employer cant reach you if your contact information is incorrect. Be brief in your descriptions. If youre a new graduate, your resume should be 1 page. If you are a non-traditional student and have returned to school after being in the market place then its likely your resume will be longer than 1 page. If you already have an extensive work history, your resume should be up to 2 pages.

Oard 7ice Preident o Secial event). A resume is a selling tool outlining your skills. Your current job should be in present tense and all previous jobs should be in past tense. Write your resume in first person but the pronouns i, me, my are all understood so just write your sentences without them. For example: I led a team of 12 and was responsible for all our projects should read Led a team of 12 and responsible for all projects. When detailing your responsibilities, using bullets instead of paragraphs makes it easier to read. Run spell-check several times save plus have someone else proof your work. The best way to proof your final copy is to read your resume one line at a time starting at the bottom of the last page and working your way up to the top of the first page. . youll catch more errors this way. Represent yourself accurately with all information (work, history, job duties and education).

2 page resume footer

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2 page resume footer

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2 page resume footer

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And a resume prepared when job hunting at a career fair and, if you have the opportunity, ask before submitting either document. Its better to know which of your skills to showcase instead of highlighting online the attributes that may not be so important for the job opening. having both. And resume printed and ready to hand out shakespeare worked well for the career fair. I ended up scoring a phone interview with the company after submitting.

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I casually asked as i opened my binder that contained a copy of each.  He repeated.   I handed him a copy and left glad that I had come prepared with both documents. So whats the deal?  When is a resume more appropriate than.

 This is what I have deduced which may or may not be correct.  If i am applying for a research position within a company (the job ad may have a technical title like plant molecular biologist then. May be more relevant.   my exact lab skill sets are likely to be more highly valued than my non-lab skills, and the. Can relay that information well. When applying for a manager or analytical position within a company, a 1 to 2 page resume seems most appropriate.  The hiring teams for these types of positions assume that you have a grasp of scientific techniques—otherwise you would not have an advanced degree—so highlighting scholarly publications and specific lab skills may not be necessary.  These groups want to see qualities that can set you apart from other applicants like oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to work in a team with others from different disciplines. After all of this, my advice is to have both.

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(In my previous job hunts, i had ruled out working for industry, believing that my personality was not a good mesh with that line of work. However, after attending the trunk 2011 Postdoc Conference and hearing many talks based on industry work, i realized that I have certain skills which may work very well in industry. In my mind I had closed the door on the private sector too early, so i decided to reopen that door.). So there i was at this career fair, discussing job opportunities with a senior recruiter for a well-established company. In the middle of our conversation, the recruiter asked for my curriculum vitae (c.v.). I hesitated. Everything that I had been taught up to this point was that companies prefer 1 to 2 page resumes that showcase the non-science skill sets (science skill sets are assumed based on the advanced degree and that. V.s were only for government and academia jobs. Do you want my resume.

2 page resume footer

Update bootstrap.3.2, update fontAwesome.3.0, add less css. V1.1 (09/13/2014 add easypiechart js, add skill and Graduation section, change service style. Change work style, change footer style, remove partners. Author : Mandy kendrick, spread the love, postdoc positions within the. Of Agriculture, like many other jobs, have taken a hit with the latest budget news. The option to extend usda postdocs past their two-year appointments is no longer available—at least for now. so, as I draw near the end of my second year, i have begun browsing potential job opportunities. Postdoc positions within the. Last week i attended a career fair held during the annual American Society of Plant biologists meeting where there rapport was one company that I found very interesting.

While it is vital to explain what your responsibilities are, what you actually did is just as, if not more important to hiring Managers. . Example dont just say you have spent 1000 hours on Autocad, bullet point the actual projects completed and show how the effect of your work. Description, changelog, jessica - responsive one page resume template. Jessica is simple and clean onepage resume / cv template. Suitable for you to publish your resume to the world. Ie 10, latest Firefox, latest Chrome, latest Safari. Latest Opera,.3 (03/18/2015 fix less css,.2 (03/17/2015).

It may look fine on your version, but with the variety of software out there, many times the page 1 of 4 will be three lines in on page. . even if its a computer error, it doesnt look professional. . If you insist on putting page indicators, use the footer feature in ms word. Another formatting note be careful not to use too many odd formatting tools in Word. . Text boxes, word Art, Graphics, columns, etc many times dont look the same when someone else opens them on their needed computer (many times they dont look professional regardless). . keep it simple and neat. Be consistent with verb tense. . If you are explaining responsibilities for your current job, use present tense (Responsible for designing high voltage substations). . If its your past job, use past tense (Reduceed costs by implementing new product tracking system) or (Responsibilities included designing high voltage substations).

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Before you send your resumé to a recruiter or directly to a company, please consider a few of these tips: Always, Always, Always check for punctuation and spelling errors. . I see so many resumes with simple punctuation errors. . At least do a spell check first. Be consistent with formatting. . Example if your Education line is bold and underlined, all similar headings should add be bold and underline. . go back through your resume and check for consistency. Dont put Page 1 of 4 or other similar indicators into the body of a word Document at the bottom of the page. .

2 page resume footer
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Include a footer starting on the second page with your name and page 2. From different front page designs to an amazing portfolio section and even an error page. To 2 :00.

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  1. perfect, resumé to revise my resumé and had a new job within 2 weeks! I've recommended Perfect Resumé to all of my family and friends. Example 2 note that the quantifiable point does not need to come immediately after the action verb). Online resume package lets you display the available icon on your page when you are free to accept work.

  2. Skip to footer « Previous, page receive free resume tips, interview questions and answers, and more to help you get the perfect Business. We offer, free for your personal use, 447 original and professionally designed resume templates in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and. If you insist on putting page indicators, use the. Footer feature in ms word.

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