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Crawler team (4.5 yr catalog Master: built and extended cluster management and monitoring software for managing thousands of nodes (C). Many projects ranging from investigating problems based on statistical anomolies in freshness, comprehensiveness, and quality (Python) to writing disk burnin software (C) used by all of yst (Yahoo search Technology). Wrote cta package (Cluster Trends Analyzer) in Python and CluStats (Cluster Stats and alerts) libraries. Echelon team (1.5 yr Echelon Master: worked on cluster management software for controlling indexing pipeline and batch processing (C). Echelon Copier (EchCp in c c cross-coast database distribution software with extensive performance throttling controls for delivering production index data to other groups. Technologies: Unix Systems Programming; Networking; c, python, perl, Shell, sql. 6/2001 to 3/2003 (1 yr, 9 mon) Senior Engineer Tapstone Inc., walnut Creek,. (Start-Up, 12 developers, 20 people) Tapstone's Server Change center is an it tool for managing enterprises with hundreds to thousands of machines.

Work Experience: Design: Plan and develop company-wide software libraries, apis, protocols, databases, and other infrastructure. Review: Conduct code reviews, system design reviews, performance analysis, technical mentoring. Test: Design and build unit tests, system tests, and staging / roll-out environments. Lead: evaluate feasibility and suitability of designs and technologies, given business and resource constraints. Run: maintain and operate online services with e-commerce transactions 24x7. Work Experience highlights: 4/2003 to present (7 yr) Senior Engineer Yahoo inc., 701 First ave., sunnyvale, ca worked on the "Web search Content System team" on cluster management and monitoring software (C distributed data storage, and the operation of the production web crawlers. During this time the main web crawl system started at 100 nodes, went through 5 cluster doublings, and is currently 3,600 nodes. Content Operations team (1yr managed the deployment, operations, and monitoring of production web crawler clusters in distributed data centers. Typical projects included moving.8 pb across coasts. Catalog Agility Project: Primary architect on crawler scalability and data storage refactoring and changes to sharding (C) resulting in a "you rock legal Award".

hadoop resume

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Potenial Projects : Adding online cluster expansion/contraction features to hdfs and hbase; Creating new schedulers for Hadoop clusters; building cluster management tools; Designing multi-cluster resource managers/brokers. Technical skills: Languages: C/c, python, perl, java. Plus: php, javascript, Tcl/tk, unix Shell (Bash, ksh and others. Databases: sql (MySql, Oracle database and Schema design, Oracle pl/sql, postgres, Sqlite. Systems Programming: Linux (Ubuntu, redHat unix (Solaris, sunos, hpux). Networking: tcp/ip, udp, http, ssl, dns/Bind, irc/Jabber, ldap, yp/nis, nfs, bootp/tftp/dhcp, ftp, lpd, inetd, Tcpd, Amd, etc. Technologies: hbase/hdfs/Hadoop, oop ood (Object-Oriented Programming and Design Asynchronous programming / Threads, sgml/html/XML/xmlrpc. Plus: uml, apache, desk modules, pdf/PS/lzw, some linux Kernels device Drivers.

hadoop resume

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Freelance, technology consultant, remote - 2013 to Present, specced out and implemented a variety of products for customers including: Cloud device software prototype for an advertising startup leading to the securing of a large seed round. An internal job board for a non-profit organization. Ruby on rails, postgresql, heroku, haml, sass, backbone. Charles Thayer (Not looking), san Francisco,.415.648.1456, cell:.415.378.5924, summary: I'm a unix systems programmer who has been working on large distributed data gpa systems (3,000 nodes) and cluster management. Currently building a next-generation multi-tenant hbase/hdfs/Hadoop cluster application in java which I was the lead architect/designer for. Objective : to find a position as a senior engineer for a company building industrial-strength, back-end systems, where i can solve problems that require scalable, high performance, and robust solutions. Experience : Designing scalable software systems and architectures; building products, technology, and infrastructure; And deploying and maintaining online services.

