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As far as Aspergers conduct during National Socialism is concerned, silbermans argument (and the evidence presented) is very similar to Adam feinsteins and some of the other texts already mentioned ( 21 : 1089, 1289, 1378). The the best service to our Volk : Asperger and nazi race hygiene section is dedicated to a discussion of these and similar claims. One of Silbermans original findings regards the question of Aspergers and Kanners respective roles in the discovery of autism. Georg Frankl (18971976 a close collaborator of Aspergers, left vienna for the usa in 1937, going on to work with leo kanner ( 21 : especially 1678, 180). This information revived earlier suspicions that Kanner had known about Aspergers work before his own publications on the topic, based on the fact that Asperger had already mentioned autistic psychopathy in a 1938 publication 1, years before his more widely known postdoctoral thesis 2, and. 6 The latest addition to a growing body of literature on the subject, john Donvan and Caren Zuckers In a different key is the first English-language publication to break with the narrative of Asperger as an active opponent to nazi race hygiene and to introduce. This shift is mainly based on sources that I shared with the authors, which are presented in detail below ( 24 : 31641). 7 Although the precise nature of Aspergers relationship to national Socialism has been the elephant in the room for some time now, the necessary questions have so far evidently either not been asked at all, or they have been answered on the basis.

2 Aspergers colleague erwin jekelius, who during the nazi period became director of the Spiegelgrund child euthanasia clinic and coordinator of the T4 killing program in vienna (DÖW) Some preliminary results of my own research were presented at a 2010 symposium marking the 30th anniversary. In the same volume, helmut Gröger argued along the lines of his above-cited 2003 article 14, while roxane sousek hinted at problematic aspects of Aspergers activities ( 15 : 19). Ina Friedmann in her recent work on the topic also refrained from presenting an idealized picture of Asperger and the austrian school of heilpädagogik (therapeutic pedagogy). While evidence for problematic aspects of Aspergers career have thus begun to emerge in German-language publications, authors in the English-speaking world often continued to perpetuate a predominantly apologetic narrative based on the limited range of sources available to them. In 2007, a letter to the editors in one of the leading autism journals claimed that Asperger tried to protect osteosynthesis these children from being sent to concentration camps during World War ii, a statement that is confusing at best, since child euthanasia had nothing. 5 Adam feinsteins 2010 book on the history of autism illustrated the increasing gap between the English- and German-language literature. The author qualified the affirmative references to nazi ideology in some of Aspergers papers as a deliberate tactic to deceive the nazis about his true intentions, namely to protect his patients. A cornerstone of his argument is Aspergers claim that he had faced arrest by the gestapo for his stance against nazi race hygiene policies ( 20 : 1518). Steve silbermans 2015 for book neuroTribes, written for a general audience, also pushed the narrative of Asperger as an Oskar Schindler-like protector of children with autism. One of Aspergers alleged strategies was that he intentionally highlighted his most promising cases to deflect the wrath of the nazis ( 21 : 216).

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As I demonstrate in the limits of educability: Asperger and the Spiegelgrund euthanasia facility section, herta Schreiber, the girl in question, was in fact transferred to dark the Spiegelgrund facility on Aspergers authority and died there 2 months later. From 2005, cracks started to appear in the predominantly apologetic narrative of Aspergers role during National Socialism. Michael Hubenstorf, in an extensive book chapter on the history of vienna Universitys Pediatric Clinic where Asperger worked, presented a host of previously unknown aspects of Aspergers career. The close ties between the pediatric clinic and the euthanasia facility Am Spiegelgrund, including connections between Asperger and Spiegelgrunds director Erwin jekelius (19051952, fig. 2 are of particular importance in the context of this paper ( 4 : 1714). Hubenstorf also documented the relationship between Asperger and his mentor Franz hamburger, a fervent nazi ideologue ( 4 : 93, 1189, 12635, 1913; see the the best service to our Volk : Asperger and nazi race hygiene to aspergers diagnoses compared to those at Spiegelgrund. Based among other sources on Hubenstorfs work, on personal documents, and on her own memories, maria asperger Felder published a nuanced portrait of her father, not shying away from his possible involvement in National Socialism—without, however, adding significant new facts. Citing Schirmer 8, daniel Kondziella in a 2009 paper on 30 neurological eponyms associated with the nazi era included Asperger among the physicians with ambivalent roles because he had been accused on uncertain grounds of harboring sympathy for nazi politics (while he had also cautiously.

