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Another big negative is that students and children who are learning about the world may not be able to visit. It would be a huge shame if art students could not see their favourite painters or sculptors work in real life because their finances could not cover the cost. Despite this, there are some who say that museums are unsustainable without the money they might get from ticket sales. They say that this allows the building to remain open and it is better that some people get to experience it, rather than none at all. To this I would say that the government should step in and cover the cost because culture is as important as anything else it spends money. For instance, in the uk there have been huge government spending cuts over the last few years, but the museums have not had their funding reduced because of their importance to the countrys cultural heritage.

Overall- band 9 This is the first time a student has submitted a band 9 essay to my service and i am thrilled that you have reached this level. I am very happy i was able to help you reach this goal and I hope you can continue at this level in the future. Below is a sample answer. I have taken a different approach just to show you a different way of answering the same question. Sample Answer Lots of museums charge a fee while others do not. This essay thinks that the benefits of charging do not outweigh the drawbacks because open access to relics and art is more essay important than generating money that the government should supply in any event. The main disadvantage is that high fees exclude a large proportion of the population, especially in less developed countries. Many people in poorer countries have just enough money for food and shelter. Exhibits are one of the few cultural activities they can enjoy free of charge. For example, egypt has millions of people living in poverty, but also a rich and ancient culture and it is therefore important that everyone gets to experience these artefacts.

band 9 writing task 1

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They really helped to bring everything together and hammer your point across. I also really liked the way you linked your ideas together. The whole essay felt like a really tight, cohesive piece of writing. You have used cohesion in a way that attracts no attention. Your paragraphing is excellent. Very rarely do i have to read an ielts essay only once to understand everything. That is the sign of a truly great essay. Vocabulary-, band 9, you naturally use less-common words to convey very precise meaning and there are no mistakes at all. Grammar-, band 9, you use a wide range of appropriate structures and there are no mistakes.

band 9 writing task 1

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You have summarised your main points dark and reiterated your opinion. Task, response-, band 9, your answer fully addresses all parts of the task. Your answer presents a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas. It is very clear that you think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and the whole of your essay supports this. Coherence and Cohesion-, band. This was the most impressive part of your essay. I really liked your introduction and conclusion in particular.

Clear and relevant main reasons and fully developed idea. It was great to see how you took one central idea and developed it fully with explanations and a specific example. Granted, an entrance fee might have a negative effect on the admission figures, but an income is favorable to museums in terms of operation. Museums feature educational exhibitions at times, and this could not have been done without a sum of money expended on hiring professionals and buying equipment. The hong Kong Space museum, for instance, has monthly exhibitions on different issues and professional docents are employed to take visitors on a guided tour around the museum. This example speaks volumes about how a reasonable admission charge is advantageous to the operation of a museum. I particularly like the way you linked both main ideas in the first sentence. In conclusion, the disadvantages of an admission fee are overshadowed by the benefits accruing from a stable source of income. Therefore, having weighed up the pros and cons, i am convinced that museums should charge an entrance fee for the sake of operation and development.

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band 9 writing task 1

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Question- many museums charge for admission while others are free. Do you writing think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages? Some museums have an admission charge while some do not. In my opinion, the drawbacks of an entrance fee are eclipsed by its benefits in the sense that the income will be ploughed back into operation and development of the museums. You have outlined what you are going to talk about and at the same time made your opinion very clear. This is exactly what you need to do to make it clear to the examiner what you think about the question and also helps them to follow the rest of your essay.

A major disadvantage of an admission fee is the possibility of reducing the number of visitors. Museums house exhibitions and artefacts of great educational and historical value. If the chief aim of a museum is to introduce the local community, admission should be free to the public and visitors. Take some folk museums in Hong Kong, which preserve historic relics and display folk customs, for example. Admission to these folk museums, which are often monuments, is free of charge. If they had charged an entrance fee, many might have turned to other activities.

For more ielts tutorials and unlimited feedback for speaking and writing tasks, sign up for ielts twenty20 Online course today! Use Promo code aussie to get 10 discount at checkout. Study 20 minutes a day for 20 days and Ace the ielts exam. Start learning now, bonus video. My essay correction service has been running for just over a month now and I was delighted to mark my first. Band 9 essay yesterday.

