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The reason, they explained, was due to master plummeting commodity prices and rising labor costs. In other words, they traded decency for dollars and loyalty for lucre. At Shred Northwest we are especially saddened with the situation because we, too, are affected. . In an effort to find greener methods for recycling our old electronics, we have trusted them to dispose of our goods in the manner they promised for many years. We even recommended them to our own customers as green and reliable. We are glad, however, to hear of Total Reclaims apparent remorse and the actions being taken to remedy the situation. We hope the companys officials have learned that honor, integrity, and reliability are priceless characteristics that are far more valuable than a few dollars saved. We are especially grateful to all our loyal customers and business partners who demonstrate integrity in all that they. Keep it up and keep on shredding!

paper shredding portland

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We were saddened and disappointed to hear that our friends and recycling partner in Washington, total Reclaim, admitted to cheating when the market got tough. Total Reclaim is a well-known electronics recycler headquartered out of seattle that deals specifically with e-waste like computer monitors, televisions, bulbs, batteriesyou name. As part of their service promise (and not to mention federal law) the e-waste that it recycles must be disposed of safely and domestically. The company built up a fantastic reputation for itself as one of the greenest companies in seattle, even boasting to be a true friend of the earth. In their own mission statement you can essay read: we not only meet legal requirements in our efforts to protect the environment, but we surpass them in every way. Its recently been discovered, however, that Total Reclaim was not surpassing these requirements at all; in fact, they were ignoring them completely and have been illegally exporting the material to China, mexico, kenya and beyond, despite the promises made to their customers. Top officials of the company provided the rationale to their behavior saying, we lost sight of our values and made business decisions that were contrary to the certifications and standards we had agreed to meet.

paper shredding portland

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We writing can leave you without of shadow of a doubt that your companys information security is where it needs. Youll be surprised how much relief you can find by removing one simple stress from your life. Try looking for solutions to problems that leave you stressed frequently. When it comes to your own well-being everything counts. No effort is wasted. See how much more enjoyable life can be for you. When the going gets tough companies can either sink or swim. Some companies use the struggle to prove their resilience and commitment to thrive; other companies throw in the towelor sometimes even cheat to keep.

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paper shredding portland

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Integrity Shred, santa rosa, ca 95405, sales Contact: Eric Nissen. With Integrity Shred you can watch your hard drives destroyed in our shredder and at your location. Don't give away or sell your computers without shredding the hard drives which contain all your confidential information. Shredding prices start at 15 per drive. Feel confident and assured that all your information is gone forever because you watched it be shredded. Did you know that most large copy and fax machines have hard drives in them also? Sonoma county california hard Drive destruction.

Connecting content to people. Company, resources, plans products, apps. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much stress do you have on average? If your answer is anything above a 2 or 3, you have to much stress for your own good. Being stressed is more than just stressfulits harmful to your health, kindergarten appearance, and overall well-being. To give you just a taste of its effects, listen to this: the hormone that stress releases in the body is called cortisol.

Interestingly, both Oregon and Washington laws provide a "safe harbor" for persons or organizations that are subject to hipaa and comply with its requirements. That includes hipaa standards for disposal. So before disposing of records or devices that did or still do contain sensitive data, it can be important to identify and understand the laws that might apply. Of course, other legal obligations might require a company to preserve and not destroy certain records for a period of time. Colin Folawn is a trial and appellate lawyer, and Kelly hagan practices health care law, both at Schwabe, williamson wyatt. As published, portland Business journal, April 10, 2015.

Santa rosa california hard Drive destruction. Paper Cuts, san Fernando valley, ca, sales Contact: Darryl pikoos. Fill out the email form and send us a request. Mobile disk Drive destruction serving the Entire los Angeles Basis. . Call for your disk drive destruction and shredding so serves Anaheim, Orange county, malibu, ventura, oxnard, torrence, long beach, liguna nigel, mission viejo, santa Ana, compton, bel Air, Thousand oaks, simi valley, santa Clarita, whittier, west covina, azusa, chino, irvine, moreno valley, loma linda, ontario. Napa county california hard Drive destruction.

