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Parks does provide in the current volume the accents and numeric labeling of syllables that are part of his system. Origins and Sequences The Emeša language (the "matrix language" or "heart of the language is the original language of the gina'abul females, who parks thinks - though he did not see this directly - developed slightly earlier than the male gina'abul. From this mother language the females (Amašutum) created the Emenita (male) language for the use of the males and for communication between the males and the females. Meanwhile, the original (Emešà) language was then abandoned as long as peace prevailed. Later, during the Great War, the females were captured and oppressed by the male gina'abul, the famous ušumgal and mušgir (see races who had discovered the secret of their feminine sexual power. A group of these males wished to imprison the females and make them submit to abominations so as to seize that power for themselves. The females, confined by the males, developed Hermetic rites and other secrets in order to protect themselves. As writing became too dangerous, and as many females were unable to use telepathy, a talent enjoyed by all of the males, and needing to be able to communicate among themselves with full confidence, they reactivated and brought up to date the Emešà, with its.

Decomposing a word required knowledge of the context that had led to the original assembling of its terms. For example, he explains, the sumerian Gina'abul can be decomposed as gina-ab-ul veritable ancestor(s) of the splendor. When one understands the excessive vanity of the beings Parks experienced, one is not surprised by this appellation. Take the name Adam, which we are supposed to believe comes from the hebrew in relation to the terms adama (clod of earth?) or adôm (red). Parks is unaware that any author has considered the sumerian á-dam, which means "beasts, animals, flocks" or "levy? establishment, installation or colonization all subsumed under "inflict!" If á-dam benghazi were to designate persons, they would be "beasts, animals, levied, established, installed or even "colonized, inflicted." The idea of an enslaved being, totally submissive to "gods is reinforced in the equivalent of the term á-dam. Parks applies this method to determine and verify in detail virtually every translatable term in connection with the history he relates. In le secret, the number of words that he did not decompose with the aid of the sumero-akkadian syllabary could be counted on the fingers of one hand. He believes he is the first to use this decomposition method. The syllables of Sumerian and akkadian words allow Parks to decompose the principal words of other ancestral languages: Chinese, hebrew, ancient Greek, latin, germanic and Amerindian languages, etc. That leads to a unified understanding of all languages, but discussion of this will have to await the later volumes in the series.

essay on lord ganesha in english

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Since these constituent sounds have their own meanings, one can use this tool to decompose and understand the complex meanings of complete words). It is this focus on the phonetic values of the syllables that distinguishes Parks' linguistic methodology. These exhibit you a common base among numerous ancient languages. Parks learned that the codification of languages was associated with the existence of castes in the society he had experienced in his visions: that of the gina'abul (Sumerian word for lizards). By the end of the 1990s Parks understood that the phonetic values of the gina'abul were to be found in both the sumerian and akkadian syllabaries. The sumerian language, he points out, embraces a system that was totally formed from its first appearance and which has undergone only rare developments over time. Sumerian belongs to no known linguistic group, while akkadian - a language spoken in the north of Mesopotamia and structured from the sumerian syllabary - is the ancestor of Assyrian and Babylonian, themselves belonging to semitic groups such as Hebrew and Arabic. In fact, parks found that there actually is a single sumero-Assyro-babylonian syllabary on which are based the principal words of numerous ancient languages: Arabic, Chinese, dogon, Egyptian, Ancient Greek, hebrew, hindi, hopi, japanese, latin, the germanic languages and many others. These syllabaries could be used to decompose certain biblical terms and to understand their deep meanings.

essay on lord ganesha in english

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You will see that my ideas are totally original and absolutely to be distinguished from those put forward by independent researchers who claim to have read on the clay tablets (I must ask where?) that the sumerian "gods" inhabited a planet named Nibiru (or Neberu. I don't know where this information came from, but quite clearly not a single clay tablet claims that Nibiru (or Neberu) is the original planet of the sumerian "gods" called Anunna see races ; on the contrary, the only celestial habitation that is mentioned, quite. Note also that dukù is actually the name of a planet, but also became the name of an orbiting habitat that the celestial Bestiary, once confined to the earth, constructed in order to survive. The sumerians used this same plan name to designate chapels in the ancient cities of Eridu and Nippur. These cult places symbolized the terrestrial manifestation of the " primordial hills " of the "gods." In the second work of this series, we will equally evoke the dukug of which the sense is strictly the same and which was the name of the mountain. Unity The language in which Parks received his information was completely unlike french, yet he knew it as though it were his native tongue. For some years he had believed the language to be hebrew, but was disabused of this idea through the use of a hebrew syllabary (a set of signs or symbols representing the sounds that make up the words.