Shipped features ranging from web frontend, server features and batch processing to new infrastructure. Took leadership training and served as a mentor for junior engineers and an intern. Scala, ruby, typeScript, Spark, hadoop, google Cloud, docker, kubernetes, airflow, react/Redux, mysql, cassandra, chef. Foursquare, senior Software Engineer (Tech lead new York, ny - 2013 to 2016. Contributed to a large portion of the foursquare app including: Core local venue search, geolocation, and ranking. Large-scale distributed services and apis, android web client features, analyzed and supported product and business decisions via large-scale data analysis techniques. Worked up from individual contribution to tech lead for server engineers, balancing individual team member growth with business and product needs. Scala, mongodb, hadoop, Scalding, hive, finagle, memcached, ElasticSearch, zookeeper, kafka, kestrel, python, javascript.

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hadoop resume

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It is changed according to the job position. The applicants should change the resume for one job application to another. The resume doesn't have to be ordered chronologically. It is also not necessary to cover all your career achievements. It is a highly customized document. Next Topic, ethics vs Morals prev next). SoundCloud, technical Product Manager senior Software Engineer (Data Platform).

Berlin, de - 2017 to present. As a technical Product Manager: Designed the roadmap, kpis, and quarterly goals for the data platform team. Conducted cross-team owl interviews across the org to identify data platform needs. Worked across teams and created presentations to improve soundCloud's processes around the consumption, processing, and storage of data. As an Engineer: evaluated, implemented, and maintained build/buy/open-source technology choices in data infrastructure.

Curriculum Vitae (cv curriculum Vitae is is an Latin word which means 'course of life'. It is an in-depth document of someone achievements. It usually contains two or more pages and s a high level of detail about your achievements. It includes more than your career biography. For example: It covers your education as well as other accomplishments like awards, publication, honors etc. Curriculum Vitae is static and doesn't change for different positions.

Only the difference is made in the cover letter. The cv should be written in a simple language and organized chronologically. This makes it easy to get an overview of an individual? Resume, a resume is a short, generally one page introduction of your achievements and career biography. The main goal of the resume to find out an individual from the competition. The resume is not static all the time.

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2 what it contain: Name contact. And e-mail report id education work experience relevant work-related skills academic records as well as teaching and research experiences, awards, honors, publications, presentations, affiliations, and other details. In simple words you can say that cv covers your entire career. And e-mail id education work experience relevant work-related skills, its main focus is on work experience. It doesn't have any specific format but the work experience is always written in reverse chronological order. Purpose: In usa, the cv is generally used when one apply for academic, education, scientific or research positions. It is used in Europe, asia and Africa, and usa. It is used as a job application. It is highly customized.

hadoop resume

(working) Extracurricular Activities: - organized Career day 2012 for the dept. Of Statistics and the dept. Of Math at isu. lunched a software learning group and taught r, matlab and Mathematica to members. revitalized the mailing list of cssa in isu and maintained it for 3 years. Next prev, cV vs Resume: There are many differences between cv and Resume. A list of differences between cv and Resume are given below: mparison Index Curriculum Vitaeresume 1 length: It generally contains two or more pages. It generally contains one page. Sometimes, lab It contains two pages.

Implementation of Ising model for Clustering in java (course) lattice, gibbs Sampling, generic programming Simulation of Corn Kernel Distribution in java (research) parallel programming, generic programming Implementation of Sequential Permutation Test in java (research) sequential permutation test, parallel computing Blog Managing System in Python (personal). Estimation of False discovery rate Using Sequential Permutation p-Values. Ontogeny of the maize shoot Apical Meristem. The Plant Cell Online, am Soc Plant biol, 2012,. One-sample bayes Inference for a new Class of Distributions on Equivalence Classes of 3-d orientations Defined by Crystallographic Symmetries. A series of Stationary and Ergodic Markov chains Defined on Partitions with Applications in bayesian Clustering. (submitted to bayesian Analysis) -. A method for Identifying Grains in ebsd scans of Material Specimens Using Spatially Informed Clustering of 3-d orientations.

