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This is specialized information for brokerage agencies getting that house to the market, but it can also be extremely useful to others wanting to understand the real estate business and the high-stake decisions that happen in the presentation room. If you are the landowner looking to sell your property, these presentations will give you some important insights into what makes a popular choice in the marketplace. These considerations should help you in the planning of your renovations and what you can expect in terms of market response. Dont miss the opportunity. Presentation real estate investment fund, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Be the first to like this.

Instead, these resources will show you what is important. Real Estate marketing Presentation say to glean principles of what actually works. The, real Estate Investment Presentation Template will show you how to pitch your agency to investors, touching base on important areas like your operational and financial performance, sales summary, debt profile, and rental project portfolios. Updating shareholders and investors in a new real estate project? Real Estate Project Presentation Template. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to convey the quality of your listings to prospective buyers. Check out the cox real Estate Groups innovative process for selling homes, offered for free here. Real Estate listing Presentation Template. And finally, anyone will benefit greatly from the. Real Estate Presentation Template in pdf, which will give you 7 secrets to help not just real estate professionals but everyone who wants inside knowledge on how to be successful in high-level sales. Real Estate Investment Presentation Template, details, file format, size: 4 mb, real Estate Project Presentation Template details File format size: 3 mb real Estate development Presentation Template details File format size: 741 kb who can Use These Presentation Templates These marketing presentation templates are multiple-page.

real estate investment presentation

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Details, file format, size: 3 mb, real Estate marketing Presentation Template. Details, file format, size: 5 mb, real Estate listing Presentation Template. Details, file format, size: 13 mb, why you need to focus More on your Presentation. If you look through any number of sales presentation templates, youll understand immediately that the focus of any marketing or hippie sales presentation hinges almost exclusively on your agency and the product you are pushing. And yet, youve likely heard the salesman folk wisdom: people buy you. Many salespeople take this to mean you focus less on the actual sales pitch (or progress report) and focus instead more on establishing an informal rapport to get the investors or clients to like you as a person. The truth is, no one is going to give away a serious amount of money because they like you personally. Rapport might buy you a second chance, but it will not help you close the deal.

real estate investment presentation

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You will be trading in homes and commercial buildings, any of which will pay huge dividends down the road in terms review of mortgages and other rental fees. So how do you make a great presentation that convinces clients and investors to shell out cold cash to fund or buy what youre offering? These free presentation templates will show you holistic approaches that work. They are taken from various successful realty institutions to give you a good primer on the basic principles and key insights behind a successful real estate presentation to buyers and investors. Real Estate Presentation Template, details, file format, size: 193. Commercial Real Estate Presentation Template, details, file format, size:. Real Estate Presentation Template in pdf.

Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Selling buildings is a huge deal. This is not news, and it is not metaphorical—real estate is a famously expensive affair. When you are a real estate agency, brokerage, or any other realty institution whose business it is to sell buildings and property, you are in the high-stakes sales industry.

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real estate investment presentation

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Assign the work. Assign the work ul li finding Contractors best way is networking! Estate Investors Professionals Estate related Professionals neighbors, relatives, and coworkers. Assign the work ul li qualifying Contractors factors registered Estate Investment Experience references references Priced. Assign the work ul li Use contracts to set Expectations and Protect yourself /li /ul. Work the Plan ul li Stay on Schedule on Budget quality /li /ul. Work the Plan ul li Stay on Schedule order in which work gets done time time it takes to start work time it takes to complete work.

Work the Plan ul li Stay on Budget is key rough work labor scope spending. Work the Plan ul li Ensure quality payment to performance and measure progress thesis often problems immediately for the work is clearly defined site is clean steps are completed are on site rough spots for predictability. Step 5:Sell ul li Prepare to sell the sale /li /ul. Preparing to sell ul li decide who will handle the sale (fsbo) Estate Agent bonus the selling Price not try to erase mistakes by raising the sales price, you will be adding to your misery the house based on its design level /li /ul. Make the sale ul li put the home on the market offers the sale in the bank! 3 Biggest Mistakes in Flipping ul li paying too much for a house or Under Improving a property too much of the work yourself /li /ul recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard.

Arrange financing ul li pay in full financial Investors the cash to get the cash /li /ul. Present the Offer ul li Establish Trust Awareness of the sellers Situation value proposition Ability to Close improvement Costs quiet Costs Expected Profit cost to sell at Market Value the Offer Price money costs date date sample letter. Close the purchase ul li 10 Steps to Closing a home up Escrow Inspections Improvement Cost Estimate property survey settlement Statement financing title search Report Property Insurance for Improvements Closing Documents /li /ul. Step 4:Fix ul li Plan the work the work the Plan /li /ul. Plan the work ul li 5 Components of a construction Plan work needs to be done?

much will the work cost? to schedule the work? Assign the work ul li 3 ways to get the work done a general Contractor work yourself Through Specialized Trades It yourself with the help of Individual Workers /li /ul. Assign the work ul li hire a general Contractor high high Involvement: Low a good General Contractor Should Do: the entire rehab project with you on your improvement plan with architects and designers up a comprehensive scope of work and material specifications a budget and. Assign the work ul li manage the work yourself through specialized trades medium Involvement: Medium. Assign the work ul li do it yourself with individual laborers low low Involvement: High.

