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Special thanks are also given to the national isbn agency of France for their hard work in translating the new site into French. Back to top, onix for books.0 revision. This minor update to the onix.0 specification was published at the end of January as planned. The contents of the update were described briefly in previous newsletters, and detailed notes about the changes are available in a summary document from the editeur website. The most significant change is a slight reorganisation of the salesRights and salesRestriction composites to make it clearer that the restriction applies within a particular rights territory. The original way of doing this worked in simple cases, but was not usable in complex cases. The old way is still valid, but is deprecated.

Editeur members open meeting on the middle day of the fair. Forthcoming events section for details of all the individual events that will be occurring during the fair. EditEURs own events are listed, along with the highly-regarded Publishing for Digital Minds Conference. Discounted tickets to the book fair are available to all editeur members contact for details of how to claim yours. New database and website, the International isbn agency is delighted to announce the release of its brand new, modern website. The web portal is more informative and intuitive than the previous site, and the accompanying database and isbn management system available to the 150 national isbn agencies around the world has also been overhauled with improved functionality gift and greater ease of use. The website can be found at bn-international. Org please feel free to have a look! The new site has been developed by a team. Cineca a non-profit consortium of 69 Italian universities and 3 other institutions which today is Italys largest computing centre and were very grateful for their tireless work and suggestions for improvements.

book fair report writing

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It has come around all too quickly. I will cease to be Executive director on 31st March, and restaurant Graham Bell will take my place on the following day. Editeur will continue quietly to do what it has always done, and I do not anticipate that you will see much immediate change as the reins are handed. Today, i will be brief, and simply wish a very fond farewell to Graham, the editeur staff and consultants, our board, and all of our members and friends. I have enjoyed my 5 years, working for an organisation that is right at the centre of the global industry and i am sure you will all continue to give graham your full support. I look forward to seeing many of you at the london book fair. Editeur is delighted to be working with London book fair once again and we will be present throughout the 2014 event in April visit us on stand Q625, and please join us at the.

book fair report writing

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Gerber didnt have the power to fire the herzogs; only their bosses did. But whether or not the couple would have lost their contract anyway (convenient! gerbers argument is nowhere near good faith. Claiming an act or a person to be politically divisive by calling out an unrelated business pursuit on your public blog as the malicious and irresponsible work of taker pinko sleeper agents, and then contacting their employer, is not an argument for political neutrality. Its a smear campaign, pure and simple, and no condescending 100 dollar donation can change that. The herzogs Kickstarter is doing stupendously — its met more than triple its goal, with three weeks left. Liam OBrien is the senior Sales marketing Manager at Melville house, and a former bookseller). EDIteur newsletter march 2014, contents, a personal note from Mark bide, i have already written to you all at length about my impending small departure from editEUR.

Thats what blogs are for! then youre a commentator. But when you go on to make a move that might fuck up their livelihood, youre just a snitch. A simple google search shows that Gerbers politics are no secret; he dislikes big government ( skyscrapers full of pencil-pushing bureaucrats  or dope smoking idiots especially the Obama administration, and has no qualms about laying these and every other conservative talking point out on the. Even a review of his podcast points out that he gets needlessly political. As an rv advocate, thats no surprise: an industry dependent on cheap abundant fossil fuels and lax government regulation is naturally going to attract a red-inflected crowd. Also, this America, man.

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book fair report writing

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He also concludes that, thanks to the help existence of Kindle direct Publishing, there is absolutely no reason to employ a crowd-funding strategy to print and market a book in 2016. Because independent publishers love amazon so much they should use it print their books! Gerber updated the post after news of the herzogs firing hit the airwaves, apologizing profusely for being a thoughtless ideologue—ha ha, just kidding, he abdicates all responsibility and concludes that he is the true victim: Despite a flurry of death threats and vile, obscene and sexually-charged comments directed. We are doing so to aid Brad and Amy herzog in their effort to raise money for their book project, for which we pledged 100 ourselves. Rv daily report does not have the clout or credibility with the rv industry Association to influence any decision by that organization, especially a decision to terminate a lucrative contract with 17-year veteran spokespeople for a miscalculation in judgment.

We have it on good authority that others in the industry alerted rvia of the existence of the herzogs Kickstarter campaign before we published our newsletter that day and that the couple would have lost their contract anyway. However, keeping this opinion piece alive allows the herzogs to use it in raising money to support their project and kick-start a new chapter in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, rv daily report did not get the couple fired. The herzogs and Herzogs only killed their golden goose. Heres the problem with this entire argument/dodge/non-apology: Gerber lost all pretension to the moral high ground when he contacted the rvia. When you see someone doing something that you dont like politically, but that has zero effect on you personally, you can rail about it on your blog (and you should!

However, such is the life of an indie press—you have the freedom to publish less broadly appealing work because youre not trying to make billions for shareholders or a cabal of foreign investors. Youre just trying to publish interesting and important stuff about current events, like the Trump campaign. And most importantly, none of this has jack shit to do with loving RVs, marketing RVs, or working for the rvia, all three of which the herzogs appear to have done without incident for seventeen years. And its not like this is the first left-leaning book why not has touched; they published one by a Senior Fellow at the. Center for American Progress last year.

