Write about a town you know

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i will buy lunch for you. E) - i want to go to the museums, but I don't know the way. . i will go with you. Denis is the (good) friend. For me maths is (difficult) than Literature. My sister is (tall) than. This exercise is (easy) than that one. I think history is (interesting) subject at school.

Describe a city worth visiting. A)It's time for me to go home.- (I/go/with you) b) (I/help/you/with this exercise) c) - i won't finish this exercise. (I/help/you/with/the translation)Don't worry. D) - i am hungry. I didn't have any lunch. (I/buy/lunch/for you) e) - i want short to go to the museums, but I don't know the way. B) I will help you with this exercise. C) - i won't finish this exercise. . i will help you with the translation. I didn't have any lunch. .

write about a town you know

Write About What you know - daily Writing Tips

Your ability to talk about this topic will enable you to answer the following ielts cue card topics also: Describe the place essay you live. Talk about a city or town you have been. Describe the city or town where you grew. Talk about a place you would like to visit. Describe your favourite town or city. Describe a famous city or town in your country. Talk about a place you liked to visit.

write about a town you know

Task 4 Extended Writing: my city/Town/Village At a glance

Casablanca is a great city. I have been here since my birth and familiar with almost all the histories of the city. The beachfront is a great attraction for me and I love to visit there to get some fresh air. The architectural design of the city also adorable and i am just in love with the artificial port of the city. The industrial facilities are outstanding and attracting foreign attention for investment in various sectors. Furthermore, the climate of the city is Mediterranean but the temperature varies in seasons. All such things have made it special.

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write about a town you know

Describing your Town in French - video lesson Transcript Study

If I make delay for five minutes to get out of home for the office, on that day i need to experience some moderate level of traffic congestion. There are some special landmarks and places are available across the city. In fact, this is the gateway to the country for the international travellers with the international airport. Besides, the other places of the city are charming too. The city architecture is a blend of local and European styles. The medina district is a very good place for visiting and a good number say of foreign tourists come here to visit the place.

Besides, the hassan ii mosque is another wonder for the city. The international travellers do not miss to visit this place for its architectural beauty. Place mohamed v is another important place to visit and is the centre of attraction in line with Corniche the beachfront district. Besides, the cathedral du sacre coeur, built in 1930 is another gem of the city. There is another church named Notre dame de lourdes is also available and allows the visitors to know about its past.

A good number of economic and business institutions and organisations have been established here which employ the majority of the population of the city. Further, casablanca is the key port of Morocco. The city contains over 4 million populations altogether. I am mostly familiar with Place mohamed v, the business district of the city. In fact, i work as an administrative assistant at an international drug manufacturing corporation.

Besides, a good number of local and international business corporations have their office and headquarters in this city. This part of the city has become the major industrial zone. In line with manufacturing, there are some service industries as well which provide services to meet the daily needs of the local people. The streets of this area are neat and clean than the other parts of the city. On the other side, due to excessive pressure of people on this part of the city, the streets are clogged up with traffic. So, i need to start early in the morning to attend the office.

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The city is located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you for the question and i am happy to have the chance of describing my lovely city. Casablanca is one of the most important cities in Morocco as save well as in Africa. Locally paper the city is also known as kaza. The city location is near the border of the Atlantic. The city is famous for its business and economic activities. But politically the city is less important than the other cities.

write about a town you know

This is a city of multi-nations. You will find at least a single individual from each of the states visiting the city and enjoying the attractions. Besides, when I came into roads, i find much pleasure by meeting the people of different nations in my city. It looks beautiful when the people of different nations go to visit any place together and make wondering sounds being amazed by the beauties. This makes me proud of my country. Model master Answer 2: Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and I live here. In fact, i was born and brought up here, and still living in the same city. This is a historical city and has experienced a good number of national and international events.

place here including the trial of joan of Arc. The building was restored by and now has become one of the most visiting places in Paris. Paris is one of the cities where tourists around the globe come to pay a visit to check its beauties. There are different attractive sightseeing places across the city to visit. The city is occupied with different landmarks and the most notable are - eiffel Tower, musee d'Orsay, musee du louvre, luxembourg Gardens, Opera national de paris, sainte-Chapelle, river seine, arc de Triomphe etc. But the city is, in fact, famous for the eiffel Tower, the 312-meter length structure in the city which was made marking the business conference long ago. A large number of global tourists come to paris annually only to observe the eiffel Tower and they can also climb up to the second floor of the tower. I like my lovely city. I am proud to born in the city.

I love this largest city in my country. The city is geographically located in the northern part of gpa France and contains over 2 million people. The city is also located by the bank of seine river and the river has separated the city into two equal parts known as the right and the left bank and there are two airports in the city to communicate with the rest of the. The city is moderately warm in summer and similarly cool in the winter season. It is considered as the centre of the economy of France. I am familiar with the notre-dame cathedral which is located on the Île de la cité in the city, adjacent to my house where i live with my family. The cathedral is considered as the finest structure of Gothic French Architecture and the sculptures inside are of great admiration. The glass contrast of the structure is of Romanesque style and there are two large windows known as the rose windows.

The things I love (and hate) about my new home town, Adelaide

Ielts cue card question 57 With Model Answer: Describe a city or a town where you live or lived. You should say: where it is located what part of it you are most familiar with what the important landmark and places are. And explain what makes that city or town special to you. You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Model Answer will 1: The world is filled with numerous places and spots to visit and I live in such a beautiful location that is one of the most sought places in the world. I live in Paris. Paris, the city of lights, is one of the most attractive places for the global people any my native city.

write about a town you know
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  6. There is another church named Notre dame de lourdes is also available and allows the visitors to know about its past. Talk about a city or town you. Subject: Re: write about your best friend in ourworld. Just wanted to let you know, i love you.

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