Short essay on vegetables

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Box typeinfo align class width, short Essay on Elephant paragraph On Elephant Elephant Essay. Speech On Elephant Essay on Elephant Essay on my favourite Animal/box. Whenever we hear a word elephant a sketch of a very large animal comes in our minds. Yes, because elephant is a very large animal having long trunk, belongs to the phylum, class mammalia, and family Elephantine. Two most common species of elephants are African elephant and Asian elephant, but African elephants are also divided into African bush elephant and African forest elephant. According to the archaeological studies, the existing species of elephants are only survived species of the order proboscis. Elephants are herbivores and eat vegetables, fruits, grasses, so they are friendly and harmless to human. In zoo, people offer them bananas which they take with a thanks.

For dinner, we take also rice, vegetables, fish, meat, dal, small fish, milk etc. On the other hand, in the. S.A or European countries, the items are quietly different. The people of that country are fond of taking foods, bread, potatoes, junk foods etc. We should make our food habits with planning. Planning meals will help us to maintain good health. For this, we should consider the food value at first. We should take vegetables, small fish and fruits more than other things. We should eat meat within a limit business because it is full of fat. Moreover, we should stress on taking balanced diet.

short essay on vegetables

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The rich people homework like to take fish and meat when they wish. As our country island of rivers, people cannot think of a day without eating fish. When we see the other countries we find the differences in food habits. In Mexico, people live on bananas. In European countries, people live on potatoes and bread. In our country, we usually take our breakfast with bread, egg, vegetables, and tea. Poor, people eat rice and vegetables or watered rice. For lunch, we take rice, fish, meat, vegetables, dal etc.

short essay on vegetables

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The old sections of these cities were partially reconstructed during the soviet period. Food habits are the prominent habits in human life. Food habits differ from man to man, country to country. Food habits of the people of tropical countries are fully dissimilar with the habits of the people of cold countries. In essay Bangladesh, rice is our staple food. Rice is also taken as food in most of the south Asian countries. In our country, people usually take three meals a day. We are fond of rice, fish, vegetables, and meat. The poor people can hardly buy fish or meat.

When the russians occupied it in 1865, the walled city had a population of 70,000. Several old buildings, mausoleums, and religious shrines survive in the older section. Tashkent lies in the most industrialized part of Uzbekistan, and contains one of the largest textile mills in Asia. Other industries include food-and tobacco- processing plants, and factories that manufacture machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals and furniture. The modern, planned section built during the russian period, co-exists with the old Oriental quarters with its narrow, winding streets, numerous mosques, and bazaars. Other major cities of Uzbekistan— samarkand (370,000 audizham (293,000 bukhara (238,000 fergana (198,000 and kokand (176,000) are considerably smaller than Tashkent, but are just as important from the cultural and historic standpoint. Their histories extend back to ancient times, and they have served as political, and trade centers for centuries. With the exception of bukhara these cities are located in the industrial heartland of the nation; each, including bukhara, on the historic route way (between China and the middle east) has a significant industrial component. It specializes primarily in the manufacture of textiles, processed food, and machinery.

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short essay on vegetables

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Since independence, the writing nation has followed a slow and cautious path of privatization. Economic development in the future would depend largely on overcoming the current infrastructural handicaps such as the antiquated means of distribution and processing of raw materials. Neither surface nor air transport now available is adequate to handle the transport of the produce such as fruits and vegetables. There are few well-developed highways. Most of the countrys trade was with the soviet Union; the nation is considering plans to enlarge the trading area to include the developing countries. The majority of Uzbekistans population lives in rural areas. In the early 1990s just over 40 percent of the population was registered as urban and only 16 of the cities contain population over 100,000.

Population comprised mostly of the non- uzbeks. Advertisements: Tashkent: With a population of a little over 2 million is the largest city of Central Asia, and the capital and the primate city of Uzbekistan. It lies in a large oasis along the Chirchik river on the Trans- caspian railroad in the foothills of the tien Shan mountains. Dating back to the 1st century. C., the city has been a historic trade and handicraft center on the historic caravan routes from the Orient to europe during medieval times.

Uzbekistan possesses substantial reserves of natural gas oil, and coal. Most of the natural gas is consumed domestically, and gas pipelines link the important cities and stretch from bukhara to the Ural mountains in Russia. Petroleum fields exist in the fergana valley, in the vicinity of bukhara, and in Karakalpakstan. Dams on the syr Darya and its tributaries are utilized to produce hydroelectricity. The country is deficient in water resources.

