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It is a fact that we do not have adequate sources, as the regulating system does. But, that should not keep us from doing our bit to preserve this stunning pet. Hence get up and take a phase these days so that an effort is blessed and persons may duplicate from there. Contents, question Related to Essay tiger Essay on Tiger. About Tiger, essay on Tiger  : Who dont know the tiger. People in zoo are very found to see big cats. Lion, tiger, leopard etc. .

While you try and quit poaching, make sure that you do english not motivate poachers by purchasing competition skinned baggage, footwear and like products. Its been found that our jungles are inclined away and that could be a significant cause why creatures like tigers are disappearing. Today, tigers dont have a proper ecosystem to develop and generate. So, protecting jungles is the next phase. It is very impossible to plant a forest but yes you can plant many trees. Again, make attention about the same to teach atmosphere knowledge in people. Advertisements: Eco journey is another phase towards your effort to preserve tigers. By planning one such journey, you will be able to inform people about the particular situation of tigers and jungles. This will make them feel near to the cause and a positive change could cause them to take effective actions. Moreover, such a journey will be a great crack from the otherwise typical lifestyle. However if you want to rest then you must better opt for a journey to the sacred town of Wichitas.

short essay on save tigers

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You could even try developing attention thru fun methods like planning competition add concept events. The more you propagate the gospel, the more persons you will adhere to the cause. Whether or not it is about collecting equal rights for the incapable or preserving the tigers, developing attention is incredibly important for all public causes. Hence propagate the phrase. Image source: m, advertisements: If you want to preserve the tigers, you must stop the poaching first. Even when the government has prohibited the selling of tigers skin and bodies, poaching however carries. Its very important to quit this act. Whenever you see anyone looking for tigers to hunt, you should immediately call the cops.

short essay on save tigers

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Limited seats (Hurry-Admissions closing soon). Tigers improve have now become a topic of interest and issue all over the world. Their reducing number has triggered the government authorities to awaken and take observe. While the government is already taking projects to preserve the crazy pussy-cat, there is something that we as the typical public too have. Here are some tips that will help us make a little but hefty phase in the route. No matter what are you looking to do, creating an awareness is a first step. And, this start is even more essential when the focus is to preserve the tigers. Make an effort to develop attention to save tigers by developing images, leaflets, ads, advertising the cause on internet websites and the like.

This is an improvement in the tiger population by 1993 in the country. However, despite the increasing population of tigers in the country is still not satisfactory as compared to the effort and money spent on this project. It doesnt matter what you are looking to do, creating an awareness is the first step. And this start is very important when the focus is to preserve the tigers. The efforts must be made to develop the attention to save tigers by making the leaflets, images, an advertisement for the cause on internet websites and the like. The main threats to the tigers life are deforestation means habitat loss and population fragmentation. Apply for 6 Months mba course from nmims (Indias leading mba institute).

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short essay on save tigers

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Tiger is a carnivorous animal he hunts at night and sleeps in the daytime. Because of his powerful and strong body, he can jump up to thesis the high, length almost 7ft and run for a long distance almost 85 km/h. Tigers have black stripes on their blue, white or orange body make them really very attractive and beautiful. They have naturally strong jaws, teeth and sharp claws in order to grasp its prey from distance the long tail helps him to hunt the prey. Tigers are 13 feet in length and 150 kg in weight. They can be easily recognized by the stripes on the upper body.

Tiger as a national Animal, tiger was selected as a national animal of India by the government because of its power, strength and agility and also because of its nice names such as king of Jungle and royal Bengal Tiger. What is Project Tiger. The Project Tiger is a campaign run by the government of India to maintain the population of tiger in the country. This project was established in 1973 in order to save the tiger from the extreme threat of extinction. The main objective of this project to focus on the preservation of remaining tigers all over the country as well as to increase their numbers through the breeding of species. To provide safety and natural environment around 23 tiger reserves have been made throughout the country.

Save tiger essay, tiger is a national animal of India. It has a royal look, therefore, it has been declared as the national animal of the country. Tiger is a very strong and powerful animal known for its grace, power and agility. It is an Asiatic Carnivorous Animal it has zoologically named as panther tiger. Tiger is found all over the world in various species and subspecies.

