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Easy reader biographies: Harriet Tubman: Follow the

Dissections are provided to show the living quarters and pencil sketches depict scenes of concentration camp life. Emotions are well expressed in this sensitive and age-appropriate portrait. Walbran Elementary School, Oriskany,. From Betsy hearne - bulletin of the center for Children's books. As Holocaust history enters elementary school curricula for younger age groups, teachers and librarians are faced with the formidable task of finding titles that present a complex, horrifying subject for primary graders' listening or independent reading. Adler's picture book biography presents one excellent solution. The challenge seems to have brought out the best in both writer and illustrator: Adler's text is less choppy and more cohesive than in some of his other volumes in this series, and Ritz' watercolors, though obviously based on photographs, avoid the stiff effect that.

Like adler, ritz conveys more than familiar icons: she has executed black-and-white drawings closely based on the well-known extant photographs of Anne and jungle her family and plan friends, and set these into watercolors of, for example, 1930s Germany or Anne packing her diary. Even her picture of shaven-headed, hollow-eyed Anne and Margot huddled together at Bergen-Belsen avoids cliche and condescension. Some people find it difficult to understand the holocaust Adler concludes with grace. But when they read Anne's diary, it all becomes real. Then they know one of the victims. They know Anne Frank. From School Library journal, gr 2-4- the life of Anne Frank serves as a microcosm of the experiences of millions of Jews who met tragedy, torture, and death during the holocaust. Adler provides an excellent entry-level introduction to this historical figure, her family, and the climate of the times. He focuses on and explains in concise language the underlying reasons for the family going into hiding, their lifestyle in the annex, the people who shared their hideout, their ultimate capture, and demise (with the exception. He conveys the liveliness and spirited personality of the young girl through the text and the watercolor paintings.

easy reader biographies

Easy reader biographies: Betsy ross: The

The prolific Adler ( Cam Jansen ) and the resume wallners have collaborated on two highly accessible and involving picture-book biographies. Each book begins with the childhood of the leader and firmly places its subject within the continuum of American history. The texts are brief yet succinctly include the major contributions of each man within the constraints of the picture-book format. A single page outline of Important Dates closes each book. The wallners' colorful illustrations are sometimes a bit cartoony for the no-nonsense text, but many readers may find these perfect introductions to the lives of two important presidents. A picture book of anne frank, from Publisher's weekly - publishers weekly. This most recent addition to the picture book biography series balances candor with discretion in its presentation of heroine Anne Frank. Adler traces the intersection of Anne's brief life with the forces of nazism, chronicling the girl's earliest years in Germany as well as her time spent in the now-famous Amsterdam attic and the months following arrest and deportation. He refuses to apply the standard encomiums about his subject's courage and genius, with the result that Anne Frank emerges all the more poignantly.

easy reader biographies

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Adler examines King's family background, leadership of the essay montgomery bus boycott, and the 1963 march on Washington,. By focusing primarily on these events, Adler provides young readers with enough basic information to form a well-rounded picture of King and his ideals. However, the outstanding feature of this book is the vivid watercolor illustrations, which are sure to capture readers' attention. Casilla dramatically reveals the mood and feelings of the era. An error appears in the chronology section, where it states that King was married in Marion, georgia instead of Marion, Alabama (some sources list heiberger, Alabama, which is nearby). A fine introduction to king and the freedom movement, and one that would be equally useful for storyhour and discussion groups. jeanette lambert, lavega School, waco,. A picture book of george washington, a picture book of abraham lincoln, from Publisher's weekly - publishers weekly.

From Publisher's weekly - publishers weekly. As with Adler's previous books in this series, the picture-book format serves as a highly effective, empathetic way to introduce the life and legacy of important Americans to young children. Here the highlights of King's life are presented with an emphasis on his childhood and family. Children will immediately relate to his painful early experiences of racism and understand the genesis of his lifelong struggle for racial equality. The book portrays the hatred King endured, the horror of his assassination and the intense power of his message. A single-page list of important dates closes the book. Its most striking aspect is Casilla's evocative watercolor paintings, which expand the text while celebrating the man. From School Library journal, k-gr 2- this beautifully illustrated, easy-to-read biography takes a look at the life, leadership, and ideals. Martin Luther King,.

