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We buddhists express compassion for all sentient beings, but this compassion is not necessarily extended to every rock or tree or house. Most of us are somewhat concerned about our own house, but not really compassionate about. We keep it in order so that we can live and be happy. We know that to have happy feelings in our house we must take care. So our feelings may be of concern rather than compassion. Similarly, our planet is our house, and we must keep it in order and take care of it if we are genuinely concerned about happiness for ourselves, our children, our friends, and other sentient beings who share this great house with. If we think of the planet as our house or' as "our mother - mother Earth - we automatically feel concern for our environment. Today we understand that the future of humanity very much depends on our planet, and that the future of the planet very much depends on humanity.

Our unique environment has maker strongly influenced. We don't live on a plan small, heavily populated island. Historically, we have had little anxiety with our vast area, low population, and distant neighbors. We haven't felt as oppressed as people in many other human communities. It is very possible to practice the essence of a faith or culture without practicing a religion. Our Tibetan culture, although culture, although highly influenced by buddhism, did not gain all its philosophy from Buddhism. I once suggested to an organization dealing with Tibetan refugees that it would be interesting to do some research on how much our people have been affected by their approach to life itself in Tibet. What are the factors that make tibetans generally happy al1d calm? People are always looking for answer in our unique religion, forgetting that our environment is just as unusual. Concern for the environment is not necessarily holy, nor does it always require compassion.

my future house essay

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In the west when you speak of "humanity you usually mean only our business existing generation of human beings. Past humanity is already gone. The future, like death, has yet to come. Western ideas usually deal with the practical side of things for only this present generation of human beings. Tibetan feelings about the environment are based entirely on religion. They are derived from the whole tibetan way of life, not just from Buddhism. For example, consider Buddhism in Japan or Thailand, in environments different from ours. Their culture and their attitude are not the same as ours.

my future house essay

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No sentient being wants pain: all wants happiness instead. I believe that all sentient beings share those feelings at some basic level. In Buddhism practice we get so used to this idea of non-violence and the ending of all suffering that we become accustomed to not harming or destroying anything indiscriminately. Although we do not believe that trees or flowers have minds, we treat them also with respect. Thus we share a sense dissertation of universal responsibility for both mankind and nature. Our belief in reincarnation is one example of our concern for the future. If you think that you will be reborn, you are likely to say to yourself, i have to preserve such and such because my future reincarnation will be able to continue with these things. Even though there is a chance you may be reborn as a creature, perhaps even on a different planet, the idea of reincarnation gives you reason to have direct concern about this planet and future generations.

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my future house essay

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my future house essay

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my future house essay
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  5. Future, physicians, i participated in field trips to children s hospitals and also participated in two blood banks. This is how i imagine my future ideal house! If you think that you will be reborn, you are likely to say to yourself, i have to preserve such and such because my future reincarnation will be able to continue with these things.

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