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Be a part of Technoinsta write for Us! Have a lot of technological know-how but dont know how to share it? Have a blog that isnt getting enough attention? Look no further; now you can share your love of cutting-edge gadgets with a wider audience with Technoinsta. Guest blog for us and have hundreds of gadget enthusiasts like you swarm your posts and visit your blog. Whats in it for me? There is no detour to fame, but in blogging, there are some shortcuts.

This is essential and each article must contain proper grammar and spelling otherwise it will not be approved. Any articles that show signs of spinning will be declined immediately. Seo and On Page Optimisation. Please ensure that the article has an approved title and uses suggested keyword phrases within the article body. We are looking at each article being promoted within the search engines and driving extra targeted traffic to our website and yours. We offer 1 writing link within the article. Please ensure all links are relevant and we do not accept any affiliate links. If your post is just prepared for the sake of getting links and offers no quality to our website, then it will be declined. Each article must also contain minimum 3 useful authority links that are relevant to your article. Please ensure that the article is well 100 unique and each article will be checked for originality. Unfortunately we are not able to respond to all requests.

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How to guides and resources are welcome that provide advice useful to starting or running a small business. . Please contact our administrator for more details or to pitch any suggestions. Articles must have a minimum of 600 words. Longer and well researched articles will be approved quicker. The article must be presented well, using pictures, bullet points, sub headings and references where applicable. The article must be well written and informative. It needs to provide useful advice and guidance that will benefit twist our readers. Due to the amount of requests we receive, we will only accept articles that have been well researched and will add quality to our website.

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once your posts go live, please share with your friends via email, your website, facebook, twitter, linkedIn and any other social media you use. The more people who view your post, the better it is for you and the better it is for TranslatorThoughts. by submitting to m mom you acknowledge that you accept any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the TranslatorThoughts editorial team. Sign up and receive weekly tips to get started in translation. Sign up and receive free weekly tips. First Name, email, no spam, we promise. We are very happy to hear from anyone who would like to write for. We offer some guest posting opportunities to great writers who can contribute an article related to running or operating a business.

You will learn concepts such as digital marketing, content marketing, seo and keyword research. You will be able to use this experience in your future projects, whether you work for other companies or start your own blog. Send us an email at, telling us a little bit about you, what you are doing and why you want to write for. Once you are accepted, you can start submitting your articles, which should be well written, edited and original. Although there is no formal word count, pieces generally range between 500-700 words. Were interested in the following categories: translation translation theory translation courses (undergraduate or postgraduate) technical translation (marketing, medical, legal) cat tools reviews of books about translation interpreting freelancing blogging, we ask for: original Content: we ask that posts submitted be unique and original. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites. acceptance: Since we do not compensate contributors for posts, were more than happy to include a byline and your brief biog containing links to your website, facebook, twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your biog to just 2-3 sentences.

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If our editorial team is not satisfied with your first draft, we will tell you to make necessary changes. After you are done with the changes, we will review the article again, and either approve it or send the necessary changes again. The process will continue until we find your article fit for our site. Once the article is as per all our guidelines, we will send you an acknowledgment mail, when your article is live on our site. Title: Description: featured Image: Required size : 690px * 390px.

Let Us Help you, build your Brand! Do you want to write for Translator Thoughts? Were always looking for more contributors to share military their unique perspectives on translation, languages, copy writing and freelancing. It doesnt matter whether youre an established translator or a first-timer. The most important thing is that you care passionately about what you are doing, and want to share that passion with other people. Writing will develop your blogging and copy writing skills.

The exact same content or similar content will surely not be acceptable. The ideal length of content we are really interested in is 1000 words. However, a minimum of 800 words will also be accepted if the content is really good. Citation of apt reference links should be provided, backing your content with authenticity. The facts and figures mentioned, should be backed by accurate statistics and research. We will allow a link back to your website, blog, or social profile, only in the author bio.

