Do you need to put your address on your resume

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If a job application asks for salary requirements, address these questions in your cover letter. Unrelated information you may be proud to coach your sons baseball team or run the annual bake sale at your church, but this information doesnt belong on your resume. If its not relevant to your target job goals, reconsider its place on your resume. Would the hiring manager reading your resume find this information valuable or would they ask themselves, so what? Too much of the past Employers are especially interested in your most recent experience and how that ties back to their open positions requirements. If you re an entry-level professional, its time to take out any references to your high school career. Instead, focus on highlighting your education, relevant internships and the leadership skills you ve developed during college.

If you re in a assignment creative position, save the creative designs for your online portfolio. Employers still need a version of your resume that can be easily uploaded, parsed and stored in their online tracking system. Fluffy buzzwords While it can be tempting to throw a few buzzwords such as proactive and self-motivated into a professional summary, recruiters know these terms are mere fluff and wont be impressed when they see them. In fact, a survey by careerBuilder found these words to be among hiring managers top 17 resume turn-offs. Instead of telling employers that you re a value-add, use strong action verbs explain how you were able to improve a process, increase revenue or cut costs. I or me While there is some debate among hr professionals these days about the need to add a more personal tone to resumes, the generally accepted practice is to refrain from referring to yourself in the first person with pronouns such as. Similarly, dont use pronouns or your name to talk about yourself in the third person (i.e. John is an accomplished it professional; he is seeking opportunities. Salary history Theres no need to include salary information or hourly pay rates for roles you previously held. Its not only unnecessary; it may send the wrong message to employers. Remember, your resume should showcase the value your professional experience and skills provide not its cost to former employers.

do you need to put your address on your resume

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Flesh out at least one professional profile on sites like linkedIn, gitHub, or, depending upon your line of work, and include the link at the top of your resume. If you work in a creative field, consider creating a personal site that has a mobile-responsive design so you can share your portfolio from any device. Current employers contact info remember, this contact information will be used by recruiters to will contact you. Do you really want them calling you at work or using an email address that can be monitored by your current employer? Dont inadvertently tip your boss off about your job-search activities. Always list your personal email address and phone number on your resume and job applications. The same goes for any social media accounts associated with your professional brand. Embedded tables Dont include embedded tables or images in your resume and avoid using the actual header and footer sections of the word document, as these can confuse the employers online applicant tracking system, known as an ats system, and scramble your job application. Crazy fonts and colors When choosing your resume font, stick to ones that are considered easy to read and wont confuse the ats systems: Arial, calibri, cambria, tahoma, book antiqua or Franklin Gothic.

do you need to put your address on your resume

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Avoid this confusion by listing one phone number, preferably the number for your mobile phone, where you control the voicemail, who picks up the phone, and when. Personal details Theres no need to include personal information such as your social security number, marital status, nationality or spiritual beliefs. In fact, it is illegal for an employer to ask for these personal details. I also recommend removing your hobbies from the resume. Unless you re incredibly new to the workforce or your activities are directly related to your target job, you re merely wasting resume real estate. Irrelevant social media accounts Not only is this information a waste of essay resume space, but including personal social media accounts that arent aligned with your professional brand can derail your job search. Remove these links from your resume and take steps to safeguard your brand.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for a free address with a provider like gmail thats reserved exclusively for your job-search and networking activities. Mailing address If you d like to relocate for work, you probably already know its best to leave your current address off your resume. However, its becoming increasingly common for professionals to remove this information, regardless of their target location. If you re searching for a position in your current location and want employers to know you re a local candidate, include your city and state. However, leave your street address off to protect yourself from potential identity theft. Multiple phone numbers do you remember the scene in the movie hes Just Not That Into you where Drew Barrymores character is complaining about playing phone (and email and Facebook and text) tag with a potential suitor? The more phone numbers you introduce into the mix, the easier it is to miss an important message from a prospective employer.

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do you need to put your address on your resume

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When you only have six seconds to make the right impression, you have to make every word on your resume count. (Before reading on, get an idea of where you stand by reviewing your resume with the ladders, resume reviewer.). Related from Ladders, below ive compiled a list of 16 items you can remove from your resume right away that will help your job application avoid the hiring managers trash pile. Objective, weve all seen those generic objective statements talk about professional looking for opportunities that will allow me to leverage my skills. Avoid the run-of-the-mill objective statement and replace it with your elevator pitch. In a brief paragraph, explain what you re great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a prospective employer.

