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Just like fujitsu is the cream of the crop when it comes to scanners, evernote wins in this space hands down. Which version of evernote should I get? Even after youve decided to use evernote, you still need to make a decision: Which version of evernote should i use? Evernote has a three-tier system of accounts. For our purposes, the free version wont work because the lack of mobile access. The.99/year Plus version would be great, but unfortunately it doesnt have ocr functionality (more on that later!). The only appropriate account level for someone who wants to go paperless is the.99/year Premium version of evernote. Evernote overview After youve signed up for evernote Premium, make sure you install it on all your devices: Mac, windows, iphone, ipad, Android Phone, etc.

I bought a tiny one, not only because of the price, but also because it forces me to limit how much I can keep. Heres the one i use: (Amazon has many other choices if its not your style, but I do caution you against going too big. The point is to reduce clutter, not protect our clutter from fire.). Evernote i love this section! I think evernote is the absolute ideal digital filing cabinet solution. There certainly is a little learning curve with evernote, but its worth it to learn the software. But Donnie, youre thinking, cant I just make a system of dozens of folders on my hard drive? Wouldnt that accomplish the same thing as evernote? It essay may seem like a good solution now, but youll just complicate your life and end up frustrated later. A folder system lacks the organizational options, search abilities, and ease of long-term use that evernote has.

paperless post paper

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All paper that dissertation enters the house goes into this inbox. Theres no guesswork involved here. When its time for me to process the paper (more on that later i know exactly where to look. I like our ikea option, but if youre looking for something a little prettier, Abby likes this one from see jane work :. Firebox I wish I could turn all paper into a digital pdf file, but the world hasnt caught up with that yet. Theres still a need to save some (very little!) paper. This includes social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses (I scanned ours shhhh and possibly legal documents with an original signature. For these items, i use an inexpensive firebox.

paperless post paper

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In my case this is evernote. While a high quality scanner like those mentioned above is necessary to work your way through a backlog of old paper, its possible to implement a paperless lifestyle moving forward with a mobile app. More and more i find myself pulling out my phone to quickly scan incoming paperwork. This is only possible because of the high quality cameras on iPhones and some Android phones. Its definitely worth your time to test the scanning hippie capabilities of a mobile scanning app. For iPhone i recommend you try. For Android phones I recommend you try. Inbox, in order to successfully transform into a paperless family, you need to have an agreed upon inbox. In my case, i use a wire inbox from ikea.

It has a larger capacity than the S1300i and scans much faster. The wifi connection is also super convenient. Its nice not having to plug the scanner into your computer. For sure there are cheaper scanners out there. Honestly, i wouldnt mess with them. If you are serious about going paperless, then I highly recommend investing some money in a high-quality scanner. Its an investment in your sanity and will save you time and money in the long run. If you do look at other brands, make sure your scanner has an 1) adf (automatic document feeder) that can hold a large stack of paper, 2) duplex scanning (both sides at the same time and 3) can send your scanned documents to your preferred.

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paperless post paper

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Ive never met anyone that regretted ditching their file cabinet. Theres a reason for that. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here. Scanner, there are many options here, but I wouldnt look any further than. They are the clear leaders in this resume space. If its been years since youve used a scanner, wait until you try one of these things theyre amazing!

I have the, s1300i, and I love it! For a while i traveled quite a bit with my job, and this little scanner could easily pack up and come with. It has a paper tray (hugely important scans both sides, and is relatively fast. You cant go wrong with this scanner. For someone who doesnt need the same mobility as I did, the ix500 is the way.

How much does it take for water, fire, heat, damp, and mold to destroy documents? Or a cup of coffee for that matter? Now how difficult would it be to destroy documents stored on your hard drive, an external hard drive off site, and two cloud backup systems? Ill take my chances with that. Can you and your spouse look at the same document at the same time from different locations? If Abby is at some appointment and needs a particular document that ive filed, she can access it on evernote instantly.

No one person is in control of the documents. They arent in my office or hers. I could go on and on with the benefits, but I want to get to some actionable advice. First Ill talk about the technology i use to accomplish my paperless goals, and then Ill talk about my specific workflow. Just a word of caution — most people get all excited about the technology (scanners, software, apps, etc.) but then ignore the workflow part. The technology, while important, is the easy part. Building the workflow and habits is the harder and arguably much more important part of adopting a paperless lifestyle. I hope ive motivated you to dive into this paperless world! If not, let me say one final thing: Its worth it!