autism essay

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Eric Schopler, one of Aspergers fiercest critics, was one of those who explicitly drew this connection, but apparently had no evidence to back his accusations. 2 When Frith published an annotated translation of Aspergers 1944 paper, her sole comment on its origin in nazi-era vienna was that it contained only one reference to fascist ideology at a time when it would have been opportune to make many more such references. 3 Brita Schirmer published the first paper explicitly addressing Aspergers role during National Socialism 8 ; her stance is already indicated in the subtitle: Hans Aspergers defense of the autistic psychopaths against nazi eugenics. Her argument was based on Aspergers 1938 paper The mentally abnormal child 1 from which she drew conclusions similar to Uta Friths. A 2003 paper by helmut Gröger, also in German, examined possible influences of nazi race ideology on Aspergers published work. Citing no less than 23 of Aspergers publications in the years from 1937 to 1974, Gröger concluded that Asperger generally avoided topics touching race ideology and maintained a critical, differentiated attitude ( 9 : 204, 206). 4 In line with the other authors cited here, gröger credited Asperger with advocating on behalf of his patients, defending their value as human beings, and calling for loving care for each of them ( 9 : 2045, 210). Interestingly, gröger mentioned—without discussing the implications—that Aspergers name appears in the files of a 3-year-old girl with mental deficiencies who was sent to the child euthanasia clinic Am Spiegelgrund in vienna ( 9 : 209).

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autism essay

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This was not least due to opportunities created by the political upheaval after Austrias. Anschluss (annexation) to germany in 1938, including the expulsion of Jewish physicians from the profession. (On the expulsion of Jews from the university clinic, which began before 1938, see 4 and below). As I will demonstrate, this career was made possible by Aspergers political concessions to the nazi ideology and involved a certain degree of collaboration with the race hygiene apparatus, including the nazis child euthanasia program. The analysis of patient case files written by Asperger and his colleagues from 1928 to 1944—a crucial set of documents mistakenly assumed to have been destroyed in World War ii—sheds new light on the fate of Aspergers patients during the nazi period (on Aspergers case. Aspergers Jewish patients to, aspergers diagnoses compared to those at Spiegelgrund sections).

A review of the existing literature on Aspergers life and career shows the current fault lines in the narrative of his nazi-era trajectory. Lorna wings seminal paper from 1981 which popularized the term Aspergers syndrome made no reference to the historical context of Aspergers work. Similarly, uta Friths 1991 book chapter Asperger and his syndrome barely mentioned National Socialism in the few pages dedicated to Aspergers professional and personal life in vienna during the 1930s and 1940s. Based on her reading of Aspergers 1944 article on autistic psychopaths, she stated that Asperger clearly cared about these children, who in most peoples eyes were simply obnoxious brats ( 6 : 7). Her text established what has become the most common view of Aspergers behavior during the nazi period, namely that he defended his patients against the nazi regime at great personal risk: Far from despising the misfits, he devoted himself to their cause—and this. She defended Asperger against accusations of allegiance to nazi ideology that had been raised because of his early commitment to the german youth movement ( 6 : 10).

Conclusion, the narrative of Asperger as a principled opponent of National Socialism and a courageous defender of his patients against nazi euthanasia and other race hygiene measures does not hold up in the face of the historical evidence. What emerges is a much more problematic role played by this pioneer of autism research. Future use of the eponym should reflect the troubling context of its origins in nazi-era vienna. Biography, aspergers syndrome, therapeutic pedagogy (Heilpädagogik autism. World War ii, national Socialism, history, vienna/Austria. Child psychiatry, pediatrics, despite the international prominence of Hans Asperger (Fig.