Tiger is a violent animal and most beautiful animal on the planet. Tiger lives in dense forest but sometimes they come to the villages and residential areas in search food or this happens because of deforestation. The siberian tigers are found in cold places and Bengal tigers are found in a forest near the river, thats why they are able to swim. In past days the tigers were hunted by the people for the various purpose including the illegal business of its body parts like skin, bones, teeth, nail, etc. It resulted in the massive decrease in the population of tigers all over India. Tigers are found in other countries like bangladesh, cambodia, thailand, laos, China, indonesia, myanmar, nepal, malaysia, russia-vietnam, Bhutan, etc.

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short essay on save tigers

It may take more than words to convince certain people to stop hunting because of the amount of money that the tiger brings to them. Tigers are magnificent creatures and most humans would love to keep hansel them in existence. Tigers are becoming an endangered species because of people poaching and changing the habitat by deforestation. Three of eight tigers are extinct and humans need to keep them in existence. It will make a bigger difference than people may think if the tigers were to disappear forever and people do not need to find out what could happen so they should help prevent it and stop hunting the tigers, there are plenty of other ways. Havent found a paper? Let us create the best one for you!

top of the food chain in all the ecosystems they live in; they keep the populations of deer, antelope, and gaur in check. Without the tiger to control them, these prey species would expand. If the population of these animals expanded more and more every day, they would completely clear out the vegetation, which is the food source of most animals and the smaller animals and insects would not survive without. If the insects moved to the crops in farmlands vital food sources could be lost, impacting on human populations (WWF). People need to stop hunting the tigers and let them reproduce. Humans now control the fate of the tiger. The tiger probably has little future outside protected areas because of the danger to livestock and humans. Tigers that come out of reserves and attack livestock are usually poisoned by people.

We will write a custom essay sample on save the tigers specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on save the tigers specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on save the tigers specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, three out of the eight species of tigers are already extinct, which are the bali, caspian, and javan. The tiger has been a popular game animal and has been hunted for prestige as well as for taking trophies. People like to hunt tigers for their fur, claw, and pelts to make fur coats, rugs, and money; they also go for the tigers bones for medicinal use. For hundreds of years, if tigers saw people riding elephants it usually meant that a hunting party was about to happen. Threats to tigers can be separated into two categories: poaching (Hunted for their pelt and bones) and retributive killing, which includes the illegal trade of tiger parts and human wildlife conflict, and habitat destruction and fragmentation, including illegal logging and commercial plantations (hintsforums).


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Someday, we may never see tigers again because tigers are on the critically endangered list, which is why the national zoo was celebrating Global Tiger day. This is happening because of trunk poaching and habitat changes. Large plantations have replaced a lot of tiger habitat in several tropical range countries. Tigers occupy only around 7 percent of their historic range. The current wild tiger population is at as few as 3,200 tigers, including only about 400 Sumatran tigers, which are listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature red List of Threatened Species (TigerPopulation). If people in the countries that the tigers live in do not take action to protect the tigers habitat and go against poaching, tigers have a big chance of becoming extinct. Most tigers are being held in captivity to keep them reproducing, there is one type of tiger that no longer exists in the wild but is held in captivity. Humans now control the fate of the tiger, their choices will determine whether it survives or becomes extinct (wikipedia). If humans could make hunting tigers illegal for a while and let them reproduce, it would help the tiger stay in existence.

short essay on save tigers
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Tiger is an endangered species of the animal however few are left (according to the world tiger census) all over the world which we have to conserve in any way in order to save their life on the earth. Tiger is a national animal of India. The siberian tigers are found in cold places and Bengal tigers are found in a forest near the river, thats why they are able to swim.

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  2. It is a very cruel and ferocious wild animal. In India, tiger -killing has been prohibited by the government. We can find tigers in the zoo, or in the circus. 1 through 30Short Essay on save tigers (463 Words)Published by Experts Share your Essays.

  3. We will write a custom essay sample. The imagination itself is heart breaking. Save our Tigers video it surprised me when I came to know that there were total of 40,000 tigers in the last century. Short Essay on 'conserve water, save life' (200 Words).

  4. Short essay on save tigers. Following are the short essay on tiger for the students under words limit of 100, 200 and 300 words. We should save tigers from the hunters and smugglers. Indian government has also announced project tiger scheme to save the tigers life.

  5. Yet another helpless animal species has fallen prey to mans greed. In order to save this precious species of big cats, Project Tiger a wildlife conservation project was launched in India in 1972 to protect the tigers. 100 free papers on Tiger essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research more.

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