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Another strength of the book is lovells slightly off-beat writing style. Told in present tense, and often focusing on dialogue and action, rather than description, Blood Drunk feels fresh and is very readable. One criticism, however, would be that rather a lot of plot is crammed into the final chapter after a very even pace in the rest of the book and I suspect this is to set up the rest of the series. This doesnt detract hugely from the overall quality of the novel though, and did make me want to read the next installment. Overall, i recommend Blood Drunk as a good take on the ya vampire genre that avoids many of the clichés. It will appeal to teen fans of vampire fiction, but also adult readers who enjoy.

It tells the story of Blue knightly, a young man from the south who has to travel to new York to identify the body of his younger sister. Lacy a bit of a wild child has been missing for six weeks, and a (disfigured) body has been discovered that seems to match her description. However, though the dead girl has the same hair and tattoos as his sister, Blue finds enough to persuade him that it is not, in fact, lacy. Convinced that his sister is alive, blue decides to search for her himself, and soon meets with an oddly compelling woman (and her pet alligator) who promises to lead him to lacy. Its not long before Blue is dragged into the sinister and world of the vampires who live below the streets of New York. Unlike a lot of recent ya vampire fiction, Blood Drunk is not a paranormal aragorn romance. There is plenty of sexual attraction and fascination between vampires and humans, but this is definitely not a love story. The book begins with quite a horrible murder, and the violence and selfishness of vampires is evident throughout the story. Additionally, though third person, the book is told from the perspective of the male protagonist. I found this to be a particular strength, as lovells hero is compelling and believable (which is not always the case in ya fiction). I particularly enjoyed the way blue is forced to confront his own prejudices (how to react to gay and metrosexual characters) through the haze of the blood drunk vampiric world.

likes books reviews

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This creates an unsettling and unsuccessful conflict between voice and audience. Although Mahs plot is original and could make a good vampire series, other than Amy herself, the characters are standard and underdeveloped. The voice changes erratically, alerting the reader to new point of view by italics and sub-heading, and these devices make the story amateurish and difficult to follow. There are also several errors in grammar, as well as dropped words. The book needs a thorough editor with a better eye for continuity. The most disturbing aspect of the book, and the basis of my recommendation rating, is that there is a blatant misogyny that is fundamental to the plot. Though Amys attitude is rebellious and proud, mahs nonchalant, often violent subjugation of females in her work is inappropriate and offensive. . Contains: moderate violence and sexual references. Reviewed by: Sheila Shedd Blood Drunk: Faded Blue by Angela lovell Ticking homework Boxes, 2011 isbn-13: available: New Blood Drunk: Faded Blue is the first in a new ya vampire series from writer Angela lovell.

likes books reviews

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I particularly enjoy the fact that Claire is defined by her intelligence, not by her attraction to vampires. Last Breath is no exception to this once again, Claire has to answer the questions that baffle the centuries-old undead and save them (again!) from a terrible fate. While this might sound like going over old ground for the morganville series, caine has introduced a new antagonist who is both unusual and fascinating, and new history that goes some way to explaining why the sunlight-phobic vampires have chosen to set up home. Like most of the morganville books, last Breath ends on a cliffhanger. This does mean that it cant really be read as a standalone; the series makes a lot more sense if read in sequence. But for readers who have been enjoying the series so far, last Breath is a great new episode in one of the strongest ya vampires series around. Reviewed by: Hannah Kate, vampire by Amy mah, reardon Publishing, 2012 isbn: available: Paperback Amy mahs first book, fangs Rule: a girls guide to being a vampire, was a charming, beautifully illustrated work with an adolescent viewpoint that was clever and light. But her new work, amy mah: Vampire, is a departure in the wrong direction. The diction and voice are very young, appealing at best to pre-teen readers, but Mahs constant referrals to nudity, losing virginity, being spanked by numerous adults, and lesbian sex are disturbing and should be left to older audiences.

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likes books reviews

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Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy section. Melissa de la Cruz shares a investment guest post on our. Musings of the monster Librarian blog. We are pleased to announce that our. Reading Bites blog is back so stop on over for a visit! Last Breath by rachel caine *New review, allison and Busby, 2011, isbn-13. Available: New, last Breath is the eleventh installment of Rachel caines popular.