1 ) as one of the pioneers in the history of autism and as the namesake of Aspergers syndrome, factual knowledge about his life and career is limited. This is surprising given that his successful career in nazi-controlled vienna raises questions concerning his potential political or professional involvement with National Socialism. The existing literature on the topic has tended to downplay or overlook any such involvement, or even to postulate that Asperger took a position of active resistance. With few exceptions, however, these judgments are based on a limited number of sources—a few passages from Aspergers nazi-era publications, particularly a 1938 lecture containing the first references to autistic psychopaths postdoctoral thesis 2, 1 and statements by Asperger himself or by persons close. 1, portrait of Hans Asperger (19061980) from his personnel file,. The goals of this paper, based on comprehensive archival research, are to provide an account of Aspergers life and career during National Socialism and to submit prevailing narratives to the test of historical evidence. The picture that emerges is that of a man who managed to further his career under the nazi regime, despite his apparent political and ideological distance from.

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From then on, the eponym Aspergers syndrome increasingly gained currency in recognition of his review outstanding contribution to the conceptualization of the condition. At the time, the fact that Asperger had spent pivotal years of his career in nazi vienna caused some controversy regarding his potential ties to national Socialism and its race hygiene policies. Documentary evidence was scarce, however, and over time a narrative of Asperger as an active opponent of National Socialism took hold. The main goal of this paper is to re-evaluate this narrative, which is based to a large extent on statements made by Asperger himself and on a small segment of his published work. Methods, drawing on a vast array of contemporary publications and previously unexplored archival documents (including Aspergers personnel files and the clinical assessments he wrote on his patients this paper offers a critical examination of Aspergers life, politics, and career before and during the nazi period. Results, asperger managed to accommodate himself to the nazi regime and was rewarded for his affirmations of loyalty with career opportunities. He joined several organizations affiliated with the nsdap (although not the nazi party itself publicly legitimized race hygiene policies including forced sterilizations and, on several occasions, actively cooperated with the child euthanasia program. The language he employed to diagnose his patients was often remarkably harsh (even in comparison with assessments written by the staff at viennas notorious Spiegelgrund euthanasia institution belying the notion that he tried to protect the children under his care by embellishing homework their diagnoses.

autism essay

John Nicholson, the outgoing commander of Resolute support and. Shares by judson Phillips Nine years after the tea party movement and roared into the American political scene, a lot of people are asking if the era of the tea party is over. Todd wood Russian Foreign Minister Sergey lavrov was in pyongyang Thursday, greeted with much fanfare on his way to talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It's a little drop-by that reveals many things about Russia, its priorities in Northeast Asia and its approach to the crisis on the korean peninsula. Shares by associated Press a baptist church in south Carolina has voted to remove a statue of Jesus Christ because some believe it's too "Catholic" for their place of worship. Todd wood Yes, the American security services attempted to use the "Russia collusion" narrative to unseat a duly elected American president; in other words, a coup Shares). Received: 28 February 2017, accepted:, background, hans Asperger (19061980) first designated a group of children with distinct psychological characteristics as autistic psychopaths in 1938, several years before leo kanners famous 1943 paper on autism. In 1944, Asperger published a comprehensive study on the topic (submitted to vienna University in 1942 as his postdoctoral thesis which would only find international acknowledgement in the 1980s.

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autism essay
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  3. I rolled my eyes at, parents Who said Vaccines caused Their. Hans Asperger (19061980) first designated a group of children with distinct psychological characteristics as autistic psychopaths in 1938, several years before leo kanners famous 1943 paper on autism. This Saturday, some 100,000 Iranian exiles will descend on Paris for the annual Free iran Gathering, sponsored by the national council of Resistance of Iran.

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