In other words, summarize your job goals and qualifications for the reader. Head shot, unless you re creating a cv to apply to positions outside of the United States, or you re in the entertainment world and a head shot is part of the job, you should never include a picture of yourself with your resume. Your photo will likely clue the employer into your nationality, religion and age (among other factors) that could inadvertently lead to discrimination. No write need to give them any of those details until theyve considered your application based solely on your qualifications. Play it safe and leave the head shot off your resume. Inappropriate email addresses The email address may have been cute when you were in college, but its not the best choice to represent your professional brand today. The same goes for shared family accounts such as and email addresses that are offensive or sexual in nature.

If you dont want to include your full address, you can always just list your city and state. This still gives employers a sense of where you are and often times theyll be able to figure it out anyway by looking at your most recent job or searching you out online, so why not include it from the start? If you are relocating and are concerned about the impression your address will give, mention your relocation in your cover letter or in a quick line on your resume. Avoid the temptation to lie about your location or use a friends address in the city you re headed. It can cause an awkward situation if an employer discovers you ve lied, or if they call you to come in for an interview the next day and you have to explain that you cant because you dont actually live there or are scrambling. Remember to always be honest on your resume.

Not sure what to include or leave off of your resume? Let the team at Grammar Chic lend a hand. Well work with you to create a polished, up-to-date resume that presents you in a positive light. Contact us today at (803) or to get started. Quit distracting recruiters with these unnecessary resume items today. An eye-tracking study by, ladders found that the average recruiter spends only six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if its worth a closer inspection.

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If you ve recently moved, it shows that you live dream in the area where you are applying for jobs. Your previous job may have been in a different state, but your address shows you live where you re applying. It doesnt look like you re hiding anything. Sometimes people leave their address off if theyre trying to relocate and dont want to show that they live out of the area. Cons: On the flip side, if you are relocating, having your current address can make employers wonder why you re applying for jobs in a different city or state, or wonder if you re serious about moving. It can bring up concerns about whether you ll stick with the job if you have a long commute. Some people are concerned about their privacy and potential identity theft.

do you need to put your address on your resume

Unfortunately, the answer isnt a clear-cut yes or no and may depend on your individual situation. There are some people who strongly believe that you should always include your address, while others leave it off completely. There are pros and cons to both trains of thought. Pros: It shows employers that you re local. Many hiring managers want to have a general sense of where you live and how far you are from the business. It can clear up confusion based on job history. If you ve worked remotely or relocated, your career history may show cities or states that are not where you currently live.

area, we have custom Address Labels that we create for personal envelopes. We, also, can create them with your logo on the address labels if you would prefer to have professional business return address labels. Contact Us for a custom Printing"! The job search process has changed a lot over the years. Weve shifted from the days where job openings were posted on store fronts and in newspapers to websites and online job boards. In many cases, you re uploading or emailing your resume, not handing out hard copies. When an employer wants to get in touch with you, theyre emailing or calling, not sending a printed letter. So, this brings us to the question of whether or not you still need to include your full address on your resume.

The answer is no but the real question. Do you want to be notified if an envelope does not go where it was intended to go? If you do, then you will want to be sure to put a return address on the envelope. If you want an easy way to put your return address on envelopes, we have a couple of great items to help you : These neat business card marketing envelopes have a pocket behind the window for you to put your business card in the. The window area has a clear lining over it so if your address is on your business cards, all you have to do is take a quick second to slip a business card in to the pocket behind the window. This accomplishes two things. The first is that it will let everyone know what your return address is, in the event that your receiver has moved and left no forwarding address. The second thing it will accomplish is that, if you use your business card - needed especially a colorful one like mine is, you will get extra free advertising wherever your envelope goes! I have gotten so many compliments on these envelopes - about how neat they are and how they just had to look up my business to find out what my business was about when they saw.

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If you are wondering if you really need to put a return address tree on an envelope, the answer is simple. No - and - yes. Well, the answer is fairly simple and uses good old common sense. If you send something in an envelope to someone, and the envelope has an incorrect or outdated/old address, the post office will not be able to return the envelope to you because they won't know where to return the undeliverable envelope. If this happens, you won't know that the mail did not get delivered to where ever it was supposed. However, if you have a return address on your envelope, and it has an incorrect or outdated/old address listed, then you will get the returned mail back as 'undeliverable'. This will be your official notification that the mail did not go where it was intended. Do you have to put a return address on an envelope?

do you need to put your address on your resume
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  4. If you are wondering if you really need to put a return address on an envelope, the answer is simple. When you put your address on your resume, believe me, they do the math, she continues. If your commute would be longer than whats tolerable long-term.

  5. These are things you should never put on your resume. Make sure they see what you want them to in your job. Leave your street address off to protect yourself. Do you, have to, put a return, address.

  6. Should you put your address on your resume? What if you re job searching in another city and looking to relocate? Do, i need to put my real address? In our digitally-focused world, do you still need to put a physical address on your resume?

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