Spatial information, hierarchical clustering, markov chains on partition, bayesian clustering. Salmonella Shedding Phenotypic Classes Prediction (research) large p small n, feature selection, lasso logistic regression, cross validation. Perspective to linkedIn's Custom Churn (personal) random forest, feature selection, data integrity, outlier detection, cross validation business relationship, customer behavior, customer properties. Miscellaneous Statistical Genetics Consulting Projects (research). Talk to client, explain statistics concept, interpret results, generalize/mixed linear models, dependency structure, heterogeneous variance, confound factors. Sampling Design for Estimating Cash Dollar Amount (BOA) stratified sampling, horvitz-Thompson estimation, sample size calculation. Online Transaction Monitoring šc next day and 3 days (N3D) Scenario (BOA) anti-money laundering, scenarios dev, risk factors, sas, sql, big data, data integrity. Validation dissertation of Risk rating of Low Default Portfolios (Union Bank). Low default rate, bayesian model, simulate distribution of number of defaults.

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Pdf version of the resume, ben Chuanlong du, email: Phone: 5l5-2o3-l787. Blog: t, linkedIn: github: m/dclong, bitbucket: https bitbucket. Org/dclong, highlights of qualifications: - statistics/Machine learning skills: random forest, svm, logistic regression, na? Ve bayesian algorithm, hierarchical clustering, k-means clustering, linear regression, time series, bayesian analysis, experiment design, optimization, etc. programming skills: r, sql, java, essay python, C/c, nosql, hadoop, matlab, vba, sas, linux, data structure, etc. Education: - phd, statistics, iowa State University (ISU) Jan 2014 - bs, statistics, University of Science and Technology of China (ustc) Jun 2008. Working Experience: - avp; quantitative financial Analyst at Bank of America Apr 2014 - now - student Intern at Union Bank jun 20Projects: Modeling and Inference for Equivalence Classes of 3-d orientations (dissertation). Uars models, equivalence class of orientations, metropolis-Hastings, bayesian inference parallel computing, matlab, mathematica, r, clustering Equivalence Classes of 3-d orientations (dissertation).

hadoop resume
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a living resumé that can be easily updated to reflect new projects you are working on, new opportunities you have, new skills you have. Scala, mongodb, hadoop, scalding, hive, finagle, memcached, ElasticSearch, zookeeper, kafka, kestrel, python, javascript. windows 8 Application development.

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  1. Technologies: Python, Flask, java, scala, hadoop, hive, cloudera, restful Web Services, mallet Classification (Machine learning). Rdbms (Postgresql, mysql usw. nosql (Mongodb, elasticsearch bigData ( Hadoop ). swing, Android, linux, gui, embedded systems, jQuery, backbone, bootstrap, docker, aws, postgresql, spark, hdfs, hadoop, cassandra.

  2. Dan Newcome Front-end Software Engineer Email: github: m/dnewcome Blog: m Twitter. web-based user interface to aid in troubleshooting. Hadoop distributed computing systems in partnership with Intel Labs Pittsburgh.

  3. net, Android, hadoop, php, web Technology and Python. Please mail your requirement at email protected Duration: 1 week to 2 week. Hadoop, pig, spring Framework, java security, java best Practices, jee/J2ee design Patterns, java and xml, object Oriented Design.

  4. Technologies: Scala, java, javascript, akka, hadoop, scala, java, javascript, akka, hadoop akka, hadoop, ext js 5, SmartClient, testng. Big Data hadoop, developer Big Data hadoop training Toronto, hadoop and Big Data Training Toronto,sap training noida, sap training India. programming skills: r, sql, java, python, C/c, nosql, hadoop, matlab, vba, sas, linux, data structure, etc. building a next-generation multi-tenant hbase/hdfs hadoop cluster application in java which I was the lead architect/designer for.

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