Essay about never give up

Essay : never, never give

In conclusion, dont give up on yourself, or on life, cause. If I could say one thing to the young people of today, it would be this: never give. Keep trying and pushing and struggling, even if you dont know what your goal is or why you would want to achieve. As you march down the street not giving up, hold your head high and swing your elbows. People will recognize you as someone who wont give up, and they will get out of your way. Some of them will even hide.

Girls, constantly having to look good to even be respected by some men. Everyone has their own scence of style, own scence of being, and own scence of self. We are all different, and that's what makes us all the greater. We should never give up on being who we are just to fit in or impress others, cause you are a thunder truly better person, if you can be comfortable in yourself. When we are born we are here for a reason. To live and forfill a life, and shape it how we see fit. I sympathise people who see everyday as a dead end, There aew so many natural highs in life; waking up to a sunny day, feeling a gorgeous breeze on your face, spending a compfortable day in your pajamas. Sure, there are the people who will hurt you and make your life seem dull, but we must look past these, because life, and living in itself, is the best thing we could ever be given. These ups and downs make life interesting, and all the more sweeter. We should live life to the full abd enjoy everyminute, designer smile for no reason and do the things we never thought possible, so at the end of it all we can truely and honestly say: "I lived a fantastic life" because thats what it's all.

essay about never give up

Never give up short essay?

Apperance, personality, actions etc. Aspecially in our youth. Some people even ask "Why should we live when death is inevitable?". My point today is that we should smile on life for we are here for a purpose, and doing what we do and being who we are makes us, and life, all the more greater. These days we focus on perfection in appearance as if it is a must have. We must have these clothes, we must be this shape, we must have these boobs, and we must be like everyone else to be accepted or feel good about you ourselves. Even men go through it; not having these muscles, not having these clothes etc.

essay about never give up

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I am now living and studying in the United States, and loving every single day. Im proud of myself for never giving. I now know to keep motivated for my dreams, and that with short work hard, fight and passion, anyone can do anything. To sum up, never giving up is the key of success in human life. If someone get good support from their family and friends things will definitely workout in the end. I dont think that I will ever give up in my life now. I am doing my majors in computer science and i am not going to be stop now till I do not achieve my goals. Many people these days have a big issue with being angry, upset, depressed or unsatisfied with themselves.

That day that moment stick in my mind and now whenever I have those kind of situation i always goes back to my earlier days and solved out my problems. I remember that one time moment, a few years ago while i still was in high school; one of my dreams was to move to the United States and to peruse a college education there. I tried and I failed with accomplishing this plenty of times. But, no matter what anyone said and no matter what obstacles I came across I had made a promise to myself to never give up on that dream because i always had those three words of my father with me never give. Although it wasnt the most far out dream, it was still something I really, really wanted. I worked hard through high school, i got a job on the side to help me save up money, and I looked around for schools and places I could imagine myself living. I did this all by myself, and it eventually paid off.

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essay about never give up

Never, never, give, up ' means to keep Trying

My mother always wrote me letters and calls me through phone when i am in high school. Even my dad never helps me in my studies too, but he always in the stand during my tennis games. He always try to communicate me during the game that how I have to play. He always shows me new move for my game because he was a great athletics and tennis player. Thats shows how much he had love for. I remember that game when I was almost losing my final of tennis in my high school. Where at the end of set my father came to me and talk to me that how can I back into the game and how can I beat my rival.


He told me never to give up, fight till the end of the game which is always stuck in my mind. I remember how happy he was when I won that final tennis game. At that moment something occurred to me, something unexpected. My feeling changed towards my dad with in a second. I realized that I was feeling sorry for my dad that he was always right that if you have self-determination and confidence you can chase and win anything in this world.

He starts, ten., twelve., eighteen, twenty five., thirty-five. He told me to get down on the floor and he starts counts one, two. And i ends at ten and then I heard my dad voice come one you can do it two more and five more and again two more like that i ends at twenty pushups. He would see my reddened, sweating face and pain in my body but still he wants me to more and more. I just heard the words never give up u can also does it and then I felled down and I said no more.