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Estimate Improvement Costs of essay Missed or Miscalculated Improvement Costs cost cost of wallpaper improvements of the extra holding time market pressures if extended into unfavorable selling season time of performing additional improvements time caused b scheduling conflicts time to sell due to seasonal forces. Estimate Improvement Costs ul li 3 ways to Estimate Improvement Costs a professional Excellent good it yourself good good rules of Thumb poor fair use a 5 Contingency when estimating costs /li /ul. Estimate Improvement Costs ul li 4 Broad Cost/sqft categories /- 5/sqft between just cleaning the place up and a rehab /- 15/sqft cosmetic with minimal permitting and inspections /- 25/sqft is the key word /- 40/sqft layout changes structural repairs. Account for quiet Costs ul li buying Costs incurred when you buy the house costs costs incurred while you own the house costs of Money related to borrowing the money needed to purchase and improve the house costs incurred when you sell the house estate. Set Minimum Profit ul li average Profit 10-20 of Sale Price profit percentage of eventual Sales Price that you should receive for every flip risk Profit profit that you should receive based on the complexity of the improvements. Set Minimum Profit rehab Risk factor: 5/sqft cost/Rehab Risk factorRehab Risk rehab Risk to eventual Selling Price /li /ul. Step 3:buy ul li Arrange financing the Offer the purchase /li /ul.

real estate investment presentation

architecture irregularity size of a crime. Qualify leads: The seller ul li means to outsiders sell at your price to pay off loan with bank to sell to sell quickly want the hassle. Qualify leads: The seller ul li factors that make a seller motivated events to another city for job unable to maintain the property and needs to sell hardship afford house payments moved and facing 2 payments sell as is afford to fix the house too. Step 2: Analyze ul li Identify Improvements selling Price improvement Costs for quiet Costs minimum Profit /li /ul. Identify Improvements ul li What Must i do? are the problems that need to be fixed Should i do? is the proper level to finish out could I do? is the untapped potential. Determine selling Price ul li determine the eventual Selling Price the comps the comps the market with experts.

depends on ability to implement the plan quickly and thoroughly mis-calculations can diminish or evaporate your profit improvement process is critical! a renovated house that is ready to sell /li /ul. Sell ul li set yourself up for success in the final stage realistic selling price marketing the finishing touches profit money in the bank! Step 1:Find ul li define your target leads leads /li /ul. Define your Target ul li Proximity price activity /li /ul. Generate leads ul li Prospect An Interesting house searching low an Interested Seller Attracting high people who help you find interesting houses or interested sellers connecting low. Qualify leads: The house ul li In your target neighborhood? damage paint damage foundation problems roof termite damage wiring a neighborhood misfit?

no plan high and sell low on luck and the market to bail them out. ul li Investors their homework a specific plan calculate risk their money going. What happened to the haunted house? ul li generates cash is a short term venture in any market be done part time require dark a lot of your own money equal opportunity investment choice /li /ul Benefits of Fix flip Strategy. Five step Process ul li find /li /ul. Find ul li develop Specific Investment Criteria a plan to generate leads Criteria fit criteria a house with investment potential /li /ul. Analyze ul li make decisions about which improvements will maximize your profits a thorough and accurate improvement budget what you can sell the home for once fixed up An offer that maximizes profit given the risk /li /ul.

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Download the Slideteam Presentation App, the first ever, free ppt design Services app that lets you submit your custom PowerPoint slides request good on the. Its the fastest and easiest way to submit your custom presentation slide requests. Just click, add text and submit your request using the app, and get an awesome powerPoint presentation back. Download it now to get started. Successfully reported this slideshow. Fix And Flip real Estate Investing. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide. Fix and Flip real Estate Investing Presented By: Steve heideman Presented By: Steve heideman.

real estate investment presentation
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  1. A sample slide deck to help me teach people how to present numbers without making them excessively complicated. I ll blog a full description. Private money investor Presentation.

  2. Investor presentation August 2016. Poland real estate inves tment activity. Ranked 11th in Europe in terms of investment activity volumes.

  3. Are you looking for a real estate investment analysis Powerpoint presentation to s hare your amazing business plan for real estate? To help you out. The real Estate Investment Presentation Template will show y ou how to pitch your agency to investors, touching base on important areas.

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