Comparison with the work of Other Researchers Parks has examined the translations of Samuel Kramer, jean Bottéro, marie-joseph seux, Thorkild Jacobsen, rené labat, and André c" While they differ from one another, their core information is the same, and Parks and his associates couldn't help. It was all Parks could do to refrain from plunging too deeply into these translations, so as to continue to preserve intact the history as he had received it, which contained numerous elements that were totally absent from the tablets. He found striking similarities on concepts having to do with cloning, well detailed on the tablets, which have also been discussed by modern authors Zecharia sitchin,. Boulay, and david Icke. Most important was information relating to the central personage known in Parks' first volume as sa'am, who took other names while on the earth - though no more was spoken of this in the interview. Many of the personages introduced in le secret came to earth and persisted into the sumerian, Egyptian, and "Biblical" epochs under various names. All of these are discussed in Ádam Genisiš. On Nibiru and Gold Parks writes ( le secret, note 4 we will see that the first humans on the African continent were procured over a period of several millennia for the purpose of mining gold for the "Celestial Bestiary." In the course of your.

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essay on lord ganesha in english

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To explain that it was all revealed to me on a daily basis over a dozen years through the intermediary of uncontrollable "jets of light" hardly enchanted. This situation was so trying for me that it is difficult now to even recall it clearly. Years of this had shattered my life. I had opted not to speak of it, at least at first, thinking that "those who know" would see clearly from what it came. As to most of the other readers, those who are a little less "in the know i imagined that they would be content to take this information as that found in an essay on the origin of humanity, or even as a novel, given that. When one has important information to communicate, all these methods are good. But choosing the manner of transcribing this series did pose a problem for me, and for a long time.

Several years ago, when I finally decided to begin writing, i started to compose the first volume in the form of an essay. But after a good hundred pages, i realized that I would not be able to include all the details that I had received. So i abandoned this approach and wrote the central part of the book - that is to say the history - as a narrative. That allowed me to put in the full specificity of this story without "taboos" and I was able to preserve the singular sensation of finding myself in the body of the principal personage, just as I had it at the time that I had received. Then I preserved the contents of my historico-mythological and linguistic investigations for the notes at the bottom of the pages and for the appendices, as I have done with the present work. This explains why two different writing styles coexist in the volumes of this series.

Sa'am belonged to a group of "reptilian" races known as the gina'Abul, and these are the divinities who are written about on the mesopotamian tablets. Sa'am had a certain crystal that was called " Gírkù." The information that Parks was receiving was in some way coming from the crystal, which led him to wonder if the experience was being played out in his mind by the crystal or. After many years of living with these visions, parks found that they were taking too much of his life, and he began a process of reducing and blocking them. This took many months, but the phenomenon eventually disappeared, in 1991 around the time of the first Persian Gulf War. Coming to terms with the experience, parks decided that it was not necessary to know for certain if he truly was the sa'am personage, although in the depths of his being he is convinced that it.

Perhaps this was what led him to begin a study of ancient Mesopotamian texts. He and his associates were soon shocked to find that the history they related was practically identical to what he had received - or lived through - in his visions. Pursuing an interest in the sumerian language, and aided by his "flashes parks discovered the "linguistic code of the "gods". Eventually what became most important was the need to write and publish the information he was gathering. He began this task in the period. His work, when complete, will consist of four volumes, containing strict transcriptions of what he received over a period of ten years, plus subsequent research inquiring into the possible validity of the visions. From Author's Note to Ádam Genisiš: At the time that The secret of the dark Stars was impressed upon me, i did not know how to reveal the source of all this history. It didn't seem to be channelling, properly speaking.

