Enyne metathesis

Olefin Metathesis, Grubbs reaction - organic-chemistry

 2007.  4,   .  448464. Arman . .,  Lier . .,  Allen .

., thesis Oseroff. Comparative Positron-Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging and Phototherapeutic Potential of 124I- Labeled Methyl- a vs the analyst Corresponding Glucose and Galactose Conjugates /. Med. 2009. 445455.., Zheng., Morgan. R, liu.., Shibata., Bellnier.., Henderson.., Dougherty. Purpurinimide carbohydrate conjugates: Effect of the position of the carbohydrate moiety in photosensitizing efficacy / Molecular Pharmaceutics.

enyne metathesis

Grubbs Catalyst 2nd Generation - multiple sizes available

., lee., Shim. Binding Affinities of Carbohydrate-conjugated Chlorins for oliver Galectin-3. / Bull. Korean Chem. 29. 130-134.., Sajjad., Chen., Zheng., yao. Missert. R, Batt., Nabi.

enyne metathesis

Solvent Considerations in Ruthenium Catalyzed Metathesis

., Chen., Gryshuk., william Missert.., Oseroff., Dougherty. Nature: A rich source for developing multifunctional agents. Tumor-imaging and photodynamic therapy / Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2006. 38. 445467. Rk.., Bold., cui.C, bai.

 Photobiol.  128. 13.Olivo .,  Bhuvaneswari .,  Lucky . .,  Dendukuri .,  soo-ping  Thong .  Targeted  Therapy  of  Cancer  Using  Photodynamic  Therapy  in  Combination  with  Multi-faceted  Anti-tumor  Modalities  /  Pharmaceuticals. Ndey . .,  Goswami .

Ring Closing Metathesis - organic-chemistry

enyne metathesis

Hoveyda-Grubbs Catalyst 2nd Generation 97 sigma-Aldrich

Cyclic N-hydroxyimides in a series of chlorins and porphyrins / and proposal Tetrahedron Letters. 1998. 39. 905908. Dy., Joshi., Chaney.

Use of Lectins as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools for Cancer / Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods. 33. l10. 12.Nyman.., Hynninen. Research advances in the use of tetrapyrrolic photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy /. Photochem.

 Functionalization  of  oep-based  benzochlorins  to  develop  carbohydrate-conjugated  photosensitizers.  Attempt  to  target  b-galactoside-recognized  proteins  / .  Org.  69.  158172.

U .,  Sternberg .,  Dolphin .  Cross-metathesis  reactions  of  vinyl-chlorins  and  -porphyrins  catalyzed  by  a  second  generation  Grubbs  catalyst  /  Chem.  Commun.  852853.  Cross-Metathesis  of  the  Vinyl  Group  on  Tetrapyrrolic  Macrocycles:  Reactivity,  Selectivity,  and  Mechanism.  73. 10.Mironov . .,  Lebedeva .

Research area - kaist

., Sordat., Lieth.., Wolf., Gabius. Tumor galectinology: Insights into the complex network of wood a family of endogenous lectins / Glycoconjugate Journal. 2004. 20. 227238.., Pandey.., pdf Graham., Dobhal.., Mehta., Chen., Gryshuk., Rittenhouse-Olson., Oseroff., Pandey.

enyne metathesis

683-697. 5.Kadish.., Smith.., Guilard. The ways Porphyrin Handbook..: Acad. Press, 2000. 6, 346. Hm., Andre., Hoeflich., Kaltner., Siebert.

 cancer  therapy  /  Anti-cancer  Agents  in  Medicinal  Chemistry.  2008.   .

Soc. 2003. 125. En., Ethirajan., Joshi., Pandey. The role of dissertation porphyrin chemistry in tumor imaging and photodynamic therapy / Chem. Rev. 2011. 40. 340362.

Kyi by kyaw Min Swe

., Choi.., Sanders.., Grubbs.. A General Model for Selectivity in Olefin Cross Metathesis desk /. Am. Chem.

enyne metathesis
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  6. Synthesis of b-galactose-conjugated chlorins derived by enyne metathesis as galactin-specific photosensitizers for photodynamic. An asymmetric synthesis of 2-propylisofagomine using allylic hydroxy group accelerated ring-closing enyne metathesis (aha-rcem) was conducted with. The ring closing enyne metathesis of substrates with propargylic hindrance was investigated, revealing the successful combination of the Stewart-., Frédérique; Oble, julie; El kaïm, laurent; Grimaud, laurence: Towards the synthesis of paulitin: New Insights into the.

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