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I take longer finding the lyrics than I do writing the posts! You know how when searching the dark corners of the web for lyrics you get pron-popups and warez assaulting you from all angles? Well none of that here. Kudos really should go to musiXmatch that provide the fully legit api that powers this. okay, ive known about for a while. But I never knew how much I fucking hate the thing.

And Im trying to be a cool kid. Lets see if it does better than. Flock, the previous attempt at a social browser that I remember. The fact that it is backed by The daddy Of Browsers, marc Andreessen certainly cant hurt. I was lucky enough essays to briefly meet Marc at a top Secret value event a few months ago. Hes my kind of guy and most things he touches turn to gold. You can watch a video on their site right now. Looking forward to my invite arriving. InstaLyrics @instalyrics, i love my music and, as my legions loyal readers will know, i love searching for lyrics. Every post on this blog starts with a bob Dylan lyric, for example.

ive past paper

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Finally, belated shoutout to anyone who's been favoriting and otherwise enjoying my since-abandoned Bleach OCs. Y'all give me hope for my creative future. If today was not an endless highway, if tonight was not a crooked trail, If tomorrow wasnt essay such a long time, then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all. tomorrow iong time. The family is sick in bed and fast asleep, so i got a few rare moments to browse the intarwebs. I discovered RockMelt, instalyrics and. I also learned about jquery-raptorize but thats not important right now. RockMelt @rockmelt, rockMelt is a new browser built on Chrome (my browser of choice) that includes some funky new integrations with the shits the cool kids are using.

ive past paper

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Not gonna lie, it's been difficult sticking with an idea. I've bounced between enough things to make anyone's head spin. However, recently a friend got me into rwby, and I must say: I'm hooked. Maybe it's because it fills the shonen-shaped void in my life that Bleached made when it left, but it's just so charmingly over-the-top. And of course, whenever I find a fandom I like, i write up OCs for. So hopefully within the coming months you'll see commissions and profile pages pop up on my page for team opal (tentatively named). Hope you (will) enjoy!

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ive past paper

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I worry about where i'm going to be in a year, of who i'm going to know and want to know. I'm writing a book i've decided. A book where i can pour all my thoughts and ideas that seem to overwhelm me sometimes. I want it to touch other people, to make other people feel what I feel for the characters I have created. I want to be a writer, a great full time writer, who earns enough money to live a comfortable life. But it seems improbable, so that is why i must go back to study and get a degree in Science teaching. Yeah, as experiment the title says.

Life's been pretty busy for. Since my last post, i've graduated university! Which means I'm officially a big boy(TM) who doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing: nobody wrote the manual for adulting. Thankfully, i've started my new job as a software analyst and have found it to be a great opportunity. Coworkers are super nice, awesome environment, etc. But that's probably not why you'd want to read this, so i guess I'll talk a bit about my recent business creative endeavors.

Please do feel free to leave a comment if you have any composting tips, or corrections to the above. If you enjoyed this article or found it useful, please feel free to bookmark or share it: Not finding any keyword-related posts just now stay tuned. Right now i am studying for my final exams of first year in college. Looking over my past journals, i realise how young I was and yet it is only a few years ago. So much has happened to me, so much has changed. I am not the person I was two years ago or even last year.

My attitude to a lot of things has changed and i always thought that was a bad thing, but it's actually called maturity. I grew up somewhere in the last two years and I no longer feel like a child. I am starting to feel the stress of adulthood, to see the problems with money, with relationships, with finding a job. I am thinking about where i am going to live in the next few years and not what's for dinner tonight. I am wondering how i am going to pay for car insurance and not I want a car. In my head is the thought of bringing up my qca in college, of finding time to be with college friends, home friends, ronan and also be at home for more time than sleeping time.