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So, how should one destroy records that contain health information? Washington requires "shredding, erasing, or otherwise modifying shakespeare personal information in records to make the personal information unreadable or undecipherable through any reasonable means.". Examples of proper disposal methods cited by enforcement agencies include: r for paper records, shredding, burning, pulping, or pulverizing so that information is rendered essentially unreadable, indecipherable, and otherwise cannot be reconstructed. R labeled prescription bottles should be disposed of in opaque bags in a secure area before they are picked up and destroyed. R for electronic information, different techniques will be necessary for different storage media. Seek technical advice on proper data disposal methods if you wish to reuse electronic media. Otherwise, completely destroy the media on which information resides.

paper shredding portland

If your company maintains health or certain other personal information about people, then federal and state laws prescribe not only a schedule for record retention and destruction, but require a secure means of disposing of records containing such information. In Washington, organizations must writing take "all reasonable steps" to destroy personal, financial or health information when disposing of records. This includes information that "is identifiable to an individual and that is commonly used for financial or health care purposes including passwords and account numbers. The federal health Insurance portability and Accountability Act (hipaa) sets a floor for state requirements for handling health information, and regulates providers, insurers and third parties — so-called "business associates" — who handle personal health information for them. Hipaa requires the secure disposal of identifiable health information in paper or electronic form. "Secure" means rendering it indecipherable to unauthorized individuals. Further, workforce members must receive training on disposal policies and procedures. If a vendor is hired to dispose of health information, then a hipaa-covered entity must enter into a business associate agreement that includes the vendor's promise, among other things, to appropriately safeguard the information through disposal. Hipaa requires policies and procedures for the disposition of electronic data and the hardware or electronic media on which it is stored.

operations for food waste diversion. Some examples of businesses we have financed include: A composting facility, a converter of paper with recycled content. A manufacturer of recycled-content plastic products, an asphalt plant, an electronics recycler. A foundry, an anaerobic digestion facility, a scrap metal recycler, a paper shredding (document destruction) recycler. A construction and demolition recycler, a carpet recycler, let us recycle some money into your business! Is your business about to upgrade and dispose of computers, smartphones or tablets? Or is it time to follow your company's data retention and destruction schedule and dispose of business records? Does your company actually have a retention and disposal schedule?

For permanent working capital, refinancing, and real estate, machinery equipment, and acquisition financing. Many types of Businesses qualify, recycling companies, subsidiaries or units that qualify are those whose primary purpose involves: Collecting or separating recyclable materials for resale. Reuse, processing, composting or converting of recyclable materials into marketable products. Manufacturing products that use reviews recycled materials. Wholesaling or retailing of recycled feedstocks or products containing a significant percentage of recycled materials. Priority Assistance for food Waste Projects. Preferred terms for composting, anaerobic digestion, or other facilities that divert food waste from disposal.

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Research of Triethanolmine on the Properties. In this paper the effect of triethanolmine on the properties of Portland cement is studied From it the grinding mechanism of triethanolmine on Portland cement. Administered by bdc capital, and funded by the massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the recycling loan Fund is an excellent way to obtain the financing you need. . loans range from 50,000 to 500,000, and are used to help Massachusetts businesses active in recycling-related activities obtain the capital needed for any reasonable business purpose. General Program Parameters: loans from 50,000 to 500,000 for recyclers. Loans up.5 million for anaerobic digestion projects. Terms up to ten mba years, direct loans to solid waste recycling or re-use businesses.

paper shredding portland
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A paper shredding (document destruction) recycler A converter of paper with recycled content exchange Street suite 205 Portland, me 04101. safeguard Shredding, we combined textile and paper recycling in one morning by offering donors free shredding of up to four boxes.

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  1. Handrarnumala begann das Thema paper Shredding Services Portland Or 600634 im Forum am magazin Blogger Forum vor 5 Monaten. R for paper records, shredding, burning, pulping, or pulverizing so that information is rendered essentially unreadable, indecipherable. Shredding Responsibly: we utilize a shredding company for confidential documents that recycles the shredded remnants.

  2. Crowe Shredding is on-site mobile document destruction and paper recycling. Locally owned and operated, servicing the surrounding areas. financial statements, pre-approved credit card offers, old irs tax forms, bank checks and old household bills for safe shredding.

  3. In this paper the effect of triethanolmine on the properties of Portland cement is studied From it the grinding mechanism. Paper Shredding residential Customers And lets keep shredding on! Paper Shredding residential Customers Manage your time with Shredding Planet. choose the best processing system for our business to setting aside rolls of paper for our machine when we ran out on a monday morning.

  4. first inspired to knit with paper after being assigned the long, laborious duty of shredding confidential documents as an accountant. Shredding scrap tires to produce tdf uses standard material processing technology which includes shredding and removing dirt or other. winter 2015 Paper Chase recycling shredding Services Portland, or 97214 Contact name: Edward mazyck Phone: url: www.

  5. Document shredding, portland, oregon vancouver, washington. Shredding high quality digital images from your paper documents. destruction and shredding so serves Anaheim, Orange county, malibu, ventura, oxnard, torrence, long beach, liguna nigel.

  6. Paper, shredding, residential Customers documents instead of shredding it because they arent sure how sensitive the documents are. Paper, shredding, residential Customers you can pay our operator with a major credit card (Mastercard, visa, discover or American. Paper, shredding, residential Customers Purple rain. Paper, shredding, residential Customers keep it up and keep on shredding!

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