This is truly a remarkable achievement from the student in question. I spoke to an ielts examiner recently who said he has only awarded. Band 9 three times in an 8 year career. It also demonstrates that if you can pinpoint your weaknesses and work hard to fix them, then very high ielts scores are possible. Below is his essay with my comments in red, then my report and finally a sample essay. Please note that this report is much shorter than normal because there were no recommendations for improvement. To see what a report for a lower level essay looks like please click here.

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The figure for resources was highest in 1991, at 20, and the proportion of spending on furniture and equipment reached its peak in 2001,. (158 words, band 9 the table below shows changes in the numbers of residents cycling to strange work in different areas of the uk between 20The table compares the numbers of people who cycled to work in twelve areas of the. Uk in the years 20Overall, the number of uk commuters who travelled to work by bicycle rose considerably over the 10-year period. Inner London had by far the highest number of cycling commuters in both years. In 2001, well over 43 thousand residents of inner London commuted by bicycle, and this figure rose to more than 106 thousand in 2011, an increase of 144. By contrast, although outer essay London had the second highest number of cycling commuters in each year, the percentage change, at only 45, was the lowest of the twelve areas shown in the table. Brighton and hove saw the second biggest increase (109) in the number of residents cycling to work, but Bristol was the uks second city in terms of total numbers of cycling commuters, with 8,108 in 2001 and 15,768 in 2011. Figures for the other eight areas were below the 10 thousand mark in both years. (172 words, band 9 ).

band 9 writing task 1

Here's my full essay for the 3 pie charts question that we've been looking at over the last two weeks: The pie charts compare the expenditure of a school in the uk in three different years over a 20-year period. It is clear that teachers salaries made up the largest proportion of the schools spending in all about three years (1981, 19). By contrast, insurance was the smallest cost in each year. In 1981, 40 of the schools budget went on teachers salaries. This figure rose to 50 in 1991, but fell again by 5 in 2001. The proportion of spending on other workers wages fell steadily over the 20-year period, from 28 of the budget in 1981 to only 15 in 2001. Expenditure on insurance stood at only 2 of the total in 1981, but reached 8 in 2001. Finally, the percentages for resources and furniture/equipment fluctuated.

there a range of linking words and phrases? Lexical Resource, is there a range of vocabulary? Are there any examples of less common vocabulary and collocations? Grammatical Range and Accuracy, is there a variety of structures? Are there frequent error-free sentences? The answer to all of the above questions is Yes, which is why this answer is Band. You can use the questions above to review your own essays and improve your ielts academic Writing Task 1 answers too.

The number of part-time students was over 700,000 per gender per year, going as high. 1 million, whereas for full-time study the number was between 70,000 and 250,000. Moving on to look at gender differences, numbers of female students increased in both full-time and part-time education whereas the number of males in part-time education decreased. For example, there were 70,000 full-time and about 750,000 part-time female students in 1970/71, restaurant but by 1990/91 these numbers had risen to over 200,000 full-time and around. The number of male full-time students also went up from around 100,000 in 1970/71 to over 200,000 in 1990/91, whereas for part-time study their numbers went down from 1 million in 1970/71 to around 850,000 in 1980/81, before rising slightly to about 900,000 in 1990/91. Ielts, writing, marking Criteria and, task. Remember the, ielts, writing, marking Criteria?

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The ielts academic, writing, task 1, band 9, sample Answer below is a response to Academic. Writing, task 1a, which you can download from the ielts. The chart below shows the number of men and women in further education in Britain in three periods and whether they were studying full-time or part-time. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. The chart shows how many male and female students were studying full-time or part-time in further education in Britain between 1970/91. Overall, the vast majority of students were part-time and there were more students in 1990/71, especially women. Looking firstly at part-time versus reviews full-time study, it is clear that most students were part-time in each year shown in the chart.

band 9 writing task 1
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  4. The pie charts below gives the percentage about the satisfaction of the current it support service and the opening hours of the library in the campus. Summarise the information by selecting reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. I was helping one of my former students recently with an ielts writing task 1 question that she found a little difficult. It concerned the populations of two countries over a fifty year period, expressed in pie charts.

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  6. Read an ielts academic, writing Task 1 sample answer and understand why it would get. Band 9 based on the ielts, writing, marking Criteria. Ielts, writing Task 1 : pie charts essayhere s my full essay for the 3 pie charts question that we ve been looking at over the last.

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