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They are beginning to speak more about drones, albeit more cautiously; Human Rights Watch is focusing on the issue of transfering their management from the cia to the us armed forces. Most likely they just didn't want to associate with a group that heckles speakers at meetings and takes wildly radical positions. So what are we all doing about drones anyway? Code pink is right to raise the issues of moral degradation around the topic - many Americans approve the use of drones; there are many that says it's ok even to kill American citizens with them (because there are a few American citizens who are. In fact, while more and more Americans want to end the war in Afghanistan and bring the troops home, they still approve drones as somehow part of that same process. Some doubts about the drone wars have apparently been privately expressed by military officials who believe we make more enemies than we defeat with the use of drones. They now appear to be more vulnerable with the news that.

It's not what organizations I have worked with over the years do; it's "direct action" of the kind that i increasingly find obnoxious and zoo ineffective, such as writers with Occupy wall Street. I'm not a radical socialist or anarchist infused with Marxist-Leninist doctrines; I think the radicalism and sectarianism of some of these groups have actually kept a wider anti-war movement from coming into being, such as we had in the 1980s with the freeze movement. I'm also never going to get into harness with groups that spend a lot of their time obsessing on the us and Israel, and never focusing on the far greater warmongers of the world in Syria, iran, sudan, russia, and China - who first. There's another deep problem with the radical anti-war movements, of course, and that is the failure to come to grips with terrorism and its destruction of human rights, and to worry only about the effects of counter-terrorism on the violation of human rights. Gita-gate ; we get the failure to stand by galima ; we get the ken Roth problem with Islamic states. Yet regardless of the motivations and background that led Code pink to take up this issue, and regardless of the nature of their organization, the issue is indeed a moral one. I'm always willing to look at a moral protest that anyone puts forward to see if it is legitimate. That's why i get a huge variety of publications in my email box everyday, from the daily kos to the tea party. Preoccupied with student loans and foreclosures and its own arcane process and method, the ows movement failed to get a very articulated anti-war message going, not even connecting the basics between their perception of the 1 percent's evils and the "banksters' bailouts" and war profiteering. To be sure, at one demonstration I covered, there was a papier-mache drone - the one effective symbol in a sea of lengthy and obscure graduate-student posters about repealing Sarbanes-Oxley amidst antisemitic caricatures of Ben Bernanke - and the only anti-war symbol. Recently, code pink had a "drone summit" and the mainstream human rights groups didn't come.

resume for people who have never worked

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Global Policy forum, an ngo that works on peace and security issues at the. The invited speakers included Medea benjamin, a leader of the anti-war group Code pink, and author of a new book, drone warfare: Killing by remote control, and Shahzad Akbar, a pakistani lawyer from Islamabad, who works with an organization paper called. Foundation for Fundamental Rights. Now, a word about Code pink. This is not my kind of organization. I don't believe in heckling people at meetings, staging disruptions in Congress, and that sort of thing -. Medea benjamin recently did at a speech by john Brennan.

resume for people who have never worked

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The moral case against drones ought to be obvious: sending unmanned missiles against targets absolves the sender of any sense of what he is attacking, as he could be thousands of miles away. As the centuries go by and wars become more automated - with slingshots, and bows and arrows and canons, then guns and automatic weapons and then even the nuclear bomb, the carnage has grown, and the modern war is notable for killing more civilians than. The legal case is somewhat harder to make, however, as war itself is not illegal under international law; you can have a war, as long as you obey international humanitarian law. But human rights groups like human Rights First are building the case for designating drones as violators of ihl and there is increasingly thoughtful discussion by international lawyers on the subject - just not fast enough to catch up with the moral objections. The political case for drones is that they kill less people than armies and bombs, and there is also a sizeable contingent that also sees the technology as having peaceful uses and even human rights uses - documenting atrocities in places like sudan or Syria. The good uses hardly seem to outweigh the bad now, as the drones are proliferating and more and more people are killed in the attacks as "collateral damage." In the us, the drone program has been secretive and run by the central Intelligence Agency. Yet because the cia runs the program, the true extent of the civilians killed abroad is hidden - and even when the victims' relatives manage to make their way to lawyers or human rights activists, they cannot get compensation or any justice because only the. Hence, there has been an increasing campaign against drones and advocacy on behalf of their victims, to stop them all together, and at the very least, move the program out of the cia, and compensate the victims. This was the message of a program convened may 2 in New York at the un church Center by the.

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resume for people who have never worked

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I was lucky enough to be working with the nicest people, who taught me so much and allowed me to learn from my mistakes and get better. If you are kind and respectful, everyone wants to help you - and they'll probably give you the chance to learn and improve. This one is pretty straightforward. People like happy people. As a young person entering the industry without experience, the best thing you can do is to be positive, happy and willing to do just about anything. If you can do this, i promise, the sometimes long days of monotonous work will pay off!

Internships, though difficult and sometimes not gratifying, are truly great experiences and worth chasing if you want to work in fashion someday. For more tips on getting an internship, read the series, how to get the Internship of your book Dreams and, as it gets closer to the time when you're applying for essay internships, going to interviews, and getting dressed for the first day, check back -. Did this help calm some nerves? Are you thinking about summer internships already? Ask any questions in the comments and I'll be happy to answer! Legal Aid Forum for Human Rights Chitral (lafh) at a peace walk at Chitral, which included demands for an end to drone strikes that were killing civilian adults and children.