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It is a world apart, truly separate report from ours, but so alive and, in spite of all, so close to us in many ways. I discovered by chance the sumerian literature very late, toward the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. Yes, that was a shock and above all a supreme motivation for me to write the Chronicles. Certain places described in the mesopotamian documents, and most of the the principal personages, are relatively in accord with what I received, but the tablets lack many details and numerous elements. And in fact not all is in accord with my "visions". The warp and woof essays of the story that I relate are found however on some clay tablets; this is why i have no doubt this "capacity" to interpret the symbolism of the mesopotamian documents. Parks also began to consider aspects of reincarnation theory in trying to comprehend what was happening to him. The personage whose identity parks assumed in his visions bore the name of " sa'am and it was sa'am's "destiny" that Parks was retracing.

essay on lord ganesha in english

They came as "jets of light" from above, penetrating the top of his head, at the level of the "seventh principal chakra." They would instantly disconnect him from his surroundings and move him into complete scenes, including the aspect of sound. He would find himself "inside" a certain being, and usually would find the same set of "personages" around him. These living experiences would take from two to up to ten minutes. Yet if there were people around Parks at the time the visions occurred, they did not seem to notice that anything resume special had happened, which leads Parks to believe that he would have been gone for only a few seconds at most, in their time. Parks struggled to comprehend the source of these visions, and their meaning. It was not until the end of the 90s and much research that he came to understand that they were related to the sumerian civilization and to a language from which the sumerian language emerged.It took some time to put order into all this history. Order and comprehension came naturally over the course of years, without doubt due to the growing amount of information that I was able to accumulate. And there was this sensation of "deja vu of knowing or recognizing the personalities of the players.

of the trilogy, and as such was an aid in organizing and beginning to write these pages, which also incorporate information from private communications with Anton Parks, and from the books themselves, when they are published. One other important first detail for English-speaking readers: no English-language translation of Parks' books or the interview has been undertaken. We will not attempt a close translation on these pages either, but the importance of Parks' work seems so great that we are moved to provide English-speaking readers with a summary and discussion of the basic facts contained in them. Preface to Ádam Genisiš, anton Parks Describes his Experiences (see m, k1 parks' experiences began at the age of 14, in 1981, with a series of "flashes" that would occur at any hour of the day, and completely beyond his control. These eventually evolved into "visions" that took place from once to three times each day. The visions seemed somehow to be related to or triggered by the ambient light at the time of their occurrence. The light in the visions had the same "spectrum" as the surrounding light.

Nexus Magazine (French Edition) Nos. We are the fruit report of complex interactions with extraterrestrial entities that we have long taken for the "Gods". Far from the paradigms of Darwinism and creationism, parks proposes an exogenesis of humanity based on the decryption of great fundamental myths, but also on Sumerian and biblical texts. A fascinating voyage to our ultimate origins. Karmapolis in Nexus Magazine (French Edition). Annals of the gina'abul, anton Parks le secret des Etoiles Sombres (Volume One of the series) might be a novel, constructed to illustrate via a gripping narrative the author's insights into a human prehistoric background - rather a prehuman historic background - gained through his. However, parks himself does not believe his books to be works of fiction. Rather, they are a transcription of experiences he had - through an imposed virtual reality projection, or a parapsychological mind meld, or some other process for which we cannot even propose a name - that intruded upon and overwhelmed his daily life for many years. Before reading his books, one needs to know what they are.

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Part 1, the Phenomenon of Anton Parks, has. Anton Parks, french self-educated author, produced. Le secret des Étoiles Sombres an epic accounting, a homework mythology, a saga of science fiction and heroic fantasy, or a "history" book? Parks' work remains unclassifiable as it poses the essential questions: What was happening on the earth before the coming of man? What led to and provoked the advent of the human civilizations? The author of, le secret des Étoiles Sombres enthralls thousands of readers around the world with his epic report on the origin of human civilization. But let us not be mistaken: in this novelistic form, parks may have restored to us our true genesis, that which figures in the sumerian texts, clairvoyantly decrypted and presented without complexity.

essay on lord ganesha in english
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Annals of the gina'abul. Anton Parks' le secret des Etoiles Sombres (Volume One of the series) might be a novel, constructed to illustrate via a gripping narrative the author's insights into a human prehistoric background - rather a prehuman historic background - gained through his deep linguistic analysis.

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