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# 9 Karin Slaughter Karin Slaughters first novel Blindsighted became an international success back in 2001, earning her an army of fans around the world that has continued to grow and grow. Karin is best recognised for her Will Trent series and Grant country series and is often praised for depth and intricacy in her work. Click here for more from Karin Slaughter. Bridgestock is the name that husband and wife co-authors Robert (Bob) and Carol Bridgestock write under. Bob spent many years working in the police force, taking charge of 26 murder cases and even working on the yorkshire ripper case, while carol also worked for the police in the admin department. Between them they have nearly 50 years of police experience, offering an authentic edge to their stories. The couple self-published their first book deadly focus and were then picked up by a publisher who re-released their novel 2 years later.

Click here for more from Patricia cornwell. # 11 Mark billingham Mark billingham first started out in acting, before moving onto comedy and then writing. His bestselling Tom Thorne series incorporates a sense of essay drama and humour that makes for well-rounded and engrossing reads. Since his first crime novel Sleepyhead was published in 2001, mark has gone on to become the first author to win the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime novel of the year Award twice. Mark has also been inducted into the itv3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame and won the Sherlock award for best detective novel by a uk author for Scaredy cat. Click here for more from Mark billingham. # 10 Tess Gerritsen Tess Gerritsen is a writer of medical and crime thrillers, and is perhaps best known for rizzoli and Isles books which have been adapted into a tv series. Tess has a background in anthropology and medicine and is a retired return physician which has leant itself well to the detail she provides in her medical thrillers. After originally publishing a number of romantic thrillers, tess released her first medical thriller harvest in 1996, which saw her debut on the new York times bestseller list. In 2006 she won the nero Award for best mystery novel and both James Patterson and Stephen King have praised her work. Click here for more from Tess Gerritsen.

best selling writers of all time

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Click here for more from Karen Rose. # 13 Ruth Rendell Ruth Rendell cbe is often credited as the author that first introduced psychological plan details of criminals and victims within crime fiction to the mainstream. As well as the novels that helped carve out a niche for psychological crime books, ruth is also well known for her Chief Inspector Wexford police procedurals. She has received the silver, gold and Cartier diamond daggers from the Crime Writers Association as well as three edgar Awards during her career, for work she published both under her real name and her pseudonym Barbara vine. Sadly ruth suffered a stroke in January 2015 and was last known to be in a critical but stable condition. Click here for more from Ruth Rendell. # 12 Patricia cornwell Patricia cornwell is the author behind the Dr kay scarpetta series and is often credited with bringing forensic science into mainstream crime fiction. Patricia worked in a chief medical examiners office herself for 6 years and has used her experiences to provide insightful and knowledgeable detail in her books. Her novels have received many awards over the years, and her debut postmortem resulted in her becoming the only author to receive the Edgar Award, john Creasey memorial Award, Anthony Award and Macavity Award in the same year.

best selling writers of all time

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Click here for more from lee child. # 15 Chris Carter Brazilian writer Chris Carter studied psychology with specialisation in criminal behaviour and worked as a criminal psychologist before turning to music and writing. His books follow detective robert Hunter, diving into unusual, graphic and haunting cases as Chris demonstrates his in-depth understanding of the criminal mind. Receiving several votes throughout the crime period of #whsbookmarks, one by One and The Crucifix Killer have appeared both on our underrated crime books as voted by you list, and on our crime books wed like to see on the big screen list along with. Click here for more from Chris Carter. # 14 Karen Rose American romance suspense novelist Karen Rose is hugely popular in both the us and uk and has won the rita mom award twice. Her debut dont Tell was released back in 2003, and since then she has gone on to publish a total of 16 novels within the same fictional world. With characters that feature across books, her novels can be read as standalone stories although there is a benefit to reading them in order. Karens unique blend of romance and suspense makes for engrossing reads, while her masterful control of pace and detail keeps you hooked until the end.

Relentless appearing as the sixth most voted for crime book that should be made into a film. Simon is best known for his Tina boyd series and mike bolt series, crafting tension and suspense expertly through intriguing characters and ever-thickening plots. Simon first broke onto the mainstream bookshelf with his Tina boyd novel. Relentless which went on to become the best - selling thriller in the uk in 2007. Click here for more from Simon Kernick. # 16, lee child, lee child has earned a fiercely loyal fan base with his lead character Jack reacher, a rogue, ex-army major who seeks out criminals to get revenge for their crimes. Lee grabbed attention early on in his writing career, winning the Anthony award for best first novel with his debut book. Since then lee has gone on to be awarded the cartier diamond Dagger for lifetime achievement by the Crime Writers Association and was elected president of the mystery writers of America in 2009. His previous experience in tv production seems to have influenced his gripping characters and action-fuelled scenes, and weve now even seen Jack reacher brought to life by tom Cruise in the film Jack reacher.

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best selling writers of all time

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Cold Granite won the barry Award for best first novel and he was awarded the dagger in the library in 2007 by the Crime. Click here for more from Stuart MacBride. # 19, thomas Harris, thomas Harris is perhaps best known for his charming, cannibalistic villain Hannibal Lecter. Toying with fbi agent Clarice Starling with intelligence and sociopathic cruelty, harriss character is unique in that his notoriety is greater than the detective hunting him. The award-winning Hannibal Lecter books have since been adapted for film and tv with great success, most famously brought essay to life by Anthony hopkins. Thomas Harris is known for being particularly private and protective of his personal life and has in fact not been interviewed since 1976. Click here for more from Thomas Harris.

