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Between the Old Testament and the new Testament was a section of disputed books. This middle section, called the Apocrypha, contains the books accepted by the roman Catholics, but disputed by the Anglicans. However, few know that there is one book in the king James Apocrypha that was accepted by the Anglican Church, but disputed by the roman Catholic Church. The Apocalypse of Ezra is called 2 Esdras in the kjv 1611 Bible. The book has a series of visions about theology and the end times written by ezra we must always judge every extra-biblical text claiming to teach theology or prophecy by the sixty-six books of the bible. Even if this work is legitimate and contains real prophecy, it still may have been mistranslated either deliberately or by mistake. Ken Johnson Ancient Apocalypse of Ezra: Called 2 Esdras in the kjv 1611.

The Assyrians (Kurds Ancient Medes) declare their own state in Syria, iraq, and Turkey (Note: Ezras prophecy also warns Turkey and Iraq (Babylon) will be caught up in this terrible and prophetic war.) Russia and Iran start pouring their forces and advanced phd weaponry. Iranian (Hizbullah) forces in Lebanon join the war in Syria (Lebanon is also mentioned in Ezras prophecy) all these events appear to be prophesied in the ancient Apocalypse of Ezra. We dont know for sure. But, if this is the war prophesied by ezra, it will eventually (and irreversibly) lead the world into the ezekiel 38-39 invasion of Israel by russia and Iran, which will in turn trigger irreversible events which will lead the world into the Apocalypse and Armageddon. What we are now seeing may just be a precursor or dress rehearsal for the real thing. We will have to wait and see. More about the Apocalypse of Ezra (2 Esdras) from Ken Johnson The kjv 1611 Bible was produced by the Anglican Church under the order of King James. It contains the Old and New Testaments, totaling sixty-six books. These are the same ones we have in most modern Bibles today. Every major group of Christians (Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox) accept these sixty-six books as the inspired Word of God.

daniel bible summary

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If so, people on Earth will be afraid and tremble. There will be great fearfulness and trembling upon Earth, and they who see strange the wrath will be afraid, and tremble. (Apocalypse of Ezra 15:28-30 where Are we now? What have we already seen the following concerning Syria in the news over the past few years. Saudi Arabia and Jordanian backed Islamic (Sunni) forces join to fight against Assad in Syria. An enigmatic isis islamic (Sunni) army rises ferociously to conquer, slaughter, and destroy all in its path through Assyria (northern Iraq) and Syria. Islamic factions within Syria start fighting each other, tearing the nation of Syria apart. Russia and Iran (Shiite Islam) swoop in to save assads Syria with a massive influx of men and arms.

daniel bible summary

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In the last ten years, we have witnessed the rise of isis from the Dragon Nations, along with the devastation of Syria and the beginning of Russias involvement. Iran joins This Battle in Syria. Behold a horrible vision that appears in the east from where the Dragon Nations of Arabia will come with many chariots, and the multitude of them will be carried as the wind upon the earth. All who hear them will fear and tremble (isis). Also the Iranians (the carmanians raging and wrathful, will attack as wild woodland boars, and with great power will come and join in battle with the Dragon Nations. They will lay waste to a portion of the land of Assyria (Syria) (Apocalypse of Ezra 15:28-30 russia and Allies join This Battle. Behold clouds from the east and from the north (Russia) will come unto the south, and they are very horrible to look upon, full dubai of wrath and storm. (Apocalypse of Ezra 15:28-30 note: Russia has launched devastating air strikes from Russian airfields which are located east and north of Syria, as well as from Iran to the east of Syria. This war in Syria with Russia and Iran may grow.

The book also contains numerous prophecies about the signs of the birth pangs and details about the rapture of the church, revealing that the end is near. Brought to you by bible facts Ministries, biblefacts. Dragon Nations of Arabia, this prophecy "d by church fathers Hippolytus and Ephrem the syrian) teaches that a terrible religious system (Islam) rises from the Arabian desert. This system is called the Dragon Nations of Arabia. Toward the beginning of the end times, the Dragon Nations will seek to invade and destroy the land of Syria. They will lose control of their armies, which will morph into a horrible creation destroying all in its path. Right before syria would be totally devastated a powerful large nation from the north (Russia) enters the war. This sounds like the syrian war that is occurring right now. Whether this is the actual war or a precursor to a great one, one thing we know for sure, islam is a major player in end time prophecy and the apostasy.

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daniel bible summary

Daniels Disturbing Dream (Daniel 7:1-28 bible

To obtain his fascinating prophetic book studying Ezras prophecies, go to bibleFacts. Org or to m and look for. Ken Johnsons book, ancient Apocalypse of Ezra: Called 2 Esdras in think the write kjv 1611. From his book and his site. The ezra Apocalypse is the only non-Catholic book included in the kjv 1611 Apocrypha. It contains many prophecies about the end times.

quot;d often by the church fathers of the first and second century ad, this apocalypse reveals the rise of Islam. In chapters 11-12 there is a prophecy of a three-headed eagle symbolizing how the roman Empire would split into three empires. The empires would die out and leave three kingdoms ruling in the last days. Chapters 15-16 contain a prophecy of the Dragon Nations of Arabia. This Islamic power devastates Syria to the point that Russia must step in to control the issue. This Syrian war sets the stage for the beginning of the last days.

You'll be amazed to see how prophecies from the sixth century bc are unfolding today. To help you personally interact with the vital truths of Daniel, trusted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes provides. Short passages of Daniel with easy-to-understand notes on each versebrief summaries of the most important ideashelpful cross-references on relevant topicspractical applications to everyday lifethought-provoking conversation starters for group discussions or personal journaling. As you see god's faithfulness on display in the lions' den, in the fiery furnace, and in the rise and fall of world empires, you'll gain a deep sense that God is in control. The ancient book called The Apocalypse of Ezra or 2 Esdras (Ezra) includes some very interesting and specific (and possibly timely) prophecies concerning Syria, russia, and Iran in the last days, or the end times.

The Apocalypse of Ezra, which is also sometimes called the jewish Apocalypse of Ezra, is said to have been written by the same author who wrote the book of Ezra found in the bible which historically documents the time around the end of the jewish. The Apocalypse of Ezra contains many fascinating prophecies including a sweeping prophecy concerning the past, present, and future role and identity of the ancient Roman Empire, as prophesied by the prophet Daniel in his fourth beast prophecy. However, we are going to focus on the future end time prophecies which appear to speak of Syria, russia, iran, and Arabia, which may now be in the process of being fulfilled. As a note, i was not even aware of these remarkable prophecies until just recently when I first heard of, and then read,. Ken Johnsons book ancient Apocalypse of Ezra: Called 2 Esdras in the kjv 1611 which is a detailed commentary written from a christian perspective. For our short study here, we will simply squeeze in a short prophetic summary of the prophecies with a few bullet points and excerpts from Ken Johnsons book.

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daniel bible summary

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daniel bible summary
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Short passages of Daniel with easy-to-understand notes on each versebrief summaries. Even if you have never picked up a bible before. Basic Bible guide: King.

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  1. Recently, god has been revealing previously hidden messages in the bible. (Daniel 12:4) Therefore, that is why the bible has been so difficult to understand at times. To help you personally interact with the vital truths of Daniel, trusted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes provides.

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