The existing canals— the Great Fergana, northern Fergana, southern Fergana and Tashkent now face shortfalls in irrigation waters due to depletion of the rivers. In manufacturing, uzbekistan is Central Asias major producer of machinery and heavy equipment. The manufactured items include machines and equipment for cotton cultivation, harvesting and processing, and for use in textile industry, irrigation, and road construction. Cement, textile, chemical fertilizers, and tea packing are some other industries. The country predictably exports cotton, natural gas, oil, silk and fruits, as well as manufactured goods such as machines, cement, textiles, and fertilizers. Advertisements: The country is nearly self-sufficient in energy sources, and agricultural products development. The disruption of the soviet trading system caused by the collapse of the ussr in 1991 did not particularly affect the nation.

Fruits and Vegetables

Uzbekistan is Central Asias largest agricultural producer. In cotton production it ranks third in the world (China and India rank higher). Besides cotton, rice, sugar beets, vegetables, paper fruits (particularly grapes, pomegranates, figs and melons are grown. Known for its orchards and vineyards, uzbekistan is also important for raising Karakul sheep and silkworms. Plenty of sunlight, mild winters, fertile irrigated soil, and good pastureland make conditions suitable for the cultivation of these crops and for cattle raising. Raising silkworms is a traditional occupation among farmers, dating to the 4th century. The fergana valley is especially known for silk production. The countrys mineral resources in elude metallic ores such as copper, zinc lead, tungsten and gold.

short essay on vegetables

The soviet government created the uzbek soviet Socialist Republic as a constituent unit of the ussr in 1924, but in 1991 after the dissolution of the soviet Union it declared its independence. With a population.5 million, the largest in Central Asia, the nation is essay not only the most populous, but contains the largest number of the native turkic peoples, overwhelmingly outnumbering the other ethnic groups, and have registered the highest growth rate in the region. The cultural and historic roots of the uzbeks date back to the ancient times. Several cities such as bukhara, khiva, kokand, and Samarkand were cultural, political and trade centers for centuries. Although a large part of the country is occupied by the extensive desert of kyzl Kum, some of the worlds richest irrigated oases exist m a narrow band of densely populated area in the east. The most important of the oases is the fergana valley, drained by the syr Darya, and divided primarily between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Advertisements: This and other oases such as Tashkent, Andizhan, bukhara, khiva, kokand and Mary (Merv samarkand, and Zeravshan form the rich agricultural tracts that fulfill the nations major producer of high-grade cotton. Most of the major oases are located where mountain streams descend on to the lowland except such oases or Zeravshan that are located in the desert lowlands.

rainy season, and cleaned at least twice a week. However, during autumn due to the shedding of the leaves, i have to clean it daily while always adding manure and plant medicine for the protection of these wonderful creations of God. A little bouquet of pretty flowers also makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and anniversaries. I am also thinking of including vegetables in my garden for it will save us the purchase of vegetables from the market and we may also sell them to other people at respectable sums of money. It is possible to grow the vegetables that are consumed daily and do not take up much space. It is always a great feeling to have my garden admired and appreciated by other people and it helps me feel like i have accomplished a great goal. Advertisements: lying south and southeast of kazakhstan, uzbekistans territory falls mainly be west of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and between Central Asias two major rivers north of Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, syr Darya and Amu darya, though they only partly from its boundaries. Although the territory does reach the caspian sea, it includes the southern part of the Aral sea.

My hobby is gardening. The joy of witnessing blooming flowers and leaves fills my heart with a sense of achievement and realizing the fact that the work of my own hands is bearing fruit definitely gives me pleasure. Advertisements: Gardening also helps to keep me fit, strange strong and healthy for working away in my garden results in the beneficial kind of exercise that is good for both mind and body. I inherited the love for gardening from my mother and now with her help and interest; I have prepared a small garden in front of our porch. It is a thing of beauty with a grassy carpet and trimmed hedges. I grow several varieties of plants including the China rose, jasmines, ferns and gladioli in my garden. The recently purchased Christmas tree is a welcome addition too.

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Advertisements: read this short essay on my hobby! Through the course of our lives, we bide our time doing particular tasks that may either help us to earn our living or build the staircases to our futures and careers. However, amidst these compulsory tasks, most of us also do things which we enjoy doing. Such activities are called hobbies. Image curtsey: g, advertisements: Hobbies are activities which help us escape the daily grind of life and work and give us pleasure and peace of mind. Because we are not being ordered to perform certain jobs which we may not be fond of, hobbies help to inculcate an appreciation for work rather than driving us away from. The interesting thing about hobbies is that they dramatically improve our own personalities and character traits, therefore improving our performances better on the whole. They help us discover talents essay and abilities which we may never have known ourselves to possess also giving us an insight of all the elements around us, making us learn new things each day. For instance, hobbies like stamp collecting, bird watching, photography, sports and music make our time worthwhile and give us information about different things.

short essay on vegetables
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Short, essay on, wonders of Science ». Apart from it, we get varieties of vegetables, such as peas, brinjals, beans, cauliflowers and cabbages. Short essay on introduction to a healthy.

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