It picks up where book 10, bite Club, left off, following the fate of heroine Claire danvers as she tries to survive in a town run by vampires. In this book, the vampires of Morganville are disappearing one by one, after being seen in the company of creepy newcomer Magnus. As the town begins to realize the danger Magnus poses, Claire has to decide how (and if) she can save the morganville vampires from this new threat. What if there is something worse than vampires out there? One of the key strengths of caines series has always been its heroine. Claire danvers is smart, strong and independent. While she is younger than some ya heroines, starting the series at just sixteen years old, caines creation has proved to be one of the smartest protagonists of vampire series that I have essay come across.

Vampire fiction is probably one of the most popular horror subgenres for young adults/teens. Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel hooked a whole generation of teens. There is often a mix of horror and romance in vampire fiction for young adults, i will note which reviews could fall under the horror romance as well as vampire fiction. . I will note to be under the vampire fiction category there needs to be some bloodshed. . There are a large number of books based on the tv show Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel, i will give these books their own page. There are also lists of vampire books for teens here.

Vampire author Interviews, nancy. Collins author of Vamps, melissa de la Cruz author of the The Blue bloods series. Mari mancusi author of the Blood coven series. Kimberly pauley author of Sucks to be me : The All-True confessions of Mina hamilton, teen Vampire (maybe). Cast co-author of house of Night series. Interested in a little paranormal Romance, check out our new teen.

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Here, we ask her about serial killers, Britney way japanese spears and la freeways. All categories, art, biography, children, classics, comics. Cook books, crafts, diet, fiction, fiction-Medical, gothic Romance. Harlequin, historical Fiction, horror, humor, large Print, mystery. Non-fiction, religious, romance, science fiction, sports, suspense. Teens, true crime, tV/movie, war, western, shopping cart is empty. The monster Librarian Presents: reviews of Vampire fiction for young Adults.

likes books reviews

Margalit Fox vividly remembers the day she first read about a case she could hardly believe: Arthur Conan doyle personally investigated and helped commute the sentence of Oscar Slater, a wrongfully imprisoned 36-year old immigrant in Glasgow, Scotland. Read Full Interview mystery homage with a twist, just after. On a bright spring morning, wealthy widow diana cowper waltzes into the london funeral home of Cornwallis and Sons to plan her own funeral service. Six hours later, shes found strangled to death in her terraced Chelsea home. Read Full Interview feature. Robert Frazier, the latest wave of suspenseful novels brings thrills reading and chills to your summer reading list. These five stories of mystery, intrigue and horrific happenings are perfect for lazy days at the beach or hot summer nights. Read Full feature a macabre American obsession. In her debut collection of essays, dead Girls, alice bolin explores Americas undeniable fascination with murdered, maligned and silenced women.

Full feature feature by jon Little, two new young adult novels open in boulder, colorado, and find their teen protagonists in the wilderness—struggling to save themselves or someone they love. Read Full feature feature by sarah McCraw Crow, summertime means travel—family travel, solo journeys, finding lost places. Two new books take on these concepts in distinctive ways. Read Full feature an apt surname for the self-described "world's uncoolest artist". In her memoir, old in Art School, nell painter surprises everyone by returning to college in her 60s to earn degrees in one of her passions: painting. Read Full Interview feature by barbara Clark, secrets make for good reading in three new cozy mysteries set against colorful backdrops, from 1913 prewar New York city and Bostons lively north End in 1937 to an abandoned mansion in present-day maryland. Read Full feature a study in justice.

Much of, the ruin is inspired by real life, and Id like to tell you about one experience in particular. About something odd that happened when I was very young. Read Full Essay theres no going back in this apocalyptic home-invasion thriller. Praised by horrormeister Stephen King, paul Tremblays shocking new novel, The cabin at the End movie of the world, is an often graphic account of one familys ordeal when their vacation is shattered in a cult-like home invasion. We asked Tremblay about the books origins, its dark path and his inner fears that helped forge the novel. Read Full Interview feature by julie hale, these rollicking picture books feature animals who get mixed up in some outrageous situations. High jinks and humor ensue in five slapstick stories for young readers. Reading has never been more uproarious!

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A particularly potent brew, i was seven years old the first time my uncle poisoned. The first sentence of Sam Hawkes. City of lies lets the reader know exactly what theyre in for. A deliciously tense, well-crafted start to a new fantasy series, city of lies follows jovan and Kalina, two young nobles who have gpa been raised to detect poisons and prevent them from harming the ruling family of Sjona. When their father and the monarch are assassinated, jovan and Kalina have to protect the new ruler—their close friend tain—from threats both within the city and outside its walls. We talked to hawke about devising fictional poisons, creating a magic system based on emotion and the real-world parallels in her fantastic new world. Read Full Interview behind the book by dervla McTiernan.

likes books reviews
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