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easy reader biographies

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The concept for the company is simple: Sell a pair of shoes today, give a pair of shoes to a child in need tomorrow. Mycoskie shares with novel readers lessons learned while creating toms, how to develop and tell your companys story, and how to be resourceful without having resources. Inspirational": "you don't have to have a lot of money, a complicated business plan, or a great deal of experience to start something." - blake mycoskie next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders Shark tales by barbara corcoran with Bruce littlefield Shark. It was number 23, a small real estate company that would eventually lead her to founding the corcoran Group, a 6 billion dollar company. Combining lessons learned from resume her childhood in New Jersey among nine brothers and sisters with lessons from the cut throat world of New York real estate, corcoran offers entrepreneurs valuable advice for starting their own business.

Inspirational": "The story of my billion-dollar business starts like this: I borrowed 1,000 from a friend." - barbara corcoran Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders The martha rules by martha Stewart The martha rules (Rodale, 2005) by martha Stewart The martha. The book started as a project to help fellow inmates during her incarceration in a federal prison in 2004. The martha rules examine the importance of passion, quality, growth and taking risks. The first chapter, for example, is devoted to finding your passion and developing a business. Later chapters tout the importance of continued learning, innovation, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Inspirational": "Build your business success around something that you love - something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you." - martha Stewart Next Article. A picture book of martin luther king,.

The co-founders of Gilt Group, the first invite-only online trunk show brought excitement to thousands of savvy shoppers and brought the thrill of a daily sample sale to the masses when it started in 2007. What began as a friendship at Harvard Business School over a shared love of fashion blossomed into a business reportedly valued at over 1 billion. With chapters ranging from how to hire an effective team to dealing with the recession, by invitation Only shares the inspiring true story of one of the most successful startups of the past decade. Inspirational": "On that first day we sensed something revolutionary was happening: people were genuinely excited about Gilt. We had created a website that could potentially change the rules of retail, for both shoppers and brands." - alexis maybank and Alexandra wilkis Wilson Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders Idea man by paul Allen Idea man: a memoir by the. They worked together since their teens on professional programming jobs, but believed they were the ones who could write the code that, at the time, engineers didnt believe was possible.

The famously private Allen opens up about the founding of Microsoft, as well as his adventures after he stepped down from the company he helped create (advances in space travel and brain mapping, to name a few). Inspirational": "Any crusade requires optimism and the ambition to aim high." - paul Allen Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders Wild Company by mel and Patricia ziegler Wild Company: The Untold Story of Banana republic (Simon schuster, 2012) by mel and. Wild Company tells the story of how the pair, armed with creativity and passion (but no business training built an empire from military surplus clothing finds plucked from their travels to create banana republic. Inspirational": "The only asset we had was our own oblivion. That would keep us blissfully ignorant of the bewildering and arbitrary impediments that would entangle us until we became so embroiled that quitting was no longer a possibility." - mel ziegler Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders Start Something That Matters. What he found was a great need among childrens charities for shoes. Mycoskie knew he had to help, and the idea for toms shoes was born.

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Delivering Happiness: a path to Profits, passion and Purpose (Business Plus Hachette book group, 2010). By tony Hsieh Tony Hsieh's entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just nine years old and launched his first business - a worm farm. When that didnt pan out, he moved on, undeterred, to businesses ranging from publishing a newsletter and selling it to classmates and running garage sales, all before report high school. In 1998, at age 24, he sold his company linkExchange, an online banner advertising program, to microsoft for paper 265 million. He joined Zappos shortly after and helped create a company culture that infuses the science of happiness into its business model. That vision statement, to deliver happiness to the world, has drawn new and repeat customers to the site. Inspirational": "We wanted to run our own business, and be in control of our own destiny. We had no idea where it would lead us, but wherever it was, we knew it had to be better than feeling bored and unfulfilled. We were ready for an adventure." - tony Hsieh Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring biographies of Business leaders by invitation Only by Alexis maybank and Alexandra wilkis Wilson by invitation Only: How we built Gilt and Changed the way millions Shop (Penguin Group, 2012).

