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You can listen above or on itunes or, stitcher or watch the video here, read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below. Show Notes, the difference between a box set and a bundle. Why bundling is so popular with indie authors now, on whether there's a different market for bundles than for single titles. How to format bundles and info on bundle covers, why Chuck started BundleRabbit How pricing works for bundles On Chuck's new service that will handle author collaborations you can find Chuck at m and on Twitter @BundleRabbit Transcript of Interview with Chuck heinzelmann joanna:. I'm joanna penn from m, and today i'm here with Chuck heintzelman. Nice to see you. Thanks for coming on the show.

And check out m for the mark dawson thriller novella, phoenix, to help Emma's breast cancer fund. In personal news, i share thoughts from my trip to venice to see damien Hirst's Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable which really was wage jaw-dropping in creative scope and ambition. You can see pics here on Flickr. Todays show is sponsored by my non-fiction audiobooks, business for Authors, how to make a living with your Writing and, the successful Author Mindset, available now on Audible. . If you need some more inspirational audio that will give you actionable tips to make more money with your books and stay sane while doing it, check them out here! Chuck heintzelman is a programmer with 25 years' experience developing software, and he also writes fantasy short stories. His main site. BundleRabbit, which helps authors bundle books together. His new book. Ebook bundling: level Up your Income with the power of Bundling.

kobo writing life dashboard

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Without box sets, my income would be significantly less plus, being in multi-author-boxsets enables me to reach new readers. So if you're not bundling your books, you're missing out on income and visibility. In today's show, i talk to Chuck heintzelman about some of the options for ebook bundling and box sets. In the intro, i discuss the furore over the Amazon report buy boxes this week from the. Author's guild, and, nate's response at The digital reader. In futurist stuff, the exciting news that the. XPrize for the Tricorder has been awarded.

kobo writing life dashboard

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A beautiful story (Tuesday, december 6, 2016). This was a very well-written, vividly described book. Charlotte agrees to travel to Spain to find out the history of a painting that was given to her grandmother many years before. This leads her to mateo, a gifted musician, who can help short her get an introduction to a secluded gypsy clan. Mateo teaches Charlotte about flamenco, which will help her understand her grandmother's past. This book told Charlotte's story as well as her grandmother's. It brought Spain and the art of flamenco to life for. I really enjoyed this book. 3 51 of my fiction book sales income for the last year has been from boxsets, rising to 77 of my kobo fiction sales income.

Ebook, average customer review, based on 2 reviews, customer review. (Tuesday, december 6, 2016). Reviewer: Flo, this was a really great book. Love lost, love found, new love it has it all. This book spans decades of time there is so much culture and history about Spain and Flamenco entwined in the story that I seriously want to go there and explore. Charlotte and Mateo a new unexpected love found. Katarina and raul a lost love never forgotten you can't help but get sucked into their stories, i couldn't put it down.

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kobo writing life dashboard

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If there is no kobo on android, i may not use. We are not using. We are using apps. There is no hay day on android. So, my wife didnt use Android Tablet. So, why are we using tablet, smart phones? Why we need it?

Why did we buy it? Are they really useful? My aunt only need to play candy crash. My sister need for learning and communication. My wife need for playing hay day and checking facebook and her email. I only need for reading books and checking email. For normal user, we want to use what we want and platform is not matter that much.

Reading ebook with Kobo is ok for. Evernote already on Android. So most of the apps that i am using on ipad, iphone are ready on android. Ui are not so much different with ios app. But Android are not smooth like ios.

If they are using animation and I feel it have glitch. May be galaxy tab.0 memory is not enough for that animation. After using Android a week and i understand one thing. Os or platform is not matter. Its just a platform. We are using for what we need. If apps are existing on that platform, people will use.

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Ok, its enough and I decided not to buy other ebook reader. After using galaxy tab.0 a week. I feel Android is not so bad like what I was using htc dream. Very different from now. Most of trunk the apps are ready on android. (hay day still not available). But most of the porting app are not polish enough. Still use memory a lot and cant play well on my galaxy tab.0.

kobo writing life dashboard

So, its useless for her. After that she bought ipad mini and resume i am using galaxy tab 2 for reading book with Kobo. Yes, i am using Android at night for reading book. Before that I thought about to buy kobo aura. But I dont want to buy that much because i already have nook simple touch. I use it for reading at bus stop and on bus. I dont need other facebook, twitter, etc. We have a extra galaxy tab. So, i just install Kobo and try to read.

So, why we are using this tablet or gadget? Why we are wasting money? My wife was using Galaxy tab.0. She dont like it because it cant play hay day. She was playing hay day with her ipad 1 but Android cant play.

Its enough for reviews her. She is using iPhone. Nexus 7 screen is bigger than iPhone 5 and can play well candy crash. My elder sister using iPhone 4s a lot and complain a lot. So many complain. May be i recommend her to use iphone. So, i told her why not changing to nexus. Android may do what you want.

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I was using htc dream and ipod touch 1 at the same time. At this time, android phone is not so useful when compare with my ipod touch. Less app and most of the apps are not useful so much. All the androids app UI/ux are so bad. After that reviews long time no use android. My aunt is using Nexus 7 and she love. She use it a lot. I cant understand why she love android. So, i asked her and she only use for candy crash and facebook.

kobo writing life dashboard
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from his writing how much he has been influenced by his own reading and learning; he has been been influenced heavily by various. because i wanted to discuss the way my life intertwines with the novel and to explain a few stylistic decisions I made while writing. this Writing Life and tagged 2015 Australian Romance reader Awards, Amy Andrews, Anne Gracie, arra, arra high tea, australian Authors.

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  1. standard Lines: Dashboard Confessional BlackBird: Sarah McLachlan Dreaming With a broken heart: John mayer never say never: Justin. endeavours on hiatus and began a bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Creative writing with Film Studies at Kingston University. books from the kindle or Kobo apps; however, the ibookstore is becoming easier and easier and i expect Apple to start pushing it more.

  2. amazon, nook, kobo, ibooks, and google Play) to let them know I had an upcoming bookbub featured deal so they could plan possible. Payhip Lulu Amazon Kindle direct Publishing Smashwords. to make a decision—comply with her affluent familys rigid lifestyle or live a life of poverty but enjoy freedom and self-expression. Life would never be the same for them, after the phone call they were about to receive.

  3. kuo shares the story of her mentorship of Patrick Browning and his incredible journey of self-discovery through literature and writing. All her life she had fantasized and day-dreamed on a regular basis but it wasnt until she began writing short stories that she made. Abe The man looked back over his shoulder at the village, and he could see that the great holes, which grew deeper.

  4. 51 of my fiction book sales income for the last year has been from boxsets, rising to 77. Kobo fiction sales income. and my, life, forever, volume i of The Spanners, volume ii of The Spanners, volume iii, volume iv, writing, tagged aliens, author. most hosting companies will be using cpanel, which is a dashboard that allows you to control which programs are loaded onto your site.

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