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I started on this journey hoping to achieve some ideal paperless vision I had in my mind. Unlike many other things in my life, i actually achieved my goal! Besides a perfectly organized desk, heres what my vision of a paperless lifestyle can accomplish: 5 Benefits of going Paperless, reduces Clutter. No more creaky filing cabinets trunk and random piles of paper laying around. Instead of trying to remember what file folder that important document is in, only to mess up the whole system in the process of looking, i can now pull up any document, at any time, from anywhere, in about 10 seconds. Does anyone consistently use key locks on all of their filing cabinets? What about the stacks of paper laying around? You wouldnt believe some of the stuff ive seen just casually walking around someones house!

paperless post paper

I tried to take ownership of the filing duties, but i ended up failing miserably. When we moved to our current home in 2009, one of the upstairs bedrooms was designated as my office. I couldnt even stand the thought of going essays in the room. The far corner housed our two filing cabinets as well as stacks of paper all around. Im slightly obsessive about having everything in its place (ask Abby so this was more than I could take. If I needed a certain document, it would very easily take me 15 minutes or more to find. I hated this situation. I thought about burning everything and starting from scratch, but fortunately i found a solution that worked better: I went paperless!

to warn you this post is waaaaaaayyyy longer than one of my normal posts here on the blog. We thought about breaking it up into a series but ultimately decided to leave it as one post because we thought it was important to have a one stop shop reference on going paperless. Feel free to pin it for later if you want to digest the information in smaller chunks, but if youre ready to get reading, grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax, and get excited about all of the paperless possibilities! Before i realized my need for a paperless lifestyle, i had to reach an organizational breaking point. You know that point where everything feels like utter chaos and you dont know if youll ever be able to get it under control? Weve all been there! Shortly after getting married in 2006, Abby and I moved multiple times. Along the way we collected quite a bit of paper, all supposedly important documents.

Add a few more bouquets to your romantic and rustic wedding with wedding suites (including save the date, wedding invitation, rsvp card, insert, menu, program, and thank you note) decorated in lush garlands. Using our online design tool, you can add your names, choose your favorite fonts and a font color that matches your palette, and send out your very own Rifle wedding invitations online. Planning your wedding has never been easier with tools for mailing address collection, rsvp tracking, and guest messaging. After the event—be it your big day or any other day—send a thank you note on personalized Rifle stationery and make every note you letter as welcome as a hand-delivered bouquet. Who says you dont send flowers anymore? Since the technology and systems for going paperless are always changing, i have donnie take over the blog one time each year to write a post about the system he uses to keep all of our records and files completely digitally. We dont have any big filing cabinets stuffed with paperwork, no mom cluttered mess of folders to organize, and we never have to search through stacks of paper to find the documents we need we have everything we need available to us on both our computers. If youre staring at your computer screen right now thinking, paperless? When Donnie told me he wanted to ditch our filing cabinet and process all of our bills, medical and insurance paperwork, bank statements, etc.

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Anna bond became the darling of the stationery world overnight when she launched the beloved Rifle paper. Since 2008, her hand-painted illustrations of flora, fauna, and storybook characters have graced everything from home goods to apparel—not to mention a couple million iPhone cases. Her latest collaboration, rifle paper. For Paperless Post, marks a milestone for the brand and its devotees: for the first time, annas signature artwork is a fully customizable collection of wedding suites, invitations, stationery, and holiday cards. Now your party invitations can match your phone (and your posters, lesportsac bags, fairytale books, wrapping paper, temporary tattoos, wallpaper—just to name a few). Once youve found a design that pairs beautifully with your dinner or baby shower, use our online design tool to edit the type and layout. With photo invitation options, you can even place a favorite portrait among the blossoms—perfect for kids parties, but a lovely option for graduation parties, anniversaries, and other essay milestones, too. Bonds old favorites and new creative explorations are all here for online delivery—whether its her classic Birch Monarch print or her new trip through the herb Garden. Wedding invitations—once the most coveted Rifle paper good that was painted to order by Anna herself and priced accordingly—are now available for all Paperless Post users to customize on their own.

paperless post paper
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  1. Resources for creating a paperless office through proven paper reduction solutions. Increase productivity and reduce costs by going paperless today! 2 verified Paperless Post coupons and promo codes as of Jul.

  2. A paperless office (or paper-free office) is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting documents and. With Paperless Post, you can design your own custom cards and invitations so your own personal style stands out. Paperless Post has more than 1,000 online distinctive.

  3. Customize online cards, invitations, and flyers that reflect your personal style - for weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other meaningful events. Celebrate your most important occasions with Rifle paper. S customizable invitations and stationery—featuring the handpainted botanicals of Anna bond.

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