James, baroness James of Holland Park, obe, frsa, frsl established herself as a leading voice in crime detective fiction during an outstanding career that saw her awarded an obe and win the mystery. Writers of America Grandmaster Award in 1999. Jamess most famous creation Adam Dalgliesh is a tall, dark and handsome example of a gentleman detective, and featured in 14 of her novels. At the start of her career Phyllis worked for both the nhs and the police, and used her experiences alongside extensive research to include authentic details in her work. Her characters have captivated many crime fans over the years and a huge hole has been left in the literary world since she sadly passed away in november 2014. Click here for more from. # 17, simon Kernick, simon Kernick has featured heavily in the voting throughout the Crime section of #whsbookmarks with several of his books voted as the most underrated crime book and.

Genres such as romance and mystery intrigue readers because they can usually identify with some of the characters or situations that arise in the plot. These novelists were not born bestselling authors. All these writers had to struggle to become the successes they have evolved into. Many writers do not achieve success while alive. Those who do have certainly struggled and given everything to their craft in order to make it to the top. These writers have certain amount of natural talent.

If you have what it takes, and never stop working, you will become a bestselling novelist. If you don't have what it takes, no amount of effort will turn you into a gifted writer. These writers were brave enough to follow their dreams. Even great writers must struggle endlessly, often in poverty, to rise from struggling artists into international phenomenons. These extraordinary writers did not settle for being ordinary freelance copy writers ; they went for their dreams at all costs, and they achieved it because they were creative, gifted and driven. Scroll down to find out if your vote made the top. # 20, stuart MacBride, scottish crime writer Stuart MacBride claims the #20 spot with his intricate police procedurals and his authentic detective logan McRae. Infusing the tension and suspense of crime fiction with a dark humour, macBrides novels create an intriguing contrast of emotions throughout, all set against the grimly painted backdrop of Aberdeen.

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Known for dime novels, Alger has had 135 books published. Stephen King Stephen King has sold an estimated maximum of 350 million writing books. Known for horror and fantasy, with over 70 books, king has become synonymous for modern tales of the macabre. Dean koontz dean koontz has sold a maximum estimate of 325 million thriller books. Koontz has had over 60 books published. Similarities Between These authors Though these bestselling authors come from various centuries, countries, backgrounds, and influences, some commonalities can be seen in essay their writings. Let's take a closer look. Their books feature themes people can relate. These bestselling authors have shown us that readers buy books that they can relate.

best selling writers of all time

Leo tolstoy leo tolstoy has sold an estimated maximum of 413 million books. Rowling has sold a maximum estimate of about 400 for million books. Maybe you've heard of them? They are about some boy wizard named Harry potter. Jackie collins Jackie collins has sold a maximum estimated amount of 400 million books. Known for her romance novels, collins has had all 25 of her novels become best sellers. Horatio alger Horatio alger has sold a maximum estimated amount of 400 million books.

published. Danielle Steel, danielle Steel has sold an estimated maximum of 560 million books. Steel has mastered the genre of romance. Steel is currently the best selling fiction writer alive. Gilbert Patten Gilbert Patten has sold a maximum estimated number of 500 million books. Patten is known for his adolescent adventure novels.

Time, before we begin this list, it must be noted that William Shakespeare has sold more fiction than anybody else in history, with over two million books sold. Though resume it would be difficult to classify Shakespeare as a novelist, he is obviously an enormously gifted, unprecedented playwright and poet. Related Articles, agatha Christie, agatha Christie is estimated to have sold a maximum total of two billion books. She wrote a total of 85 over the course of her lifetime. Known for her novels of murder, mystery, and the crime thriller genre, english novelist Agatha Christie has sold an astronomical number of books. Barbara cartland has sold an estimated maximum of one billion books. Cartland is one of the most prolific authors of all time, having written 723 books. She is known for writing romance novels. Harold Robbins, harold Robins has sold an estimated maximum of 750 million books.

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Most bestselling novelists were once impoverished, struggling writers. By looking at the best selling novelists of all time, we can better improve understand exactly what it takes to become a master of the craft. That is not to say that all great fiction writers must be humongous bestselling authors, however. In fact, many literary critics will argue that many of the most popular writers in the world are not outstanding at all. So, best selling novelist is not always synonymous with exceptional literary talent. That being said, let's take a look at some of the novelists who have struck gold by selling hundreds of millions of copies of their books. List of the, best, selling, novelists of, all.

best selling writers of all time
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  2. By looking at the best selling novelists of all time, we can better understand exactly what it takes to become a master of the craft. That is not to say. Best, crime thriller, authors of All Time.

  3. Its one thing to write a best - selling novel that makes you the star of a given moment in time, and its quite another to routinely churn out book after popular book that captures readers collective imagination. This is the all - time classic novel chosen by the western. Writers of America as one of the best western novels ever wrttten.

  4. Gilbert Pattern (William george gilbert Pattern) 500 Million copies. This article compromise of most successful authors in world, In America you can find a lot of book worms who think that there is nothing like reading books. A good book gives constructive lessons, or it can be adventurous.

  5. This list was taken from The guinness book of World Records in 2010. K rowling 400 million copies. Leo tolstoy 413 Million copies.

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