Divergent book report

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It's more entirely dysfunctional than a dystopia. And what makes a dystopia exactly? I believe this paragraph from John Joseph Adam's Introduction from his anthology of dystopian short stories, Brave new Worlds, sums it up the best: The roots of the word dystopia, dys- and -topia, are from the Ancient Greek for "bad" and "place and. "Dystopia" is not a synonym of "post-apocalyptic it also is not a synonym for a bleak, or darkly imagined future. In a dystopian feature, society itself is typically the antagonist; it is society that is actively working against the protagonist's aims and desires. This oppression frequently is enacted by a totalitarian of authoritarian government, resulting in the loss of civil liberties and untenable living conditions, caused by any number of circumstances, such as world overpopulation, law's controlling a person's sexual or reproductive freedom, and living under constant surveillance. Now, i would love to put almost the entirety of Adam's tiny essay here, but there isn't enough room for it with this stinking word count limit.

Oh, roth doesn't tell. Then what world shattering event led to the formation of the factions? It says they were formed by different people who believed those were the most important traits, but not why? Then why is lake michigan an effing marsh? Not only that, but do you know how many cities there are on the edges of lake michigan? How are they not fighting Chicago over water if it's scarce? Maybe i'm over-thinking her total lack of world building. I mean, i've seen more world building in short stories, and the short story format isn't even set up for world building. Despite the little bit of information on the factions, the reader knows almost nothing about this society roth has set. None of it makes a lick of sense. If I sat down and mapped out how the different functions interacted and what held them together, there would be squat.

divergent book report

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They are essentially homeless day laborers who are paid in food and clothes. They live in old subway tunnels. No body loves them or wants to interests be them. The only thing people fear more than being factionless is the prospect of war. No executions or murders or anything like that. Just being factionless and an abstract idea of war. I have a headache now. Okay, now that we have the basics, what is the economy like?

divergent book report

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(2) Freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality. Most of beatrice's fellow dauntless initiates are from Candor. The book defines them as "trustworthy and sound leaders in law." Yes. They are all lawyers that we know. They're supposed to be honest people, but they're honest to the point of being rude and come across as being quite judgmental. They also dress like mormon missionaries because they believe the truth is black and white. How has a faction full of completely honest people not killed each other already? It would be like living oliver with a bunch of Sherlocks in a john Grisham novel. The factionless: Those that did not pass the initiation for their chosen factions or dropped out.

There are no scientists who understand that scientific break-throughs are a double edged blade; one side will do good and another evil. This faction is the bad guy because they believe the Abnegation are holding back prosperity and progress. That would make sense if their way of going about it wasn't so stupid. Slander and brainwashing never works in the end. Amity: (Noun) (1) Friendship; peaceful harmony. (2) Mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace, accord. Book defines as "understanding counselors and caretakers." They do the farming and smile a lot. That's the extent. Candor: (Noun) (1) The state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness.

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divergent book report

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They are defined as "protection from threats both within and without." They phone are the security forces of Roth Chicago. The truth is that the dauntless are reckless idiots. Their transportation is a train that never stops, so they sale must jump from. They dye their hair, get piercings and tattoos, and wear tight clothes. They are more like rebellious high schoolers than a militant force. I'll write more about them later since the reader spends the most time with this faction.

I'll at least add that they are proof of Roth's lazy writing. Erudite: (Adjective characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly. The faction beatrice's brother, caleb, joins. The book defines them as "intelligent teachers and researchers." If a society could have and r d department, this would. I'm sad to say that smart people are not depicted well in this story. They are shown to be smug, mean, and power hungry.

When a child reaches sixteen, they must take a test that will tell them what faction they belong into, but then they still get to pick the faction. Now, each faction has a specific lot in life. Let's break it down, shall we? Abnegation: (Noun the act of instance of abnegating, or denying oneself some rights, conveniences, etc. This is beatrice's faction. They are supposed to be entirely selfless.

They wear all gray, eat insipid food, and everything is considered self-indulgent to them. You could say they are beyond Amish. Oh, and every member of the government is Abnegation. They're referred to as "selfless leaders in government" at one point, but when is it ever smart to have one faction in control? Here is the kicker, they aren't the bad guys. They actually don't do anything wrong that an oppressive regime would do, like make the rest of the factions give up "indulgences" or go to mass every day. Dauntless: (Adjective not to be intimidated; fearless; intrepid; bold. This is the faction beatrice joins.

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This book is just that bad. So, my initial reaction was thus: Dramatic, i know. But not as dramatic as wanting to take a shot gun or lighter to a library book. I'm at least glad I didn't pay for. To get into the mood, some write foreplay. Beatrice - the main character - lives in a chicago where everyone is divided up into six groups. The Abnegation (selfless people dauntless (brave shakespeare people erudite (intelligent people amity (friendly people candor (honest people and the factionless.

divergent book report

because this book manages okay, so the movie came out on disk, and I was surfing one of my favorite channels on, when. Mortal Instrument reviews, but my intellectual has kicked in because this book manages to be defined as part of a genre that I have always adored, especially in short stories. Before i begin, my usual disclaimer that this review will contain logic, griping, complaining, spoilers, and the general deconstruction of everything that the fans hold dear. If you wish to berate me for this, don't waste your time. Nothing you say will convince.

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divergent book report
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  1. Divergent s book was better than the hunger games series but the divergent movie sucked. Divergent summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. Report : divergent dominates, muppets misses, god lives.

  2. Wigs said: What kind of ridiculous mess. Oh i know I say this in dissenting opinion,. Divergent attempted to copy the hunger Games and failed (in my opinion).

  3. This is because she is divergent and meant for more than one fraction. Book report 1 divergent. Divergent has 2,081,053 ratings and 99,531 reviews.

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