So whats the problem? Its tempting to place at least a portion of the blame on Gerber, a long-time blogger and rv lifestyle advocate, who manages to hit an astoundingly wide range of jerk points in his post. Not only does he complain that the herzogs (or these california liberals) are fomenting political division with a childrens book, he admits to talking to their boss (. James Ashurst, rvias vice president of communications and marketing, confirmed to me today that the herzogs are under contract to promote the rv lifestyle via another road tour this summer) and proceeds to create a fiction so ludicrous that you can almost see the spittle. I can hear it now: Next up on abc-15, Brad and Amy herzog, authors of the wildly popular d is for Dump Trump: An Anti-hate Alphabet, who are in studio to talk about the benefits of rving. . Brad, do you think the economy under a trump administration will allow people to buy and use an RV? Is the rv industry as a whole as xenophobic as Donald Trump? On your book cover, why didnt you show billionaire donald Trump driving a motorhome off a cliff? Isnt that the direction he wants to take the country and, some say, the world?

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Because a powerful way to spread the word and paint a full picture of the situation is through words and pictures. Because comedy can be cathartic and poetry can be profound. Because there is strength in fearlessness. And because november 8 is looming. They also plan to donate 1 from every sale to the. Southern poverty law Center. This all seems fairly well-meaning and benign, albeit skewed toward one side of the political spectrum.


book fair report writing

Which would have been fine, were it not for the actions of jerks. On June 28, two hours after Amy and Brad posted. Kickstarter campaign to print, d is for Dump Trump: An Anti-hate Alphabet, rv daily report founder and editor, greg Gerber published an opinion piece calling for the rvia to disavow their affiliation with these authors. For an organization that routinely walks the tightrope of political correctness, it seems for rather odd that rvia would turn a blind eye to such a divisive book in this politically-charged environment, gerber writes. Twenty four hours later, the rvia alerted the herzogs their contract was being terminated. The herzogs, along with their now-former rv gig, are also the publishers of independent press. The editorial ethos behind, d is for Dump Trump is described in their Kickstarter as follows: Because you cant stop a demagogue by rolling your eyes; you have to roll up your sleeves.

Mr Greenfield Chilongo digitization and Legal Access to content.40.00 Mrs Sibongile jele The Enforcement of Copyright Law: The. Gambahaya.00.20 Mr Felix moyo the State of Ndebele literature.20.40 Dr Edgar Mberi State of Minority languages.40.00 Mr ivan Bachisi zimbabwean Literature from the diaspora: Economic and Family dynamics.00.20 Ms Tendai mangena Africana womanism. F carelse The political, social and Economic Role of the diaspora.40.50 Discussion.50.00 tea break rapporteurs Presentation.00.45 Ms Effort Chingono (nust) Rapporteurs report.45.30 Discussion and Closin Categories: General. By, liam OBrien, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the jerks are at it again. Amy Graff at, sFGate reports that their latest target are married couple. Brad and Amy herzog, who were recently fired from their long-time positions as spokespeople for the. Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (rvia). The herzogs announced they were writing a childrens book ridiculing.

African Literature In The Global digital Era. 10.15.30 tea dissertation break, opening Ceremony, chair: zibfa executive board Chairperson Mr Musaemura zimunya.30.45 Norwegian Embassy, culture fund, kopinor.45.00 The honourable nelson Chamisa, minister of Information and Technology.00.25 The honourable lazarus dokora, the deputy minister of Education, Sport. Culture.25.40 Discussion, first Session: African Literature and Criticism. Rino Zhuwarara.45.05 Professor maurice vambe The Absence of Proliferated Obstacles In Zimbabwean. Literature.05.25 Mr Advice viriri Ubuntu Philosophy and African Identities.25.45 Mr tavengwa Gwekwerere rethinking Identity Crisis in Literature and Culture.45.00 Discussion.00.00 Lunch, second Session: African Literature and Digitisation. Chair: Dr hikwa (nust).00.25 Rudo nyangulu Writing, publishing and reading In The digital Era.25.45 Mr Fungai james Tichawangana Writing, publishing and reading In The digital Era.40.00 Mr kay shiri The digital divide and the African reader. Thinkwell Ngwenya.00.20 Ms Mandi Chikombero teaching Literature and Humanities in an Online Environment.20.40 Mr Collence Chisita Which way zimbabwe national Bibliography? Challenges of Enforcing Legal Deposit in the context of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).40.00 Mrs Sifundo nkomo social Media and Childrens Literature.00.20 Discussion 31 july day two, fourth Session: Identity and Literature In Africa. R magosvongwe.40.00 Professor Katy Khan Before the Arab Spring: voicing, female narratives in Post-Colonial North African Context.00.20 Dr Chitepo Art and Social Change.20.40 Mr Mangeya and Mr Tagwirei rethinking Identity and Crisis.40.00.

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Micah Lexier: Im Thinking of a number. A picture of a book showing a picture of a picture of books, featuring Lexiers invitations, books, catalogues, objects, multiples, t-shirts and other epehemera, 1998 to 2010 published by nova scotia college of Art and Design, designed by Andrew di rosa emma Wright. Zimbabwe International book fair (zibf) july -august 2012. This is a great event all book lovers you are invited! Will present a paper see programme. Theme: african literature in the global digital era. Venue: Crowne Plaza monomutapa hotel 30 july day one 08:15 to 08:55 Arrival registration: zibfa secretariat.55.15 Performances: Albert nyathi, moreblessing size.15.30 Welcoming Remarks, chair: zibfa general council Chairperson Mr Stephen Chifunyise.30.15 keynote Address: Professor Bhebhe.

book fair report writing
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