Then, with his squinting eyes he would laugh at me, a high laugh and said do you think you can do more than. I was so angry and would not answer and look at him; I just go to my next exercise. I never thought that was easy at all. That was the way i felt for so many years during my teens, when I was ten years old. I still love to challenge my father. We had always been a physical relationship between each other. We never communicate to each other in speech as well as in written.

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For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, my father was a marine soldier, so he was always strict with everyone, even me too. His decisions was always straight forwards if he commit any decision that mean thats his final decision and we have to follow them. He hazlitt always told me to never give. His words are always strong with. I remember those days when he always pushes me for workout and he always compete me for pushups and he always won. He doesnt like to lose because he was marine soldier. I remember that day when we both are competing each other. His arms and shoulders were too strong.

essay about never give up

For homework instance, small babies when learn to walk, they fell down many times. But they dont give. They keep trying and when they make it, their happy faces say it all. It is rightly said, winners never quit, and quitters never win I remember that one moment in late 90s, it was half past ten in the night, and my uncle was taking to my grandfather that he could not work more in that company because. My grandfather said to my uncle, you know boy never give up is key to success. We will write a custom essay sample on never give up specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on never give up specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on never give up specifically for ypu.

if you believe that you can fly then you will, dont let the door of the despair breaks your dream. Sometimes God close one door to open other, just keep patient and dont give. All of us have many dreams in our minds, but hardly few manage to get them fulfilled in the first attempt. Dreaming is the sweetest thing ever, because we always dream about things we love and hope. The best way to reach your dreams and hopes is to work to achieve them and to change them to reality and never giving up in any situation. Never give up means keep trying and never stop working for your goals. For many people, failure is nothing but the first step towards the success. This should be our approach in life.

At the beginning, it seems so hard with respect to me to achieve ninety marks and above, because i am so bad in English especially in writing and speaking section. I wrote many essay about different subject but my evaluated was low than the requirement. My dream will not break just because this exam, i will try over and over to reach my target, just because i believe. Second, sometimes the negative attitude can kill any ambitious. The dissertation person who has a will and insistence can reach to the moon and who give up just from first try can lose many. Sometimes after long waiting and little patient can damage the wall of the despair, may behind this wall a heaven. For instance, my friend graduated from civil engineering department before one year and he didn't find a job, but after his long patient a famous company called him to work with them with great salary. Finally, surrender is just the character of the people whom dont believe in their self and ability. If they lost their confidence, they will lose everything.

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Behind every success person who attempted more than one to internet reach his or her goal, that the mean of never, never give. If you believe in these four words, you can turn the impossible to possible. In my consideration, this statement is efficient in change the life of any person includes. First of all, not from first try all what you want become in your hand. You may fail more than one time to learn how to stand, just like a baby. I have a lot of dream that I wish to become true, but words is nothing without action. One of my dreams is accepted in the most known university in the United State, and to admit to these colleges I must get a high score in the toefl exam.

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  1. I experienced failure during my seventh and eighth grade of middle school. During those two years, i tried out for the basketball team, unfortunately, i got. As a female motivational speaker, i am most inspired by people who have experienced adversity and never, ever give.

  2. W e should never give up on being who we are just to fit in or impress others. What surprised her as an adult was how much he lived his never give up m essage toward her when she. This essay featured in This i believe on Fatherhood. This article and accompanying mind map will help you to find the determination you need to never give up and never quit on your dreams.

  3. Life is a race which is all about wi nning. But winning is not the only end point. In life, we should understand. Dont give up essaysMany people these days have a big issue with being angry.

  4. Essay topics: The expression never, never give up means to k eep trying and never stop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with. Never give up : (Short Essay).

  5. We will write a custom essay sample on never give up specifically for you. Why you should never give up? What is the importance of not giving up and keep hus tling? Learn about it in this essay and speech.

  6. If I could say one thing to the young people of today, it would be this: never give. Keep trying and pushing and struggling, even if you don. Never give up means keep trying and never stop working for your goals.

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