No affiliate links allowed. Include relevant images for every single point or topic within your content. This can be either in the form of custom-made images, or mere screenshots describing the topic. Simply copying images from other websites or blogs is strictly prohibited. You can use free licensed images without any fear of copyright issues. The process of submission, kindly send email on giving us a brief outline synopsis of the topic you want to write, accompanied by an author bio. Once we agree, we will tell you to write an article on it, after which you need to send the entire article as an attachment.

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Topics we are Interested In, web Design / development. Mobile Application Design / development, e-commerce design / development, magento design / development. Search Engine Optimization (seo social Media marketing (smm pay per Click (PPC) / google AdWords. Digital Marketing, essay conversion Rate Optimization (cro what were looking for. Ensure that the submitted post is original, unique, and most importantly plagiarism-free, since we will find out the loopholes if any, and hence you may not hear from us again. No spinning of articles, else you will end up having all your articles removed from our site. Choose a topic different from the one existing with.

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A post just wouldnt be a post without accompanying photographs. Wed love to see how you handle a camera while progressing through your demonstration. Thank you and if you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to contact. Wed love to hear from you! Write for Us Technology guest Post Web developers, mobile App and Digital Marketing. Magento 1 Support is Ending This november! Migrate to magento. Contact us, we are thankful for expressing your interest in making a contribution to our nce our blog is constantly visited by business owners, marketing experts, designers, developers, and tech-savvy readers from all across the for globe, we strive for a top-notch content of the substantial. Hence, in order to maintain the protocol, here are our content guidelines, which will inform you how to go about writing content for an instant approval.

your interests. Do you have a method or a structure that you like to follow? Is there something that you absolutely love to talk about? have you already written something? If you have a rough draft of what youd like to see on IndustryEats, send it over in plain text. We can go over it together to decide if its ready to share with the world. how are you with photography? As you surely know, food and cooking can be extremely visual.

In order for us to consider you for contribution, you should have a strong background in what you hope to put forth, whether it be demonstrating how you go about constructing a recipe, what style of plating techniques you use, what you look for when. But even beyond having the background we seek, you should have an uncanny ability to explain your topic to beginners and experts alike. The goal of IndustryEats is to leave a website visitor overjoyed when they finish reading a particular post. We want them to bookmark it for later. We also want them to feel compelled to share it with friends. Thats dissertation how good wed like your writing. Does this sound interesting to you? If it does, please send us an email and with it, include a few things: send us some sources of what youve done on the web.

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IndustryEats is an ever growing online resource that covers much of the culinary world. We write about food, cooking, kitchen equipment, gear reviews, beauty technique, the basics as well as engage with restaurants and chef personalities. We absolutely love this field and would love to welcome you into what we do every single day. Were always scouting out talented writers to join our mission. If youre curious about how you could possibly contribute, all you need to do is to send us a message. Wed love to hear about guest posting idea as well as other creative contributions. Whats most important is that youve got passion, are insane for detail, are experienced with this line of work and that you write every day.

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Guest blog for us and have hundreds of gadget enthusiasts like you swarm your posts and visit your blog. How to Write a guest Post.

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  1. Send us an email at, telling us a little bit about you, what you are doing and why you want to write for. Are you looking for guest post or write for us then Techmagzd love to welcome you! Yes, we do accept guest-writing articles, sponsored posts with the following below mentioned topics guidelines.

  2. We all know the deal: you want exposure and I want high quality content to post on Man Vs weight. What Should you write About? Anything related to bodyweight training, fitness, health or nutrition.

  3. If you have valuable tips, tricks, ideas or techniques to share, then youre more than welcome to write for us and help provide others with solid articles and useful insights. Write for us to develop your online brand! Are you a blogger passionate about language learning or teaching? We are thankful for expressing your interest in making a contribution to our nce our blog is constantly visited by business owners, marketing experts, designers, developers, and.

  4. Do you have a topic that would be of interest to parents and baby? Our guidelines are designed to facilitate the writing process and give you the tools to make the magic happen. Why write for.

  5. Note: These guidelines are for written content submissions. For more information on video submissions please email. Thank you for your interest in writing for m!

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