At Tiffanys, i had to enter the prices for hundreds of pieces of jewelry onto an excel document in a few hours. These busy work tasks, though tedious, are a part of any internship experience. And in the end, it was worth it to do them, and do them well and quickly, because other experiences made up for them. When you show that you can do simple tasks well, your supervisors will give you more complicated, and more interesting, tasks. During an event at Tiffanys, i got to sit at a table to check guests in and was able to peruse the event space, filled with beautiful pieces of jewelry during my free time.

Not too bad, right? And they are all fixable. During my internship at Chanel, i was put onto the sales floor to assist the sales associates. Without any retail experience. I had to learn quickly, and unsurprisingly, made many mistakes - most happened at the busiest times, when I would try to help the sales associates but ended up making more work for them because they had to fix whatever errors I made. Of course, during these times, i felt like an idiot, but the people i worked with were never mad. In fact, they were always grateful for my help.

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I ended up spending the summer in brightly colored, silk and chiffon short-sleeved dresses. During my internship at Chanel, i worked for the managers of the boutique and ended up spending most of my summer assisting the sales associates at the store. Because the stock rooms were spread over four floors and I spent the entire day on my feet in the store, heels over three inches were definitely a plan no, and I paired my black flats with plain dresses, skirts and blouses of all colors. The moral of the story? There is no right way to dress for an internship; the best thing to do is go for a conservative outfit on the first day and adjust from there, depending on how everyone else dresses. The best thing you can do is fit in with the office environment. The busy work is worth. On an incredibly hot August day during my internship at Krupp Group, i had to go back and forth on the subway from the office to the condé nast building four times in one afternoon carrying garment bags filled with cashmere sweaters.

resume for people who have never worked

Change your outfits to fit where you are working. During my internship at Krupp Group, from observing my co-workers, i realized that I could wear Converse sneakers if they were worn with a pretty dress, and jean shorts if they were paired with a blazer and flat sandals. Everyone dressed very fashion-forward, and even though they would wear shorts and summer dresses, they always wore high heels and looked thesis very chic. Tiffanys, on the other hand, was a totally different story. As opposed to a boutique public relations firm, tiffany co was a corporate environment and i knew that I would be dressing very differently once i was handed a two-page dress code after my interview. The dress code called for longer skirts and no bare shoulders, even in summer. After my interview, i spent an afternoon shopping with my mom, trying to find outfits that would be conservative, yet still fashion-forward.

know the people you work with, and the small tasks that seemed impossibly complicated at first become easy after a while. Asking questions is better than doing something wrong. After the first week of continuously asking my boss and co-workers around me what to do, i was worried that they would get annoyed. But I quickly learned that no matter how stupid you may feel a question is, you should always just ask. When I was interning in the public relations department at Tiffanys, i had to update the press website with pictures of jewelry pieces and corresponding information. I was unsure which prices and style numbers to include and ended up writing in the wrong numbers for close to a hundred pieces and had to do the tedious work all over again. After realizing that one question would have stopped me from feeling like a complete idiot in front of my supervisor when I sent her the wrong information, i made sure never to make that mistake again!

I went in on my first day knowing nothing about pr and having no idea what I was mattress in for, but i ended up having an incredible experience and even interned there again the next summer. Even though I had to work very hard, for free, i got something priceless in return - fashion-related experience for my resume, which very few other high schoolers are able to get. The first week is always the worst. The first day of an internship is nerve wracking, of course. But what no one ever told me was that it doesnt get better right after the first day. I was ready to quit my first internship after one week, but I stuck it out and ended up loving. It was difficult because i had never worked in an office before, and I didnt know office etiquette, the computer programs, and the people. However, after the first week or so, i started to get the hang of things and enjoyed the rest of my time there. Now, i go into internships knowing that the first week will always be awkward.

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After four summer internships in the fashion industry (at Tiffany., Chanel, and Krupp Group, a boutique public relations firm) I have learned more than I could have imagined, and I have plenty of stories about my experiences. Since now is the time to start thinking about possible summer internships, i thought I'd share some tips to get you inspired. Here are my top tips for scoring a fabulous internship and succeeding once you're there. Take any internship experience you can get, as dissertation soon as you can. It is hard to break into your first job as a person with no experience, so you have to be willing to take almost anything to build your resume, even without pay. I first decided I wanted an internship the summer after 11th grade, but no one would hire me because i was in high school. Fortunately, my mom works in the fashion industry and was able to make some introductions for me, helping me land an internship at a fashion pr firm in New York city, krupp Group. I worked 9 to 5 without pay for the whole summer before senior year.

resume for people who have never worked
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  1. Have, worked, for, betterment Of The nation! Although we mainly hear about activism against drones, some pakistanis want the us to resume drone attacks ; it s difficult to tell what these people represent. The most important point that applicants under such situations need to put forward through their resume and cover letter is their willingness to return back to the job they quit. However, it needs more than just the obvious Singapore resume writing and translation it requires methodical preparation.

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  3. I want to know what classes youve taken, where youve worked, and what makes you tick. Maybe a good solution is a short bio section, plus. The easiest way to fill out a resume is to list everything that you did.

  4. Can I still build a good resume that 39;ll help me stand out? Where things are complicated, i add a sentence to the project page: i couldn t possibly acknowledge the vast number of amazing people who worked with us on this project. It is hard to break into your first job as a person with no experience, so you have to be willing to take almost anything to build your resume, even without pay. Of course, during these times, i felt like an idiot, but the people, i worked with were never mad.

  5. Personal profile resume is one of the unique ways of making a good different in your aspiring career. Know more about this incomparable career building technique. Dear Lifehacker, i 39;m looking for work, but my resume is pretty bare. I 39;ve only worked in a few places, i 39;m not so sure about my references, and I 39;m worried what I have won 39;t stack up against other candidates.

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