easy reader biographies

Built from Scratch by Arthur Blank and Bernie marcus. Built from Scratch: solution How a couple of Regular guys Grew the home depot from Nothing to 30 Billion (Crown Business, 1999 by bernie marcus and Arthur Blank, with Bob Andelman. In 1978, bernie marcus and Arthur Blank were executives who'd just heard the two words that strike fear in the hearts of employees everywhere: youre fired. Their perspective changed, however, when a friend told them they'd "been kicked in the a* with a golden horseshoe." The firings, in fact, were a blessing in disguise. Built from Scratch is the inside story of how two determined executives constructed the home depot empire from the ground. Inspirational": "you want a formula for success? Take two jews who have just been fired, add an Irishman who just walked away from a bankruptcy and an Italian running a no-name investment banking firm." - bernie marcus and Arthur Blank. Next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring, biographies of Business leaders, delivering Happiness by tony Hseih.

had Fun, and Made a fortune doing Business my way (Crown Business, 2011 by richard Branson, dont be intimidated by the more than 600 pages in this entertaining autobiography. In Losing my virginity, branson, founder of the virgin Group, shares how his early experiences shaped his later business ventures. When he met with experts who advised he not enter an already crowded field, Branson followed his gut, with his trademark slogan, Oh, screw. Part memoir, part business guide for entrepreneurs, Bransons belief that customer service reigns supreme is a theme throughout his businesses, from airlines to mobile and beyond. Inspirational": "Most 'necessary evils' are far more evil than necessary." -richard Branson. Related: Richard Branson on Entrepreneurial Determination, next Slide 10 Must-read Inspiring, biographies of Business leaders.

These men and women have been in your shoes and lived to tell the tale. Read on to find inspiration in their trials and triumphs. Start Slideshow 10 Must-read Inspiring, biographies of Business leaders. Steve jobs by walter Isaacson, steve jobs (Simon schuster, 2011 by walter Isaacson. What began in Steve jobs parents garage in the 1970s laid the groundwork for revolutionary innovation in technology. From personal computers to animated films, how we plan listen to and purchase music, use our phones and even read books, jobs left his indelible print on how we communicate, entertain and live. Based on more than 40 interviews with Jobs himself and hundreds more with those who knew him, this no-limits, warts-and-all biography sheds light on a complicated man and his vision for how technology could. Inspirational": "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked.

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Helen Keller: An Inspiring Life (Easy reader biographies) bookshare. Skip to main content. Copyright: 2007, book details, book quality: Excellent book size: 16 Pages isbn-13: Publisher: Scholastic Date of Addition: 01/15/11 Copyrighted By: Scholastic Inc. Adult content: no language: English Categories: Children's books, nonfiction, disability-related, biographies and Memoirs, submitted By: Valerie maples Proofread By: doug Maples Usage restrictions: resume This is a copyrighted book. February 13, 2013 8 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. Starting a business from the ground up can be at times lonely, stressful and all-consuming. Take a break and read the advice from successful entrepreneurs who've mastered the fields of technology, fashion, retail, real estate and more.

easy reader biographies
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  1. Step Into reading is the early reader leader! Designed to give every child a successful reading experience, we offer a complete literacy program with topics in a wide range of interest areas. Kids learn about the biography of Michael Jackson including his childhood, the jackson 5, going solo, the best selling album Thriller, and fame.

  2. A wealth of support material for English language reading practice, learning and teaching. Ideal for teachers, students and independent learners. EasyBib — your online writing. Our easy to read guide comes complete with visual examples and step by step instructions to format your citations and your paper.

  3. Shark tales: How i turned 1,000 Into a billion Dollar. Adler is the author of almost two hundred books for children, fiction and nonfiction. Easy -to- read biography takes a look at the life.

  4. Biography, research Resources: Write a, biography. This paragraph tells your readers what the story is about and why they should read. Inspiring, biographies of Business leaders. Shark tales by barbara corcoran with Bruce littlefield.

  5. The staff of New York city s Drama book shop assembled this list of inspiring biographies and memoirs of theater and film people. Bookshare - accessible books for Individuals with Print Disabilities. How to Write.

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