Laser presentation remote

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laser presentation remote

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laser presentation remote

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laser presentation remote

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The wireless Presenter evernote is designed without a laser pointer so it can be used for presentations in locations where lasers are not allowed. With a 4-button layout, you can easily go forward and back on your PowerPoint or keynote. K33373usa compare view compare).

laser presentation remote

59.99.99 K72448us, compare, view compare here's everything you need to give a great presentation — right down to the presentation itself. The para kensington Wireless Presenter with Laser pointer and Memory features a dongle with 4 gb of built-in memory. The wireless presenter can store hundreds of presentations and it feels great in the. K72441ama, compare, view compare own what professionals use to take control of the room — and a laptops cursor — with the Expert Wireless Presenter Expert with Green Laser pointer, cursor Control 8gb memory. The presenter stores your PowerPoint or keynote files on the 8gb micro sd card that fits into the wireless usb. 99.99.99 K72427ama compare view compare wireless Presenter with Red Laser Professionals count on Kensington for control of their presentations. With a highly reliable wireless connection and intuitive controls, this remote allows you to focus on what matters most — making an effective presentation. With a 4-button layout, you can easily go forward and back on your. 49.99.99 K33374usb compare view compare wireless Presenter Own what the professionals use to control of their presentations.

flick of a switch, youll toggle between presentation and cursor control modes. From.99.99, compare, view compare wireless Presenter Pro with Green Laser. The kensington Presenter Pro remote Green Laser is 10 x brighter than standard red lasers, allowing you to make your point anywhere - even when used with brighter projectors and plasma displays. Add a comfortable, intuitive four-button design and extended 150 foot range and you have everything. K72353usa, compare, view compare featuring the latest in wireless technology, the PresentAir Pro Bluetooth.0 le presenter has everything you need to present with confidence and so much more. With usb ports at a premium on todays ultra-thin devices, the PresentAir Pro uses Bluetooth.0 le technology to pair with your device.

Kensingtons full line of wireless presentation remotes and red and green laser pointers build confidence by giving you intuitive controls and thoughtful features that let you spend more time focused on what truly matters - your audience. With features like extended wireless range, an intuitive 4-button presentation clicker design, and built-in memory to store your presentation, youll have everything you need to control the room. Showing 1-9 of 9, show as grid, show as list. Sort bya-zz-aprice (Low-High)Price (High-Low ultimate Presenter with Virtual pointer, the kensington Ultimate Presenter with Virtual pointer is an innovative presentation tool that works for a variety of environments and screens. Overcoming the shortcomings associated with traditional laser pointers, such as bright led screens or safety restrictions, the Ultimate Presenter. Compare, view compare present, dark point and annotate like a professional with the Presentair, which is designed into a sleek, comfortable pen shape. An intuitive button layout controls PowerPoint and keynote slides on Windows and Mac os devices from up to 30 feet away.

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IE8/IE9/IE10 is no longer a supported browser. Please use a more current browser to view our site. Filter by, type, wireless:.4ghz, laser, feature. Ambidextrous, battery indicator (led platform, windows, sort. Newest, most Popular, price: High to low, price: Low to high. Compare, compare, compare, compare, no results found, compare). Kensington, we are showing you the usa version of our website would you prefer a different version? A confident presentation is a powerful presentation.

laser presentation remote
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  3. A confident presentation is a powerful presentation. Kensingtons full line of wireless presentation remotes and red and green laser pointers build confidence by giving you intuitive controls and thoughtful features that let you spend more time focused on what truly matters - your audience. Logitech for wireless presenter and laser pointer products that make communicating easier.

  4. Put intuitive, advanced presentation control in your hand with the pr-us2. Presentation Remote from keyspan by Tripp Lite. Its wireless rf technology doesn't require line of sight, meaning you can walk anywhere in the room and truly engage your audience without breaking your flow.

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