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Apart from the above, the rest of the general advice does seem pretty sound; any and all veg peelings, soft fruit, shredded paper, cardboard (as long as its not gloss-printed and theres no packing tape attached) and garden cuttings (as long as no perennial weeds. Handy hint #3 i dont have a photo, but if youre lucky you might get an ant colony building a mound inside your compost converter. Ants are good, or they seem. The little guys really work hard to break everything down and mix it around they might even help to control fruit flies by eating the insect larvae, but Im not 100 sure on that point so if I do find an ant-hill Ill usually leave. Eventually youll need to break it up and disperse the ants ideally a couple of days before you want to use the compost to give them time to clear out to avoid spreading them everywhere, but I dont think theres any harm in letting them. The End Result is Well Worth the Effort If you get the balance right between green material and brown material, mixing and moistening then at the end of the process you should end up with a bin thats about two-thirds full of rich, crumbly, odourless. Melon seeds everywhere, too. But generally, not too shabby at all.

ive past paper

Youd expect tea-bags tea leaves, wrapped in paper, right? to be ideal for the composter. But it turns out that some teabag manufacturers mix artificial fibres into the weave of the bag to strengthen them. Net composting result: mountains of lattice-like mess that wont break down and has to be sieved or picked out. Empirical evidence based on what ive been picking out of bin #1 recently suggests that round teabags are definitely the worst offenders; squares and pyramids seem okay. Eggshells, again, the advice sheets often say that eggshells are a good source of calcium for the composter, but they do tend to hang around. They can be crushed up fairly small, so arent a massive problem, but if essay youre averse to seeing egg-shell splinters scattered across your veg patch then dont include them in the mix.

main culprits seem to be: Compostable plastic bags, all that supermarket plastic packaging usually wrapped around organic. The stuff breaks down eventually, but what you usually end up with is clumps of stringy, half-shredded plastic thats not much good for anything. Fruit stones and pits (apricots, nectarines, avocados etc) seem to take a really long time to even think about breaking down, if at all. Likewise tougher skins / shells, such as avocado and chestnut. Oh, and dont put pistachio shells in there, whatever you. Youll be picking them back out forever. Bark, twigs, branches, hard woody stems are often recommended as being an excellent source of brown material, but again, they can take a long time to break down, so they might be better off on a separate heap, if you have room for one. And especially, dont put dead, dry brambles in there; youll regret it first time you grab a handful of compost to spread on the veg patch and end up with a fistful of thorns. Teabags, bit of a surprise, this one.

Then you can empty and use the first before you start filling that one again, leaving the second to do its thing, and so forth. Otherwise the constant addition of new compostable material to the top of the converter, coupled with the necessary mixing, turning and churning, means its very difficult to get anything useful and usable out of the bottom. Not without having a load of unusable, un-composted material mixed in, which gpa youll have to sieve or pick back out again. Trust me on this, the extra 18 is well worth the saved hassle. And yes, you could get one bin this year and a second next year, but then again, you might as well get the second one now and save on the delivery costs. You could always use the second one to make up a batch of leaf mold while its not being used for waste-composting. What does and, more Importantly, doesnt, compost Well, depending on the advice you read (heres some from our local authority ) it seems that pretty much anything organic and vegetable-based can and should go into a composting system.

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Posted by: Darren in, grow your Own, self-Sufficiency 2 Comments so far, click here to join. Ive been recycling vegetable-based kitchen waste and shredding copious amounts of unwanted paper for the past few years, all in the name of making my own compost. Its a great way to help prevent adding unnecessary volume to landfill sites, as well as save a few quid on shop-bought compost; all the while improving your soil and helping boost your own gyo crops. Along the way, ive learned a thing or two about the composting process, which I thought Id share in case its wallpaper useful. Setting Up your Composting System, firstly: its all very well if youve got a couple of acres to play with and can set aside a big section of your plot for a multi-bin composting system, like gardeners Worlds own Monty don, or this lucky fella. Handy hint #1 : Check with your local authority to see if they run a home-composting discount scheme. For instance, if you live in Greater Manchester, go via m and you can get a 330l Blackwall Compost Converter from m for.00, instead of the usual.95. Handy hint #2 : Get two of them. Two converters allows you to fill one for a few months, then leave it to do its thing for a few months more while you start filling the second one.

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  2. Closed Adoptable - kenpachi Onigawara ive. The Tsuruga family was a mid-ranked noble clan, renowned for their high-quality paper and writing supplies. Home » Home composting What. Ive been recycling vegetable-based kitchen waste and shredding copious amounts of unwanted paper for the past.

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